Sure, I can be a little biased when I talk about the write life, but it really is the right way to live. Even if you dreaded writing in school, this is a lifestyle well worth looking into.

Wait, I thought you can’t make a living writing?

Ha, so they said, anyway.

Don’t expect to make an immediate living as a writer because it won’t be possible unless the right group of people discover your work and before you know it you’re signing a multi-million dollar contract.

Hey, it can definitely happen, as with any business, but writing, like any business, is going to be one full of failure, trial, and error early on.

Don’t worry about that, because like any trial or tribulation, it will come to pass.

In other words, success follows, but most of us have to pay our dues.

But when success follows, not only will you become an authority in any given niche, but you’ll also uncover what I call a passive income stream.

Yep, passive income, where you’re making money from work that could be one, two, three years, or even older in the making.

And that’s where failure and frustration become success.

And it’s why writing for a living is one hell of a lifestyle, and the best ever. If you write good content, you’re going to build an audience.

Want more?

Here’s a breakdown.


Passion and Niches

What’s funny is if you master writing you can write about any passion.

Love to be opinionated about sports or politics on social media?

Why not blog about it?

Love cars, or do you have a passion to live a healthy lifestyle?

There’s a blog for that, too.

Do you have a broad passion?

Narrow it down into a niche. For instance, if you love football, narrow it down into either local high school, college, or pro. In fact, if college football is your thing, you can even narrow it down to the top twenty-five teams, or something similar.

We all have passions we love engaging in and talking about, but maybe the passion itself doesn’t pay.

Writing about it will in time.


It’s Not Writing

It’s communicating. For instance, write in your voice. You don’t need to be a grammar expert or have a degree in English to succeed at writing, especially if you’re engaging with a crowd.

All you need to do is communicate to your audience.

Use common words instead of sophisticated ones.

Use everyday language.

Don’t worry about getting every little grammar rule correct.

Write as if you’re teaching a group of people about the specific topic, or the subject of the specific topic.
Just speak to your audience and they’ll speak back. Engage with them regularly and you’ll have a fan base built.


How to Make Money

There are so many ways to do this online it’s crazy.

You can make your own product, as I do with my fictional books.

You can also join affiliate networks and start affiliate marketing, where you’re selling someone else’s product for a commission.

Google AdSense is yet another way to do this, and there are many ways to place ads on your site, where you can be paid up to a dollar per click, depending on who provides ads to your site.

I recommend all three here. Write your content, make a product, any product. Digital e-books would be great, but it can be anything in your niche. Again, using the sports example, you can write team previews for each team in a league or conference and sell it online. Opportunity is endless.

Amazon is great for any beginning affiliate marketer, but you can join places like ShareASale or Click Bank that will give you hundreds of affiliate options. It’s an amazing thing, really.

And finally, ads. Google ad programs, like AdSense, and apply to get them onto your site. AdSense typically won’t be an option for at least a year, once your content is built and traffic pours in, but again, you can find numerous programs online.


Get After It

Writing is what enables us to make passive income, so if you’re tired of working really hard and getting run down to make somebody else rich, this is the gig for you.

And be honest, because many of us work careers where we’re doing just that; helping someone else get rich as we sacrifice our time, energy, and creativity for someone else to see their dreams come true.

And these days, people are well aware of salaries some of these higher-ups make but instead of doing something about it, they turn against them in hate.

Hey, instead of taking that energy and turning it into hatred of the successful, take ownership and take matters into your own hands.

Put the ball in your court and work daily to become successful.

A self-hosted blog is one way to become successful, but if you want the entire package, why not check out Wealthy Affiliate, which is what I use for my blogs.

You can sign up for a free Starter membership which provides basic access before you decide whether or not you wish to purchase Premium access, which costs around $50 a month, or sign up yearly for $350, or $30 a month.

There, you will learn everything there is to learn about building a blog and turning it into success. The people at WA are honest, and it’s not a get-rich-quick-scheme or anything of the sort. It takes time, effort, a lot of failure, and some frustration, but in the end, you’ll end up working for yourself and will be your own boss.

And for those serious about blogging and seeing their own dreams come true, $50/month for training, web hosting, keyword tools, the whole nine yards, it’s a steal.

The only “hidden” cost is that you have to buy your own website domains, which is a measly $13 to $15 per year, or roughly one hour of work at a day job.

So, get writing.