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Work-Life Balance Ideas for Writers

Are you a writer in need of work-life balance ideas so you can pursue your writing passion?

Excellent, you’ve come to the right place.

For many of us, the Holidays are in full swing and if you work full-time in retail or e-commerce, things can get quite hectic from now until the end of the Holidays.

In other words, many of us will put our writing life on hold to pick up for the incoming tsunami of customers and packages.

Trust me, I have first-hand experience with such, so today I want to tell you all how I manage to still fit writing into my life as the ten to twelve-hour work shifts come into play, which is a challenge themselves.


What to Do?

Okay, so if you’re a blogger as I am or a writer, I have quality information for you, but let’s start with our bloggers, as it’s the easiest to combat.


No, it’s quite simple.

All you need to do, bloggers, is schedule your posts ahead of time.

None of us are working 84-hour weeks in a single job and if we are, it’s likely that we’re the entrepreneur, the owner, the bourgeoisie, or in some crazy high-end office making between six and seven figures a year.

Now, if we’re doing the grunt work (no insult intended as I’ve done this in the past) we’re looking somewhere between 45 and 60-hour weeks, which are completely manageable.

We all have at least one day off during the week as well, so this will be your writing day, where you write all the articles you need, build content, add links, whatever you need to do so you can get your blog out in time and not disappear in front of your audience’s computer screens.

That’s not good for your future blog business, so take the time and even if you need to create six straight articles, do so!

Since I’m working Sunday through Tuesday, Wednesday is the day I’ll write for Thursday and Friday, and since I’m off Saturday, I’ll write my content for Sunday through Tuesday.

If you only have one day off, apply these same tactics.


Onto Writers

Writers, you need to follow slightly different tactics here.

First off, you’re going to need time to write and edit. Second off, you’re going to need enough mental rest to do your job, especially if you’re in a management position.

What to do?

Think of writing as the great stress reliever here.

I’ve always stated it’s best to start writing a novel or editing something already written this time of year because it makes for amazing stress relief from work.

You know those times you turn on the TV?

Yeah, let’s use those times for relieving stress in another way: Writing and editing.

It might be impossible to wake up an hour earlier unless you happen to be wide awake at 3:30 in the morning, but for those of us who need to be at work by 5am, it’s going to be rough. I’ll be at work come 6am the final week of November, so I can relate to your pain here.

But, even if we’re working shifts from say, 5am to 5pm, or something similar (I’ll be 6am to 5pm), we still have the evening to us, even if the evening is going to be short.

My best advice to you is to eat dinner then boom, write or edit for an hour.

Even an hour of writing and editing is better than nothing.

Heck, even twenty minutes of writing and editing is better than nothing.

I realize how hectic and depressing this time of year can be for many, especially those working in the retail and e-com industries.

But we should at least do something that makes us feel happy and productive for ourselves, and our passion for writing is one of those things.


Weather the Storm

Sure, this time of year is a storm, cyclone, tsunami, and anything else you can think of that makes all individuals feel as if they’re numbers and not people to the corporate giants paying us to do the dirty work for them.

This should give us even more incentive to work for ourselves and always, always, always put our interests and our own productivity at the same level (if not higher) than the people who are directing us to be somewhere to make as much green as possible time and again.

I’ve always lived by the saying that either ‘We work really hard on our own dreams, or we’re going to work really hard for someone else’s dreams.’

While the latter definitely helps us get by in the short-term, it should be only that; short-term, and not long-term.

I couldn’t care less what kind of bribery and benefits they give you.

When we work for ourselves, there’s something satisfying about waking up each day and going to work.



  1. Great post that I totally relate to. I currently have a full time job and struggle to find time to write. I’m doing my best to squeeze in time wherever I can – lunch, some mornings before work, some evenings before bed…

    • Todd Matthews

      November 15, 2018 at 11:40 am

      Yeah I can relate. My favorite times are afternoons and evenings since I usually have them open but in a couple weeks I’ll be working 12-hour days. It’ll be a challenge!!

      • Good luck! It won’t be easy, but eventually you’ll find gaps of time that work. I’ve had to rearrange my writing schedule every time my work or parenting schedule changes.

      • Todd Matthews

        November 15, 2018 at 11:18 pm

        Definite!! It’ll be a learning curve but a great experience I’ll likely write about to help others in the same situation!!

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