You’re not Tired, You’re Unmotivated

Many of us work day jobs and I’m no different. The grind can be real. We’re gone for ten to twelve hours a day, five to six days a week. Finding time and motivation to write can be borderline impossible. We’d rather go to sleep, watch TV, or relax. Today, I’m going to show you how t find motivation to keep writing when things get tough.

The Rock once said, “All successes begin with self-discipline, it starts with you.” He couldn’t have been more right and his quote involves players of all fields and disciplines. Motivation is key, and we control it.

So, we’re home from work and we’re too tired to pick up our keyboard and continue working on the novel or whatever it is we said we’d be working on. We have the greatest intentions but we were held over at work, fought traffic on the way home, are eating dinner at ten in the evening, and are ready to call it a day.


Do something for yourself. Accomplish something today that others won’t so tomorrow you can do what others can’t.

Like turning writing into a full-time day job.


Stop listening to them.

Okay, who are they?



Keep reading and I’ll tell you about them and who they are. It’s one of the topics I’m covering for this article.

Those telling you it’s not possible to make a buck or two from your writing. At the very least it’s possible to make a side income.

Okay, enough chit-chat, as we say in our Pittsburghese lingo. I know if you’re reading this you’re looking for ways to find motivation to keep writing so I’m not going to hold you up any longer.


What Made You Start?

Well, something made you hit the keyboard or pick up a pen and begin writing. A book, movie, song, something motivated us to begin.

So, here you are, writing away until life stopped you in your tracks.

But, what motivated you to begin in the first place?

Look deep, because this primary motive is what motivated you to do something most won’t. You were motivated to take action.

Taking action is the second step to success.

The first?

Visualization, which ninety-nine percent of us have no problem doing. We can visualize success all day but action is needed.

And that primary motive caused action to be taken.

So, what made you take action?

Think long and hard and the memory will strike. The very scene of your life where you were first motivated will come back to you.


Look at Your Work in Progress

I’m not even saying you need to add anything to the work; just look at it. Read every word you’ve written from start until now.

You’ve obviously taken action here, so look back at your action. Look where you started and where you are today.

Even if we’re tired and feeling unmotivated, we love looking over our accomplishments. Just seeing what we’ve done so far can help us look into the future and envision ourselves finishing what we started.

We’ll find an instant surge of motivation to finish a work, upload it to Kindle and the other aggregate sites, and hey, if we’re working full-time and get a nice bonus, promote that work and write its sequel.


Write with a Chip on Your Shoulder

We’ve all faced adversity in the past and anytime it seems we want to do something outside the status quo, we’re laughed at, ridiculed, and judged by those who’ve never taken the slightest first step of action and never will.

So, remember you’re not writing just to prove people wrong and state you showed them to rub it in their face.

You could do that, but I wouldn’t recommend it.

Instead, write with a chip on your shoulder to prove big things can be done and we don’t need to live by the status quos of working really hard for someone else’s dream, as we’re taught to do since grade school.

Sometimes, people need to be shown the impossible can be done. I can name numerous examples of my own friends list in just about any field, not just writing.

I’ve known people who’ve gone from the average looking American mom to fit mom and fitness champions to the point to where they’re competing in pro-qualifiers.

I know another who started his own nutrition business without a single day of actual schooling in the field.
I know people who’ve hit rock bottom and have fought to the top.

So, what you’re doing can be done and yes, you can live outside the perceived status quo.

Remember there are eyes on you, hoping you fail. But when you don’t, those same people (most of them) will look up to you.

How do I know?

Count me as a primary source.

I once knew a guy who was once out of shape and not athletic. He became a trainer and is now taking the next step in his career in that department. And he still finds time to write and is always motivated to take that next step in his writing career.

It can be done. Many think about giving up, but they remember who’s watching them. prove to people it can be done and a positive vibe will spread among the masses, which will change others.