Ways to Promote Your Book Without Spending a Dime

Okay, so you’re on a limited budget and you wish to promote your book for free since at the moment, it’s the only real way.


While paid promotion will do wonders and reach potentially hundreds of thousands, free promotion can also go a long way.


What’s best is, there are thousands of ways to do this but we’ll cover a few in the list I have outlined below and some of these methods may reach a lot of readers.


My top ways of promoting books for free are as follows:

1. Contact book bloggers

2. Have a blog related to the themes and plot of your book

3. Embedding links via Amazon

4. KDP Select

5. Driving blog traffic

6. Free book promotion websites.

7. Comment on other blogs with a link back to your blog (which will link to your book)


Contact Book Bloggers

While this is tough to pitch, book bloggers who are enamored by your book’s description, cover, and first impression would be happy to blog about your book to their online followers. Some of these people have thousands.


Again, it’s just like pitching to a traditional publisher. You may or may not get a response, and of the responses you get, be prepared for more declines than accepts.


However, also keep in mind it only takes one ‘yes’ that can give your book a boost it needs. I’ve only had a few ‘yes’ answers thus far, but as a rookie indie-author, it’s expected when you’re a relative unknown.


With time and as you become both an authority and household name, the tide will turn in your favor. But, you have to first let people know what you do.


Many of these book bloggers will review your work on Goodreads, Amazon, and wherever else they have accounts.


Word of caution though. Don’t pay for others to review your work. Often, many reviewers are affiliated with Amazon and can make a small dime by pasting a link to Amazon which Amazon will pay them a commission for. It’s how reviewers make their money.



Have a Blog

Have a blog and write about your themes and plots.


What kind of messages does your book send to readers?


Write about these. I did this for a while on My Freedom Flame before rebranding it strictly to a writer’s based blog while looking to start a new one to talk about themes. Again, keep your blogs in separate niches.


As I’ve stated in past blogs, utilize keywords to drive readers who are like-minded to your blog.
This is a tried and true effect.


While it might take some time, with perseverance and added content, your traffic will grow.


I learned this with my NFL apparel blog that I started earlier this month and it’s already seen modest traffic.
So, go ahead and start that new blog right now.



Embedding Links Via Amazon

While you should also work on your Author Central account, you can link your book or books to Amazon.
Head to your book’s page on Amazon where you’ll find the share buttons to your book that you can promote to social media followers.


While this is effective in its own right, it’s ten times more effective (if not more) to embed the book’s buy link into your website, as I’ve done.


Click where it says embed where you’ll be instructed to copy and paste some code into your site’s custom html, and you’re set.


The more traffic you drive to your blog, the more eyes will be on your book cover.


It’s a win-win scenario.



Enroll in KDP Select

While it’s no lie KDP Select is a double-edged sword, it will allow you to promote books for free on Amazon.
Each book gets five free promotion days or a Kindle Countdown.


For new authors, I recommend the free promotion days to get more pairs of eyes in front of your book or books. I did this with Northern Knights and saw decent returns. I’m enrolling a second time and using paid promotion to get even better returns.


The only downside is you’ll have to remove your books from other sites and grant Amazon exclusivity. The upside is it will favor and promote your book, especially if you enroll two books in a series simultaneously. This will likely lead to even more downloads for both books.


While I place Northern Knights back into KDP Select, I’ll also be able to place Swords of Destiny in once my new cycle begins. Not just that, you’ll also get some reviews. For Amazon to start favoring your book, you’ll want at least fifty. Don’t worry, this is possible.


Driving Blog Traffic

As I’ve stated in the past, blog traffic is your number one best way to promote books for free.


Study relevant keywords to your niche by logging onto Google and using the dropdown. This will give you a good idea of what people are searching for. While nothing beats a good keyword tool, this is great to do if you’re on a budget.


Over time, you’ll become an expert in your niche and a trusted source. Blog traffic will generate and more eyes will be in front of your works.



Free Book Promotion Websites

Follow the external link I’ll provide at the end of this article which will funnel you to a site called Readers in the Know. It’s a good source to find both free and paid book promotion. While many free sites offer a guaranteed paid promotion, it doesn’t hurt to see if your book makes the promo cut.


I did this with Northern Knights and found as long as your cover and description look professional, you should have no problem getting approved for free promotion. If not, there are hundreds of sites looking to promote your work. Just do a little research on them before you promote to make sure they’re legit.


Readers in the Know is great at separating real sites from those looking to “sell” you promotion.


Comment on Other Blogs

Finally, comment on other blogs. You can always leave a link back to your own blog and if you comment on blogs with high traffic, you’ll find others will not only reply and engage with you; you’ll be able to potentially find a new audience, which works in your favor.


By continuing to comment on the same blogs, you’ll soon become a familiar face and may even be able to get a chance to guest blog, which is another way to promote your work for free. Once you’re familiar on a site, contact the blog owner and see if you can offer your two cents.


It’s even better if the blog owner has been engaging with you for some time. In rare instances, they may even ask you to blog.


Always, always, always say yes if asked!


Link to Readers in the Know: https://www.readersintheknow.com/list-of-book-promotion-sites