Okay, you’re working a full-time job in an unrelated field and have a few awesome works out or maybe an awesome blog that’s picking up steam. It looks like you’re in need for a one year goal plan so today I’m going to show you how it’s done.

No, this doesn’t need to be some crazy science experiment or anything related.

In fact, planning for the next year, 2019, can be fun and interesting.

But you might not know where to begin, so I’m going to lay out my own one year plan and show you exactly what you need to create yours.



Right now I’m working 40 to 55 hours a week, closer to 55 this time of year for obvious reasons. Now, my writing is making me a little bit of money here and there and my blogs are seeing clicks here or there but they’re still too small to do any crazy damage at this point, let alone give me a full-time income.

For many of us, it might take between 2 and 3 years just to break even and that’s okay, most businesses are like this.

In fact, I worked as a trainer at a franchised gym once and the owner to this day still has a day job.

Such is life.

But this isn’t always a bad thing, as many might take a decade or longer just to make enough money, so you’re on the right track.

Also, I’m looking for more hours this time of year anyway because I need to bank something called money which I can then use to fund my indie author business and blogs, so more hours to me!


How to Plan Your Year

Take a sample of my blueprint. Here’s what I did:

1. I will have 2 full-length novels published by January 2019, and Northern Knights is already out on Amazon while Swords of Destiny is oh, so close to being completed and will be up by January 2019.

2. I will put back X amount of dollars to fund my indie-author business. $95 for the cover I want, $100 for paid promotion (yes, it’s worth it), and maybe a few more bucks for more paid promotion.

3. I will have three blogs up and running complete with affiliate links. I already have two in My Freedom Flame and Get Pro Football Apparel, the latter of which has significantly more affiliate links but if you look to the top of this article, you’ll see ads which I’ll make a small amount of money on per click, which monetizes My Freedom Flame.

So, what I’m doing here is planning my first three months, October, November, and December. Since it’s November, I’ve been working tirelessly on my blogs and will continue to do so over the course of the Holiday Season.

I’ve also been editing the heck out of Swords of Destiny, which does the same thing; puts me in that November-December timeframe.

January, however, will get a little trickier, but I want to add one more thing to December: I will sell at least 3,000 copies of Northern Knights and Swords of Destiny. I plan on marketing both of these through KDP Select before open publishing, utilizing Amazon’s free days to coincide with my paid promotion. What I’m looking for are reviews, not money just yet.


January-March Blueprint

1. In January I look for my books to gain traction, which will continue on through February. I’m not expecting miracle rankings, as the Lord of Columbia Series will only have two books out, but something moderate.

2. February, the goal is to see some moderate income streaming in from my books, obviously not enough to quit the day job, but will be enough to gain me a decent side income. We’re talking hundreds, not thousands per month from book sales.

3. March, I’ll release Book Three, working title being The Gaian Order, where I’ll likely promote Northern Knights one last time through KDP Select while setting Swords and Gaian Order to free during the same five free Amazon days. Again, this will help gain even more traction, especially for a series.


April through October Blueprint

1. Come April, I expect to see the low four-figures streaming in per month for my books, which I’ve invested in promotion not just once, but multiple times. I’ll likely hire a copywriter to do my book descriptions as well, which will only help entice buyers. I may even do this before when Gaian Order is released. It will only help increase sales.

2. By this time, though I’m making four figures, or hope to be making four figures, I’ll still be spending a lot of my money in promos, because again, no one’s buying your unadvertised books and I’ll even research how to utilize Facebook ads and other streams of advertisements.

3. By the summertime, I’m hoping to get closer to dropping to part-time in my day job, bringing in a steady four-figure flow per month, but still something that’s lower. Again, nothing crazy.

4. Ditto for my blogs at this point, two of which are hardcore affiliate blogs I’m doing through Wealthy Affiliate, which will allow me the opportunity to earn even more revenue streams through various niche sites. Kind of cool, right? If these blogs do well, I can certainly drop down to part-time at the day job.

5. Come September, I do look to be at part-time for good as both my book and blog revenue will continue to pour in.


Let’s Talk Writing

Of course, what you saw above are simply my money-making goals.

But what about writing?

Well, Swords and the Gaian Order are both in editing mode, but I plan on writing many books in the Lord of Columbia Series.

So, I’m looking to write and complete Book Four by that October date.

Book Four is in brainstorming mode but there is some awesome content done for it already. The time will come, probably come March when Gaian Order is released, that I’ll be in editing mode for Book Four.

As I continue to dive into editing mode for Swords of Destiny and Gaian Order, I look to start really writing the first draft to Book Four, probably carrying me from January to March, or sixty days of solid writing.

Each book of mine is between 70,000 and 77,000 words, so if you take 60 and divide by say, 73,500, I’ll get 1,225 words per day, more than manageable goal even if I’m working forty hours a week.

Oh, and three new blog posts per week for all my blog sites, which will be at least three come 2019.


Your Blueprint

Okay, enough talking about myself, it’s your turn to create your blueprint.

What you need is a money-making blueprint if you plan on earning income from your writing (why not?) and a writing blueprint, where you plan on writing your word count each day, books, blogs, etc.

So, take this blueprint:

1. I’ll write X amount of words this month.

2. I’ll make X amount of dollars this month.

After a few months, you might want to add:

1. I’ll earn X amount of dollars at my day job this month and X amount of dollars from writing.

2. I’ll work X amount of hours at my day job this month. Hopefully, within six months you can cut the 40-hour a week job (or longer) to 30 hours or less, doing what you love.

And that’s about all there is to it, but make an annual blueprint, dividing your goals into 1, 3, or 6-month periods.

Go ahead and try the blueprint above to see what you can muster out of it.