Earning a Full-Time Living Writing IS Possible

Don’t let the naysayers tell you it’s not possible to make money writing full-time. In fact, it’s more than possible. Did you know there are over 71 ways to make money writing, even as a beginner?


Just check out The Write Life, where you can download an e-book for a small fee showing you it IS possible. Writing doesn’t have to be for love of labor, nor should it be. If you want to make a full-time living writing, let me reiterate to you it IS possible.


Below are four ways you can stop writing strictly for love and start bringing in a nice little cash flow, either as a side-income or as a full-time entrepreneur. The choice is yours. Would you rather continue toiling in your day job or make something happen with your writing passion?


Write Fiction/Nonfiction

The first step I took was writing fiction, where my first book, Northern Knights was born and is now available at Amazon. I’ve also written Fighting Tyranny and Fighting Treason, two freebie e-books that can be downloaded on Prolific Works.


So, that novel you wrote on your Word Processor? You don’t just have to share it with family and friends. Upload the thing to Amazon, Nook, Kobo, and anywhere e-books are sold. Create awesome paperbacks for your friends and family and get them to review the book to help your sales ranking.


While I will caution you that it will take a lot, and I mean a lot of effort, paid promotion, and nagging to get your book a respectable ranking, rest assured that the more visible your book is, the more likely you are to make money off your work.


Success here won’t happen overnight but with continued effort, income will start rolling in and maybe you’ll generate a nice fanbase wanting a sequel, and it’s always great for your fans to want more of your work.


Turn that book into a series and now you’re going to be bringing in binge readers from all over the place. Nothing is guaranteed, but if you write an awesome book (and I know you have), market it to people not on social media, and generate traffic through a blog, your chances at success have risen.


Guest Post

There are thousands upon thousands of awesome sites to guest post your work, and best yet, they want to buy what you have to say.


Some may freak and claim they don’t have a resume to start pitching to the big blogs, the authorities in the industry. Hey, if you have a catchy idea, headline, key points, and content, these people don’t care if you’re a rookie or a ten-year veteran. They want your work!


Those with writing blogs are looking for quality articles that will help their readership. If you write with such a readership in mind you will win guest blogging opportunities.


While not all guest blogs pay, they will grant you exposure. Some of these bloggers have an email list of 100,000 subscribers and they want links to your work. Guess what? Your work just got exposed to 100,000 people in this case.


What if 1% of those people bought your work priced at $3.99? You made about $3,200 in royalties if you published through Amazon.


Talk about making some money from your work.


Freelance in a Specific Niche

Do you have a niche?


Of course! We all do. We all have something we’re passionate about. Guys, there are trade magazines out there wanting your work. There are obscure magazines that pay for articles on basket weaving, black and white photography, nature, scenery, the list is endless.


What do you love and what are you best at? Think about it, and get writing. Find magazines and websites to submit to. Freedom With Writing has an awesome freelance newsletter. They send writing jobs to you! Sign up for their mailing list here.


Unearth Obscure Methods

As mentioned earlier, there are 71 ways to make a living freelancing. Did you know people pay writers to write wedding vows?


Companies pay writers to write content for about pages on websites, social media pages, privacy policies, the list is endless. Browse some of the back pages of websites. Writers write these kind of things and make a good living doing so.


Some people sell their services on sites like MediaBistro, Pro Blogger, Upwork, and even Fiverr. There are dozens of job boards one can post their services to, and again, you don’t need to resume to get started; just write compelling content and you’re good to go.


So, if you’re gifted in writing wedding vows, sell such services. If you’re a copywriter, get on those job boards. If you have SEO knowledge, you have an untapped goldmine from which to work.


And if you can wear multiple hats and play multiple roles in this field, you’re going to be very happy.


Fire Your Boss!

You know, writing might be one of those gigs where we really don’t know what we have until we branch out and start looking for opportunity. But, opportunity awaits our creative minds.


Wouldn’t you just love going to work for yourself, or for a client in a field you’re passionate about?


Hey, it beats sitting in an office cubicle all day listening to angry customers complain about things you have zero control over like lack of customer service and such from Store A in Region B, or whatever the case is.


So, I’m challenging you, my loyal friends and readers, to make the upcoming year, 2019, as the year you get to do what was once unthinkable taboo.


Fire that boss of yours.


Are you sick and tired of doing work that is just pointless, or work you feel is pointless and that no one on Earth cares much for the company you work for that is only in business for the dollar signs?


Well, try doing something, like writing, that you’re passionate about, and embark on your 2019 New Years Resolution of firing your boss.


Start taking the steps to make money writing today.