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How to Combat Stress and Turn it into Motivation

Turn Stress into Motivation

The modern-day American lifestyle is filled with stress at any given corner. Our jobs, friends, family, drama, from sun up to sun down are filled with stress. Stress will make us binge eat, or not eat at all. Stress will do some weird things to our bodies, cause anxiety, worry, and other health issues. Don’t worry, because when given the right tools, one can combat stress.


Today, I’m gifting writers with the opportunity to take daily stress and turn it into motivation.


Stress in the Workplace?

I always go back to my debut gig at a grocery store called Riesbecks when I talk about stress in the workplace and dealing with a variety of customers daily. And the people will stress out even the strongest soul.


Management wants this, this, and that done, customers think the produce clerk (my actual gig at the time) should know every little thing about the grocery department, meat department, and so forth. Then, there are the miserable souls working the service desk and the deli complaining about their lives in the break room.


Are we having fun yet?


I don’t know what you do for a living, but if the above describes you, I’m sure you can relate to stress.


My question to you is how do you cope with stress?


Do you go home, sit down, eat dinner, mull over the day, and drown yourself into deeper stress over watching TV and doing virtually nothing?


If the above paragraph sounds like you, then you need to cut it out tonight. No, don’t go to Friday Night Happy Hour or on a Saturday Night Expedition. In fact, don’t go out with your friends and try for some temporary relief, get to work on your writing passion right now.


Wait, Write After Work?

Whoa, Todd, isn’t that work?


Yeah, you guessed it. Remember that dream you mentioned once upon a time back in middle school before high school graduation set you off into this false pretense of reality brought on by your mom and dad who know absolutely nothing about life because they never questioned what your grandparents told them?


Or schoolmasters? Yikes!


Get to work on writing, but not work as in your day job.


Get to work on that writing passion you’ve been holding off since you gave up somewhere between high school and now.


Do you want to turn your stress into something good?


Wouldn’t it be worthwhile to one day work as a creator? To work from libraries, coffee shops, parks, pools, wherever?


If you answered yes but think this is impossible, don’t go anywhere!


You have awesome stories in your head, right?


So, as you sit at your cubicle, are conducting mill work, or whatever your profession, you have a story. You have a path. You have a way out.


Look, when you’re stressed, you have all the bad boiled up in you, and you’re going to go to bed feeling like this.


Why not wake up energized and go to bed satisfied for a change?


Want to have purpose in your life other than a simple nine to five gig or something you just can’t stand doing for another second?


The time to act is now!


Yes, in conjunction with your day job, act now and I guarantee you’ll be thanking me one to five years down the road.


Oh, and have I ever mentioned to you how well you can grow in Year One?


I have one book published on Amazon, two free novelettes on all the other aggregate sites, plus a reader magnet here on My Freedom Flame all within a year.


I have two blogs and I’m looking to start another. My Twitter following and entire reader platform have grown.


Guys, this started in March and I’ve accomplished so much.


And you can, too. It’s all about choices, and make the choice to look stress in the face, smile, and tell it’ll no longer control you in anything. You. Are. Free.


Your Future is Now

Your future is now if you allow it to be. No more holding it off saying I’m going to be this or I’m going to be that.


What are you right now, at this very moment?


Are you still the Pepsi Guy and can’t stand being there another second?


Why can’t you become a creator, live off your ideas, and blog about ideas via different streams of income?


Guys, the possibilities are endless, as I’ve recently learned.


You need to find your writing passion, or rediscover your passion, see it through, set the world on fire, and shoot for the stars. If ‘they’ told you back in middle and high school it wasn’t possible, this is the opportune time for you to look the other way and say, ‘watch me.’


And remember to let them know how far you’ve come in your respective game.


The world and the haters are watching, waiting for you to fail and fall on your face.


Maybe you will have a moment or two where this happens, or maybe you’ll persevere through the storm, rise up, and succeed. Once you do that, the haters will be so stunned they’ll be asking you how you did it.


Be a warrior, innovator, and adventurer.


Start Today

Okay, a quick list on everything you’ll need to grow into your ultimate writing passion.

  1. Start a Blog
  2. Research relevant keywords within your niche. Sure, a keyword tool comes in handy but they’re pricey. For the time being, use Google and it’ll give you ideas.
  3. Center your blog around ONE niche. When I started My Freedom Flame, I centered it around three different niches. Bad idea. Center it around one niche and create more blogs for other niches down the road.
  4. Help, don’t sell! I’ll use my books as examples often but nothing more. I’m not looking to sell the work, but help the reader understand different writing components. The more you help others, the more you sell because you’ll build trust.
  5. Use a free grammar tool like Grammarly or Pro Writing Aid to add credibility to your work.
  6. Become an authority. Sure, it may sound like a scary word and thought, but it isn’t. Becoming an authority means you’ve done your homework on keyword research, which Google, Bing, and Yahoo will index in search engines, which equals traffic from real people.

What are you waiting for? Get started today and destroy stress by pursuing what you’ve always wanted to make a living on.


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