Stumped? Follow this Guide!

You have all these ideas floating through your mind but don’t know how to decide what to write about.

These ideas sound awesome at school, work, the gym, and while running errands, then bam, you reach the keyboard and everything goes to the wayside. Not just that, maybe your ideas are awesome but now you don’t think people will read your writing.

Will people really read what you have to say or are you wasting time?

If you’re in the middle of writing a novel, you may feel the same thing regarding whether people are interested in hearing you out.

So, how do you find one idea in a world full of ideas and stick to it?

Honestly, the answer isn’t so complicated as much as it is overthinking small things, which many of us writers like to do for one reason or another.

For that, I decided to create a guide to help you decide what to write about so you too can build an audience and maybe one day ditch the office for a full-time living as a writer.


Find a Niche

You can have many niches but ideally, you should only focus on a single niche per blog, book, or assignment.

For instance, My Freedom Flame motivates people to take action and write their way to…yes, you guessed it! Freedom!

So, the same can be said for your niche.

What is a niche?

One narrow avenue that you’re an expert in.

Black and white photography is a niche, and color photography is a separate niche.
Internet marketing can be a niche.

Football apparel, as my second blog, Get Pro Football Apparel, focuses on this niche.

Pick something you’re both good and passionate at and it will become your niche. Anything works here because every single niche has an audience.

It can be cake baking, basket weaving, baseball equipment, and so much more. Even something common like card games can also be a niche. Kind of cool, right?

If this sounds so easy, why isn’t the world doing this?

It’s because most either claim they don’t have time to nor want to spend time writing and researching. But writers are natural researchers, so take advantage of niche writing.

Narrow your existing blog down to a single niche, as I did here with My Freedom Flame, which talked about a variety of subjects until I narrowed it to writing.


Write for an Audience

It’s one thing to pick a niche and start writing, but writing for an audience is a new ballgame. In fact, you need to communicate with your audience.

For that, speak in layman terms, using common words over fancy terms.

Don’t write as if you’re writing a textbook. Instead, write your articles the way I am, using short paragraphs and a lot of white space. This is easier on the eyes.

Remember, you’re writing for people. Though you should research and find relevant keywords to gain search engine indexing, keep in mind that you’re still writing for people and not search engines.

Use your keyword in the title and in the first paragraph of your post, and write the rest of it naturally.

Stay on topic and don’t deviate across various subjects.

Use the word ‘you’ more than the word ‘I.’

Write as if you’re explaining your niche to a newbie and if you do use jargon, define it clearly.

Write sharable content. What I mean here is to remain with current trends, and even create a call to action, such as if you love this post, please share it across social media.

If you’re writing a product review, as I’d done a couple articles ago, link the product where readers can purchase it.

Be helpful, informative, and entertaining. Again, use layman terms and use your own voice, not an academic’s voice. In other words, don’t write only for readers to view your content as dry.

Help before selling. Again, if you’re writing a product review, it’s one thing, but write to help others then create a link to a product review, which can then link to a website like Amazon. Search engines love this.


Post Regularly

I try to post once a day both here on My Freedom Flame and at Get Pro Football Apparel, plus my third upcoming blog, Train Daily with Todd. However, there might be days where I don’t have time to post.

This is okay!

But as a rule of thumb, post at least two to three times a week, preferably at the same time. For instance, my readers realize I have a new post coming out on My Freedom Flame between ten and two, and on Get Pro Football Apparel, the early evening is my favorite time to post.

The more regular you are posting high-quality content (content that is designed to help readers solve a problem) the more search engines like Google will reward you and index your content.

If you’ve ignored your blog for months, be prepared for Google to punish you in the rankings. Nothing will help your content get read more than Google, even social media. I’ve always said social media famous is comparable to writing a good first draft.

In other words, the first draft will be forgotten and so will your fifteen minutes of fame on social media. Google, not so much.


Find Your Audience

Again, this is where Google comes in handy. Find your audience on Google. Do this with Google Plus, as they’ll index your content faster. I’m aware Google Plus is on its way out, but reportedly not until next August or September at the earliest, so Google Plus is still the king of social media even if it looks like Facebook is.

People searching for your keywords in search engines is the easiest way to find an audience. Other ways can be social media and posting on a variety of platforms. Facebook and Twitter are good for about five minutes, but Pinterest is timeless, which is something I’m loving more and more.

Also, StumbleUpon, which I believe is now called Mix, and another one I found called MINDS is also a good one. MINDS can be especially good because there are no rules for posting. If your post is edgy and perhaps a little offending, MINDS loves such content. I call it the anti-Twitter! is another one people like and Triberr is a paid site with a free option to test.

In other words, there are many ways to gain social media audiences that go beyond Facebook and Twitter.

Don’t forget about LinkedIn or Medium, two excellent sites to post content that few know about.

And if you can swing $50 a month, I highly recommend signing up for a Wealthy Affiliate account, which will show you how to increase your traffic tenfold.

I did this with Get Pro Football Apparel and it’s already beating My Freedom Flame (the controlled variable) in traffic, despite being one month old compared to My Freedom Flame being ten months old.

Again, you will have to post wide if you wish to find an audience, but remember that for any niche, there is an audience regardless of how obscure. By posting wide you not only have a better chance at finding them, but they have a better chance at finding you.



So, start by making a list of what you’re passionate about. That’s your niche and it’s going to be the basis of everything from here on out. Remember, one niche per website.

Second, write for people, not machines. While keyword usage is a must to get ranked on Google, you still need to write content for humans. Remember to write as if you’re talking to them and communicating.

Third, post as often as possible. Posting each day would be great, but again, 2-3 times a week starting off is a decent baseline. If you post often like me, be sure to add internal links to your post. Depending on your site’s theme, the link may or may not highlight, like mine.

However, below this article there is a related articles section which can link the reader to three articles, so this acts just as well.

And finally, find your audience. Post wide and remember that Facebook and Twitter are two of many social media sites. While the former two are the most popular by far, Google Plus is still the king of social media in terms of indexing content and Pinterest has gained steam in recent months.

Post wide, and soon you’ll grow a wide audience.


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