Joanna Penn’s Seven Must-Reads for Indie Authors

Wouldn’t it be great if we could all just quit our day jobs and make money exclusively from our writing?

That’s the dream, right?

Well, let me be the first to tell you this dream is possible to attain and though I’m not there yet, I’m further along the road than I was when I first started just a few short months ago.

If there’s one way I achieved getting to where I am right now, it’s having the wisdom to sit and listen to what those before me have accomplished and are now taking the road back to tell the rest of us what is out there in the unknown.

Those who’ve walked the path are now returning to show us what they’ve discovered and now they’re sharing their learning experiences with us to help us on our own journey into the same unknown.

For us indie authors, it means learning from other indie authors who’ve walked this path and can tell us with conviction it can and will be one to success, which is why I’m writing this product review today, one that has helped me tremendously over the past few months.


Joanna Penn’s Books for Writers Series

Today, I want to talk about Joanna Penn’s Books for Writers Book Series and why it’s something every single indie-author should read, myself included if they want to reach the pinnacle of working as a full-time author.

You might already be familiar with Joanna Penn as I write about her often, but she’s an indie author out of the UK, who before worked in the corporate world. She took her first stab at writing a book back in 2008 but the results weren’t what she expected.

Just a few years later, she started her career as an indie author and the rest is history. She’s never looked back and rightfully so, being the author of the popular Arkane Series plus the Books for Writers Series, which I’ll describe in detail.

The Books for Writers Series consists of seven books, all of which have garnered four or more stars over an astounding 800 reviews, so this, guys, is a legitimate product.

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Why Books for Writers?

I came across The Creative Penn earlier this year in hopes of finding tips and strategies to help my own rookie year as an indie author.

I looked over the content at The Creative Penn and found compelling information I could start using tomorrow, or as soon as my first book, Northern Knights, hit the Amazon shelves.

There, I stumbled upon the Books for Writers Series, where I’ve picked up useful information from each of the seven books and have incorporated much of it into my own fledgling indie-author business.

For that, I’ve become quite a believer in the Books for Writers Series as something each new and even experienced indie author should at least pick up and skim through to enhance their own indie author business.

As mentioned earlier, the Books for Writers Series contains seven books, all of which help the reader tackle a particular obstacle.

Our seven books are:

  1. Successful Self-Publishing: How to self-publish and market your book in ebook and print
  2. How to Market a Book, Third Edition
  3. How to Make a Living With Your Writing: Books, Blogging, and More
  4. The Successful Author Mindset: A Handbook for Surviving the Writers Journey
  5. Business for Authors: How to be an Author Entrepreneur
  6. Public Speaking for Authors, Creatives, and Other Introverts
  7. Co-Writing A Book: Collaboration and Co-Creation for Writers

For more information, click the link below where you can be funneled directly into the Amazon Store or continue reading for a brief description of each book.


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A Sneak Peek into the Series

Okay, so if you want to look a little deeper into this, below is a brief overview of each work and how it will help you with your budding career as an indie-author.

Successful Self-Publishing

This book will show you everything that you need to know before publishing your first book, what makes self-publishing attractive to authors, how to format, comparing exclusivity versus open publishing, and more. Also, the work gives the author some insight on how to market both fiction and nonfiction pieces.

How to Market a Book, Third Edition

This book will dive more into the marketing side of things. This book is divided into five parts:

  1. Marketing principles, which cover myths, discoverability, and polarities of marketing.
  2. Book fundamentals, how to optimize books for online sales, categories, keywords, box sets, and series writing.
  3. Short-term marketing a book without a built platform.
  4. Long-term marketing a book or a book series with a built platform.
  5. Book launch plan, and how a book launch is different for indie-authors.

How to Make a Living with Your Writing

As the title suggests, this book covers all you need to know about making a living with your words. This book is divided into two parts:

  1. How to make money directly from your books via intellectual property rights and publishing options.
  2. How to make money online in other ways, like speaking, coaching, and affiliate marketing.

Successful Author Mindset

This book shows you how to overcome self-doubt, fear, and any obstacle that might stand in your way. This book is broken into three parts:

  1. Mindset aspects of creativity and writing
  2. Mindset aspects after publication
  3. Tips for success on the author’s journey

This work offers an antidote for authors coping with any kind of stress on their journey as an indie-author. It’s in my opinion the best book in the series because it helps the author overcome obstacles that are sometimes fatal to their career as an indie author.

Business for Authors: How to be an Author Entrepreneur 

This book dives into the entrepreneurial side of things in an indie-author business and is divided into nine parts:

  1. From author to entrepreneur
  2. Products and services
  3. Employees, suppliers, contractors
  4. Customers (the lifeblood of your author business!)
  5. Sales and distribution
  6. Marketing
  7. Financials
  8. Strategy and planning
  9. Next Steps

So, if you’re looking to make the leap into running your own show, this book is the one I highly recommend you and I both read and take notes on.

Public Speaking for Authors, Creatives, and Other Introverts

This might be the one for me as I can be an extreme introvert!

Broken into four awesome parts, this book covers:

  1. Practicalities of speaking
  2. Psychological aspects of speaking
  3. The business side of speaking
  4. Interviews with successful speakers

Any author wanting to dive headfirst into speaking engagements should take a hard look at this one and again, I’m included in this!

Co-Writing A Book

What is it like when two awesome minds come together to write one book or book series? This book has it all for writers thinking of collaborating to create a brilliant piece of work.


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