Plan Your Invasion Tactics

So, you’re sick of your day job and what to make a living writing? Good, many of us writers can only dream what it’s like to go full-time in the writing craft and to many of us, such a dream is far-fetched.

But it doesn’t have to be.

In fact, with a sound plan any author, writer, freelancer, or blogger can kick the cubicle goodbye and opt for a full-time job doing what they love the most.

Okay, how and where do you begin?

With a plan. You need a sound plan to put into action.

But don’t just think it.

Do what you do best and write it.


Where Do You Want to Be?

Write out a plan of where you want to be one, two, five, and ten years from today.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

I’m sure you don’t want to be stuck in that work cubicle, right?

Of course not.

So, what kind of writing do you want to pursue?

Say, for instance, you want to write a novel.

Why not write down that you want to have this novel completed and uploaded to Amazon this time next year?

Start a blog and talk about your experiences as a writer, themes from your novel, and what’s inspiring you to write.

Maybe in two years you want to have this novel’s sequel written and steady traffic coming to your blog, which of course will help sell books.

Five novels in five years?

It’s possible.

But by that time, you can even state you want 10,000 email subscribers, maybe have a writing course designed on your blog and have participated in speaking events.

And in ten years, you can state you want to be an authority in the writing niche. Maybe host a writer’s forum, teach classes on writing, and write a second series.

Write your plan of action and decide where you want to be.


Take Action

Nothing is more important than taking action on a daily basis. I’m a firm believer that you need to be doing something every day to see your dreams and ambitions come into the forefront.

Go back to what you wrote down.

Why not write 1,000 words per day and edit every other day?

Just this little bit will take you a long way into your ten-year writing plan.

If your goal is to blog why not post a blog every other day and write one every other day?

If you wish to freelance, why not pitch five people a day with ideas?

There’s certainly a lot of opportunity out there in the writing craft, but you must take action to get there.

No one will come to you but the good news is you can go to them and it only takes one positive thing to get the ball rolling.


Be Persistent

Here’s a harsh reality check: Not everyone’s going to want to read your writing. In fact, about five out of at least every one-hundred will.

Now the good news: that’s five people who want to read your writing!

That’s something to be proud of.

But, if you pitch to others and are rejected twenty times in a row, you can’t give up. You have to keep going, keep pitching, and remember that someone out there is going to want to read your work; you just have to find them!

Whatever you do, don’t give up in your approach and continue to move forward. Someone out there wants to read your work and will share it with the world.


Be Patient

Success doesn’t happen overnight, so don’t expect immediate success. Remember, this is a plan that will take years to develop, starting with something small in the first year before expanding your scope.

Start with making time to write and treat it like a second job. Devote time and energy to the craft daily and take advantage of those days you’re off work, as they’re prime days to write.

Be patient with yourself and with others. If you want to succeed in anything, patience and practice are required and in the long run will treat you well.

Remember, slow and steady wins the race.


So, making a living writing full-time is more than possible; it will take a lot of work, patience, and planning.

Many of us want to make a living doing what we love but it will require an exit from the comfort zone.

Before I started pursuing writing I worked as a trainer and was in such a large comfort bubble I had a tough time leaving it.

But when you do leave that comfort bubble, remember something greater is waiting for you on the other side, even if there’s a dark forest between you and it; it is awesome on the other side despite the trials and tribulations let me assure you.

If you’re still not convinced, take a look below this conclusion for seven awesome books I’ve used showing you how this can and will be possible.

Any writer can succeed in the writing craft, we just need direction from those who are walking and have walked the path.