I’ve heard many authors state they just want to earn full-time income writing without marketing. They wonder if this is at all possible and I have news for them: It definitely is, however it will take a lot, and I mean a lot, of work.

For one, if you go this route you will at least need to create a personal brand utilizing social media and be active on it. I recommend a Facebook Page, Twitter Page, Pinterest Page, Google Plus Page (while it lasts, it’ still great for SEO), and Instagram.

You will also need a blog which can serve as a hub for your minimal marketing.


How to Make A Full-Time Living Writing?

At this point you should at least have the five social media accounts and even automate sharing via your blog.

Choose two and only two social media outlets to be extremely active on.

I like Twitter because it’s easy to gain a following. Just follow like-minded people whose follow ratio is 1 to 1 and it’s likely you’ll gain a quick following.

Don’t follow any more than 20-30 people a day, however, as Twitter gives you a 5,000 follower limit until you attain close to 5,000 followers.

Also, don’t utilize Twitter or any social media as a marketing scheme, posting buy-links to your book every other post.

Be interactive on Twitter, be fun, make friends, gain a following, and talk about your book once in a while, but not all the time or even every day.

Pinterest is one of my favorites because it’s the fastest growing social media out there today in terms of users and sharing. It’s visual and people are hooked to visuals, which makes it so popular.

You can create a business account on Pinterest for free as well and your following will grow quite well, as mine has since utilizing the site in early October.

You can definitely create a board dedicated to your books and also another for your blog. One for your blog’s categories might work too.

Facebook is fantastic if you have some expendable cash to boost your posts. Your organic reach on Facebook is going to be small if you don’t boost, as my latest has reached fourteen followers.

Overall, I’m only a fan of Facebook if you can boost a post to extend your reach. If not, it’s still worth creating a page but as a share-only one. You can and should, however, sponsor some of your posts and reach thousands if you have a book coming out or is already out.

You can target the audience you want and get an estimated number of clicks. It’s really cool and something I plan on using soon enough.

Finally, Google Plus is one that you can link your blog to. Now, as I’ve stated in the title, this article is about writing and selling your writing with minimal if any marketing, and Google Plus can do this for you.

Say you write an article on a blog each day and each article is another piece to a larger story you’re writing.

This might give your following a sample of what your paid work looks like and if you target keywords correctly, Google will reward you with a high index rating.

I recommend, if you don’t want to go out and market or “sell” your books, to create some free short stories, novelettes, and even novellas to give your reader a taste of what you’re about.

Finally, Instagram is great for your fun stuff. For instance, I like going to the gym and performing workouts my main character, Cain, in Northern Knights would perform, then I can take a picture of myself with the workout at hand while using appropriate hashtags.

You can use Instagram for anything. Something else I did was take pictures of the town I based Northern Knights’ setting on, which generated interest for the book.

Possibilities are endless here.


Become A Master of One Genre

You can write in one genre which requires building only one online brand. Say you’re like me and love to write fantasy. You can stick within the fantasy genre and only write in it or subgenres, like contemporary or urban.

You can do this with any genre or subgenre, as long as you stay within the scope of your overall genre.

Also, you can gear social media toward this, by following like-minded writers, authors, book bloggers, book reviewers, and of course, readers.


Be A Jack of All Genres

Or, you can go broad and write in many genres.

While this might require multiple brands, meaning multiple blogs, potential pen names, and social media accounts, you can gain several audiences here.

While mastering a single genre might gain you a nice chunk of that audience, you can write in all genres which will grant you a small chunk of each audience.

Further, this might help you in the long run.

Say, for instance, your fantasy readership is better than your sci-fi, crime, mystery, suspense, and thriller readership, it may in time allow you to gravitate toward mastering and writing fantasy exclusively.

Or, you might find a strong readership in two or three of your genres, allowing you to focus most of your efforts on those genres.

Again, you have a multitude of possibilities here, each of which will grant you more of what you want: A readership.



So, you can make a full-time living by focusing your efforts into writing.

Note this might take longer than someone going out of their way to market and advertise their works, treating their books like a business, but making a full-time living by just writing can be done.

You will need to be active on social media but do so in a friendly and engaging manner.

You might need to create different brands as well. Again, you’re neither selling nor marketing, you’re engaging, and that’s it.

You will need a blog as a hub for all your books and your blog can be dedicated to your book themes, short stories about your book’s characters, stories of other characters in the same world as your books, the list never ends.

Make sure your blog provides samples of what your writing style and storytelling ability is.

Finally, choose a genre or genres in which to write and continue to build your blog around said genres while writing about your characters.

When you have a full-length novel out and ready to go on store shelves, you might have an interested audience ready to purchase your works which again, isn’t really marketing; it’s just writing.

If this sounds appealing to you, then definitely go this route. Just note it might take longer to reach an audience. The upside here is when you do reach your audience and build your readership, you will bring in as much money as those who do advertise their work.