Each new era marks the beginning for new challenges, new chances, and new opportunity, but as I’ve stated in my previous post, it’s not always desirable for the writer.

Let’s be honest; most of us just want to write in a corner somewhere and watch people buy our books while we interact with them as little as possible to keep our minds on writing.

Sure, some writers might be extroverts but most are so introverted we’ll go out of our way in a shopping center to avoid people we know.

Am I getting a lot of nods and ‘that’s me?’”

If so, you now realize you’re not alone and you’re just as sane as I am.

If not saner.

But, while us writers would love to cozy up somewhere beside a fire and imagine all of Gaia, taking a journey into our child-selves’ hearts, it’s not the way it is in the game of life.

We’ve bills to pay, money to make, food to eat, places to be, people to meet, while some of us unlucky ones are forced to fight city traffic both to and from work, but I don’t work downtown, so I’m cool there!

Yet, I realize many of us don’t have such luxuries and we must work to live.

And when we must work to live, we’re faced with the inevitable.

Do we continue with our current poor job or go somewhere else which pays better, yet requires more hours and responsibility?

Most would choose the latter, I hope, and I’m no different.

Hence, the new era begins and as I stated before, fear is the single biggest entity preventing us from living a life us writers dream of.

New Era, New Opportunity

Okay, so with any new responsibility, something else awaits and that’s a new journey.

Something you should be proud of.

It means you’re worth something to someone and qualified for something in this life.

You should congratulate yourself on this epic occasion.

Yet, and as stated in my previous article, us stubborn INFJ’s dream of situations like this but when dream becomes reality, well, that’s when uncertainty and sometimes panic sets in.

As stated before, we’re so resistant to change we long for the days of old when we were dreamers, not achievers.

But we want to be achievers, and that’s exactly what a new era brings to us.

Isn’t this what you’ve wanted all along?

If you’re shaking your head, you’re like me.

Yeah, it’s what you wanted, it’s what I wanted, and now that I have it, it’s well, the unknown is scaring the hell out of me—

Okay, stop, stop, stop, stop your train of uncertain, negative thinking.

You were all positive, positive, positive, positive, even thanking your own Higher Power or higher level of consciousness that you’re moving forward like you wanted.

Now’s not the time to be negative and creating doomsday scenarios with the mind.

It’s time to be positive. It’s time to be the epic hero you’ve always dreamed of being.

Mind you, this is both in your day job and in writing.

It’s not the time to be negative and thinking of what can go wrong.

Remember you deserve to be in the position you’re in, whether it’s writing or your day job.


Take Yourself High

Yep, now’s the time to think of euphoria.

Now, I don’t mean anything major, obviously.

What I mean is take some of those thoughts and actions that make you feel positive, unstoppable, and even invincible, and take them with you into this new era.

For me, it’s exercise and of course, writing itself.

And we’re writers, meaning we’re already willing to take on challenges most aren’t willing to take on.

Have you written your novel yet?

Did you ever once think anything was going to wrong?

Things obviously do go wrong once we look over our first draft. Typo here, plothole there, everything’s a wreck.

But, a lot more goes right.

Main character is compelling. Supporting cast is just as interesting. This story’s going places.

And when we engage in any activity that gives us that high; that moment of satisfaction.

So, although these new eras are going to bring challenges, they’re going to bring new and awesome ones straight to you.

But look beyond the challenges and absorb that sense of accomplishment you feel after writing a book, or after a hard workout, or after any rough, tough event.

Funnel your mind to think positive, even in scenarios where uncertainty is present.


Combat Uncertainty

Once again, before you do or think anything, remember you’re in a position you’re in because you deserve to be there.

Book tour? You’ve always wanted it but now since it’s here you have to burst out of your little bubble and make it happen. Meaning you’re knocked out of your comfort zone. But still, you deserved this book tour!

Book signing? Author’s seminar? An appearance?

Or in the working world.

A promotion? A new job with greater responsibility?

Yep, you deserved each of it.

So, you need to remember this; the fact you deserve to be here means you’re good enough to succeed.

You already succeeded.

So now, you get to succeed again.

And if we had to succeed the first time to succeed again, it means we were once thrown out of our comfort zone in the first place.

Now, we get to expand upon the comfort zone we originally extended before.

Remember, when the ‘what if’ scenarios enter the mind, remind yourself you’ve already been a success.

If it’s a sales gig, think about how you went about selling your book. It’s the best book ever, right?

And so is the product or service you’re selling.

And lastly, don’t overthink, just go and use your instinct.

Overthinking never ends well. Instinct always prevails, in anything.

By allowing the mind to guide the limbs in anything, you’re going to be successful in each new era you enter.

So go out there and get it done.