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Dear Writers: Say ‘No’ to Social Conformity

As Writers, We’re Idea Creators, Not Conformists

Writers are idealists. We’re not one to follow in line and live life in ways society tells us to. You know, the old get up, fight traffic, sit in a job for eight to ten hours a day while making someone else a lot of money and helping them see their dream come true, and fight traffic on the way home. No, social conformity isn’t appealing to us writers.


We’re the idealists, the thinkers, the creators. We see a problem and must speak of it, regardless of the opinions of the masses.


We might get hammered for our work and ideas, but if we believe in the real concept of what we preach, not a soul on this planet can stop us.


This article outlines social conformity and what we can do to spread our own ideas through our writing. Join the courageous pact of authors.


Social Conformity

We witness social conformity each day.


How many of us have parents who woke up and go to work on weekdays and come home stressed out of their minds?


Many of us have parents who are still in the neverending cycle of the everyday workforce. They work for the money, but what else?


Dreams? Ambitions? Creativity? Thrown out the window.


If you’re an observer like myself, you may wonder why they’re doing this to themselves. It’s not even healthy, and neither is social conformity.


This begins in school, where we’re subject to talking when permitted, walking in single-file lines to and from class, being told when we can and can’t eat, and being conditioned to sit in class and become indoctrinated into a one-sided debate school teaches about today until we hear a bell in which we all make a mad dash out of the classroom only to have between two and four minutes until we’re required to be in the next class.


Worse yet, what about our creativity?


In such a uniformed environment which in many cases is one size, fits all, our creativity is squashed out of us. We’re taught we need to graduate and maybe attend college in hopes of joining Corporate America as one.


As homogenous drones, as I like to say.

Once we graduate and think we’re free from the reigns of societal structure, life hits us and by the way, we become conditioned into being sheep of mass media while in our latter half of school to the point it’s all we pay attention to. And in life after school, it’s thrown at us, morphing our minds and teaching us not to argue specific points.


Like when in school, we’re told when we need to be at work, when we can leave, when we can have a lunch break, and when recess (the gym, in my case), is. School never ends.

They say school prepares us for real life. It does, because conformity has become real life, and it sucks. I mean, ask yourself whether you’re the free spirit or a simple slave to society you’d rather not be in or would rather be doing something else.


As writers, creators, bloggers, artists, I think I know where the answer lies.


Fixing the Mess

How does one fix the mess?


Since Middle School, I thought to myself why am I doing this?


Like, why am I even going through this crazy indoctrinating prison each day?


To prepare you for life in the workforce, they said.


Slave away for someone else, they said.


Translation: to prepare you to make a lot of money for someone else under the strict micromanaging of someone else.


Are you free?




I had my first job at Riesbecks Foods in Wintersville, Ohio, making $7.85 and hour and still thought why I’m doing this?


Bagging groceries for angry customers, stocking produce only for the angry customer to ask why the price of cherries was so high.


Did I want to be there?


Of course, not!

Want an even more comedic story? This one outlines the truth of social conformity and how damaging it can be to the individualist soul looking to sell their ideas to the masses.

Back at Riesbecks, this man named Rick from Caito Foods directed our department two days a week. He told me what awesome deal I had and how lucky I was to work in produce. He said the customer buys, Riesbecks gets money, Caito gets money, he gets money, the department lead gets money, and I get the remainder. Sound good?

I’m not sure what twenty-one-year-old Todd said back in July 2012, but I’m sure twenty-seven-year-old Todd would’ve told Rick, who was in his mid-forties and had been involved with produce since age sixteen, to go screw himself, pay his taxes, retire, and await death’s hand.


Isn’t that what any conformist tells you?


Yeah, Todd, you’re here for two things: pay taxes and die.


My middle school teachers told me this.


Questions my younger self had for the soul.

What kind of life is this? Why am I here? Is this life? This isn’t life, there has to be something better.

That was back in 2012, and here in 2018, I can sit back in my personal trainer’s office and write on my downtime and openly wonder why people are still doing this? I’ll go get a bowl of chicken, rice, and pinto beans at Chipotle (clean meal) and see everyone on my way to and from in a hurry, beeping and yelling at each other and wondering why are they doing this?


Staying the Course

Most would’ve given in to our increasingly Big Brother society by now but I haven’t. I won’t, and I refuse to. In fact, the older I get, the more content I am with staying away from it. I like training, I love writing, and I want to sell my works and ideas to the world…and never, ever, ever punch a time clock.

Where are you?

Are you punching a timeclock and miserable or are you out doing something you want to do?

Are you writing your next work, selling something you believe in one-thousand times over, or are you punching the timeclock like you did in school?

Are you eating lunch when you want?

Are you setting your own schedule?

Are you free?

Just because we live in America doesn’t mean we’re free. Free isn’t free, unless we’re free from the stresses of the real world.


The way out is to realize this harsh reality, take control of your life, and work like hell to become an authority in your respective niche. Whether it’s writing, blogging, or both, become an authority and slowly climb the ladder to success, where your dream ends at the top.



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