Make the Sound Investment

Investing in a writing course might be the number one best decision I’ve ever made in my life and I’m not finished yet. In fact, there is much more to learn.

Though I’ll tell you this: Northern Knights never would’ve turned out well had I not made the investment.

Unless you, the creative writer and aspiring author can decipher the difference between showing and telling, on-the-nose writing, omniscient stage direction, omniscient point-of-view, and about twenty other common writing mistakes, it might be time to invest.

No, we’re not talking about dropping thousands of dollars on a creative writing course at your local community college, though it wouldn’t be a bad idea to look into if they’re cost-effective.

In fact, a greater idea might entail looking into real writers who’ve walked the path and are now returning to tell everyone else how green the grass becomes as we continue on the battered path.

Now the question remains, where to invest?

It really depends on your preferences, but don’t worry, I at My Freedom Flame have covered the bases. All you need to do is read up on some of the hotter courses out there.


Jerry Jenkins Writers’ Guild and Novel Blueprint

Jerry Jenkins does an excellent job teaching new and experienced authors how to become a successful published author. While Jerry teaches authors ways to get published in the traditional method, his course is also valuable to all authors, even indies.

Jenkins is the author of one-hundred-ninety five books at the time of this writing so his value is endless. Someone like Jenkins has been around the novel-writing block for over forty years, starting in the mid-1970s. Imagine having the ability to tell others a legend in the business has become your writing mentor.

That’s something.

Jenkins has two layers of courses. His more prevalent one is the Writers’ Guild, which I took for a year. I can personally he does an excellent job showing writers the in’s and out’s of as far as novel-writing goes.

Some of what you’ll see in the Guild are master classes, Q&A sessions, writer’s workshops, manuscript repair and rewrites, and a complete guide to both fiction and non-fiction writing. For more information, you can log onto his website at

The Guild is only open so many times per year and the price does increase every new time it opens. As of November 2017 the Guild cost $370 per year, a steal for the amount of information Jenkins offers.

If you’re a fiction writer and you want even more, be sure to check out his novel blueprint, available at a $1997 lifetime membership. You can also pay in monthly increments of twelve months if need be. The kicker here is you’re in for life; information will be at your fingertips now and ten years from today.


The Novel Blueprint is relatively new to the game but early reviews have been positive from users in the Novel Blueprint.


The Creative Penn

Led by Joanna Penn, also known as JF Penn in her fiction works, The Creative Penn contains three distinct courses all designed to help you in your writing journey.

Penn’s courses, How to Write a Novel, How to Write Nonfiction, and Creative Freedom are available at

Joanna Penn isn’t just a well-known indie-author but her story is inspiring and similar to what I preach here at My Freedom Flame. Once an unhappy corporate employee craving to find her creative soul, Penn scaled back on her day job and pursued writing, slowly evolving into a full-time indie-author.

She now writes full-time, offers courses and nonfiction work dedicated to helping the fledgling indie-author, and regularly attends speaking engagements.

If there’s one name all indie-authors should know about and look up to, it’s Joanna Penn.


Find Your First 10,000 Readers

Nick Stephenson is the leader of his Reader Magnets, an ebook which can be downloaded for free and was the main inspiration behind me making my Neo Skyehawk Novella Series available for free.

Stephenson’s course is designed for those who’ve written and published, but might be having a tough time finding a readership. Never panic, as Stephenson’s course introduces authors to reader magnets, which he used to build his email list well into the thousands.

Stephenson will show you that you don’t need Amazon or any major outlet out there to sell your books. All you need is a dedicated email list of superfans! All authors, both traditional and indie-published authors must have an email list and they will be your first readers.

So go ahead and build your email list today. When you publish your next work or are looking to introduce a new readership to your backlist, you’re in business.


Don’t be Afraid to Invest

Hey, your hard-earned money isn’t serving you well sitting in a bank. In fact, it isn’t providing you an ounce of anything, especially if you’re getting into writing to make a full-time living off it.

Wouldn’t it be wise to invest in your own writing education?

If you develop a five-year plan, where do you see yourself?

By taking some steps to invest in continuing your writing education, you’re proving to yourself you’re in this for the long haul. It’s not just another gimmick. You’re a creative writer and don’t be afraid to let your colors show.

Never assume you know it all and use it as a reason not to invest in yourself. I once thought I knew it all during my first drafts of Northern Knights, only to be proven wrong by Jerry Jenkins when I ventured into the Writers’ Guild. It took another nine months for me to correct my mistakes, and I’m glad I did.

Northern Knights would’ve been chucked to the wayside long ago had I continued playing the role of know-it-all as long as I had.

It’s something I saw in fitness during my days as a full-time trainer. Too many walked into the gym believing they knew all there was to know about fitness due to the number of free and cheap information tools, only to fail a few months later.

Do yourself a favor and invest in all the paid material you can afford. One day when you’re writing your next hit book while your friends go to their corporate jobs, fighting traffic to and from work, you’ll thank yourself.