I once read a social media post that in the months of December and early January there are over twenty holidays being celebrated, or something like that. Some of us might only celebrate one, like Christmas (blah) while others opt for Yule (yay-yeah) or whatever your holiday niche is. It’s great to celebrate, but never underestimate the importance of the Holiday Resolution.

The what?

You can also call it the pre-New Year’s Resolution if a January New Year is your thing, but one thing’s for certain, far too many people for some strange reason love throwing in the towel after, well, today, really.

As a personal trainer on hiatus, I saw this all the time in the gym. Man, what a clear out after Thanksgiving Day in America. Sure, as the major holidays came into fruition, people mainly celebrate Christmas in my neck of the woods, so we’ll use it as our example here, those living out of town came back for a year-end hurrah, but the gym regulars, I literally saw them next year.

And the process repeated itself. Boom, in January, they were motivated. If it was still cold come Valentine’s Day about fifty percent remained. Come March 1st, many were gone, and after St. Patrick’s Day, what I call the Sacred Ten Percent remained and most did so through the end of the following year.

And the same goes for writing.

You wanted to write a novel.

Ah, January 1st is only about forty days away, I’ll wait.

Start a blog?

We’ll start January 1st.

Then the New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day, End of Holidays parties are in full effect.

Ah, I’ll wait ‘til the 2nd.

In other words, do you seriously think anyone got far with this mentality?

Ooh, what about my absolute favorite?

The year was a waste. I didn’t accomplish anything I set out to do in January 2018 so this year’s going to be different.

Hmm, and we wonder why people are so miserable.

Perhaps you should take the first step in bettering yourself.


December to Remember

Okay, so if you’re single, childless, and working a job instead of a career at the moment, December can be one depressing month.

And man, there have been times when Christmas was my main holiday, I’d wake up just, to put it in a literal context, pissed off.

That’s an understatement.

I’d be livid with my life as early as December 23rd when the family parties kicked off and everyone talked about what they accomplished during the past year.

I’m sure this year is no different, being that I’m stuck in a valley and working in a plant while I take a break from training.

But, I still have writing and this is a blog that motivates writers to take action, so why not follow my lead?
Instead of making this a December to Dismember (like the old, ECW pay-per-view), make this a December to Remember.

Sure, I’ll still be single and childless by January 1st (never date between Thanksgiving and Valentine’s Day!).

But for the love of your sanity, set a year-end resolution and stick to it.

What’s mine?

I’ll give you the example:

1. Upload Swords of Destiny and set both it and Northern Knights for free for five days with paid promotion. I want to sell, or give away a lot of books those five days.

2. Upload at least one more novelette in my perma-free Neo Skyehawk Series.

3. Continue building content on all my niche blogs (My Freedom Flame, Get Pro Football Apparel, and Train Daily with Todd).

4. Bank some money and look to re-enter the personal training field.

Can I accomplish these goals by January?

Of course, and by doing so, I’m not setting myself back forty days.

Speaking of which:


Stop Setting Yourself Back

Why do you keep setting yourself back this time of year?

While the Holidays are a joyous time of year for many, the rest of us might be met with some doom and gloom, dreading the time of year since it’s once again a stark reminder of how little we supposedly accomplished during the year.

Well, turn that doom, gloom, and dread into much-needed motivation.

Stop feeling sorry for yourself and turn that stress into motivation.

The year isn’t over.

There’s still another month left to make something happen.

And let me be the first to tell you, a lot can happen in thirty days.

I’m not saying we’re going to be an overnight sensation, but say if you’re participating in NanoWrimo, which is great for writing a 50,000+ word first draft of a novel, why not set a goal to create your second draft?

Thinking about starting that blog? Start it in December, don’t set yourself back a month and wait until January.

Dissatisfied with your job? Start looking for something else now; don’t wait until January.

Look, don’t let the doom and gloom get to you.

Find something that will make you feel productive, feel accomplished, as if you’re doing something.
For us writers, it’s all about creating our next work.

For me, I like to work my ass off, again, to put it in real terms, straight up until that ball drops to bring in 2019, where I can honestly say I did everything I could to make 2018 a good year.


Speaking of 2018

Was it a good year?

It was up and down from a financial standpoint, I won’t lie, but I accomplished more than ever before this year.


Because I truly found myself and my niche in life, even if it meant taking a break from a day job I looked forward to going to each year because, well, my niche here is something I look forward to doing even more, which is building websites, web content, and one day, monetizing them.

But it goes further. I published Northern Knights after debating all of 2017 whether to go traditional and find a publisher or indie and just upload it myself.

I took the latter due to my entrepreneurial mentality…and the fact I hate being at someone else’s mercy, which is another reason why I bailed from the corporate fitness setting which I’ll never go back to. It’ll be a training studio or something similar.


Again, I don’t like being subject to hitting a company goal, or a company’s sales numbers, where I’m nothing more than a corporate drone.

Ditto for the publishing industry, which is why I went indie. We’re not all vein people who think our books deserve to be on online store shelves. Some of us just want to treat our books like our own businesses, and that’s okay.


Go for It

What else did I accomplish this year?


Though I’m still subject to a work schedule and time clock, the latter for the first time since 2012, yes, it’s been a while, my mentality is simple: It’s going to fund the costs of production while providing me an adequate living.

Even you, if you’re unhappy with where you are in life from an employment perspective, remember why you’re doing what you’re doing…to fund a business that one day will make you enough income that you can do this full-time.

So, set those goals, writing, career, financial, and start working on them now, that way by Christmas or whatever your holiday of choice is, you have an interesting tale to tell without turning it into a tall tale.

And that’s something to impress your friends and family with. Something, you have something going for you this time of year because you decided to take action today.

And that can be a gift that keeps on giving because your story will inspire someone facing the same torments you once faced.

So go for it and take action.