So, you can’t find time to write because you work forty-hour weeks? That claim will be simple by the time I’m finished with this post, because I’m going to work sixty-hour weeks for three weeks, from now until December 17th.

I’m not going to lie. It’s a gauntlet and it’s something I had to embark in extensive planning with. But, where there’s a will there’s a way, and the willpower is there.

Writing. Anything for my writing, and taking three weeks off is not an option.

But, don’t sit here and think this article is all about me, because it’s not.

I’m writing this because I want to help others write with seemingly no time to write as well.

Are you ready to embark in the madness, and I mean the madness, of my ways?


Let’s go on a journey.


My Schedule

Now, your schedule might differ from mine, but for five days a week, I’m working from 6am to 6pm, with a thirty-minute commute each day, so I’ll be leaving my house at 5:30am and arriving home at 6:30pm.

Yours might be 4am to 4pm, or something different, just curtail your schedule to emulate mine.

Now, first and foremost, I operate best in the morning, so I’ll be waking up at 2:00am. I’m also an avid workout warrior, so I’m getting an early lift in as well, but first, it’s writing and blogging.

From 2:15 to 3:15am, that will be my writing and blogging time. Everything will be written during these early hours.

From 3:30 to 4:30am, that will be my gym time, then I’ll return home at 4:45 and edit a little, until about 5:15, then head to work.

Obviously, 6am to 11:30am will be my work time, 11:30 to 12:30 will be my lunch hour, where I might get some editing in there, too.

12:30 to 6:00pm will be my afternoon shift, then I’ll get home by 6:30pm.

From 6:30 until 8pm, I’ll get some more editing in and maybe even some writing that I’ll finish when I wake up at 2:00am the next day.


Look Past the Moment

We love living in the moment, and when we demand our bodies to rise early at 2:00am, it’s going to fight us for about five days, but upon waking up, remember why you’re waking up.

It’s to pursue our writing passion and to work around the pain of regret.

Always remember, pain of discipline destroys pain of regret, even if pain of discipline is quite painful early on, and it is.

But I will tell you that pain of discipline becomes something you’ll desire soon enough, and your body and mind will thirst for the early rise.

It’s all about looking past the moment, the initial moment.

When I wake up tomorrow, my body is going to be livid at me. My mind will agree and want to sleep as well.

Again, it’s all about looking past, and really looking to get what you want in life.

Far too many of us get satisfied with our day jobs, working long hours, maybe not wanting to be there but loving the pay.

What do we do?

We’re always living on the spur of the moment.

Do you?

Good, it means you’re making at least a steady income.

Now stop it.


Leave it to the 99%

Hey, I don’t want you to give up on your writing ambitions.

Don’t put your awesome, half-complete manuscripts into a closet somewhere that your kids or grandkids will discover long after you retire.

So, why not make your plans right now to be different, join the one-percent of successful people who have written and lived to tell about their success?

Why not join the crowd who was able to forge their own path, quit their dreaded day job, as I’m dreading as I write this, and really make something out of your life?

If there’s one thing I can’t stand, it’s people blaming others for their lack of success, or inability to carry out their dreams.

Here’s a tough pill to swallow: You’re responsible for your own success, no one else is.

The fact you’re complaining about being exploited for labor and any other Marxist BS is nothing but an excuse.

If there’s something the most successful people do, it’s the fact they never stop working.

I once had a public speaking teacher who worked all night and went to school all day.

When did he sleep?

He didn’t.

Those people who are in the one-percent are where they are for a reason: They never backed down, they put in the necessary work, and they came out on top.

And so can you.

We can make the one-percent and turn it into the two-percent, or three-percent, and ultimately, the more we put in the work and put into life, the more we go after what we want, we’re going to succeed.

You’re going to succeed.


Positive People

I once read a post that to succeed to the next level we need to get around positive people who’ve been there and done that.

I did this by joining Wealthy Affiliate, where you’ll rub elbows with millionaires who’ve succeeded and are dedicated to helping you succeed.


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Surround yourself with positive people in life and even if you can’t, the advent of the internet is a lifesaver for all of us.

We can surround ourselves with positivity, and we do this by embarking online.

Have a 99:1 negative to positive ratio at work?

Find the one-percent who are positive.

Working around negative people?

Tune them out.

If all else fails, hit the internet.

I realize this is a very broad article, and I apologize for that, but it’s meant to help you find time to get your writing in, to allow you to pursue your dream even if the work days are long, grueling, and something you dread.

At the very least, get something positive in your life and start planning to chase your dreams around your work day now.