Four Awesome Self-Motivation Techniques

The author gig will let us experience the best of times and the worst of times. There are days we’re on fire, breaking through all barriers and days we have to convince ourselves to get behind our laptop.


Many times, lack of motivation stems from fear or procrastination. Stress can be involved, and the feeling of worthlessness or that we’ll never be successful in our writing can haunt us.


So, I decided to share four techniques I use to help you combat such unwanted lack of motivation. What I’m going to cover is Remember the Why, Visualization, the Dome and Fire Technique, and the Heavy Brick Technique.


If you’re having a tough time in the writing world, I’m going to provide some self-motivation techniques authors can use to turn the tide in their favor.


Remember the ‘Why’

What made you pick up a pen and start writing? Or, in today’s world, what motivated you to get behind a keyboard and type a masterpiece?


Something made us take action. It could’ve been an awesome book, movie, or play. Maybe we’re passionate about certain political and social issues so we decided to pen a story related to such issues.


Some of us have looked up to certain authors for years and we want to be just like them. Those looking to pen the next Harry Potter Series fell in love with J.K. Rowling’s writing at an early age.


Our dystopian writers might have been inspired by Bradbury or Orwell, both whom were motivated by deteriorating civil liberties, or the ideas of such deteriorating liberties, which we see in the world today.


Remember why you started, as I’ve asked plenty in my day job (I work as a personal trainer). The fire inside might just reignite if you can find the key motive behind your writing.


Visualize the End Game

Well, what do you see after you penned your novel or series?


Critical acclaim? Making a living full-time off your writing?


Take a look deep into the future and perceive it as reality. Picture yourself a successful author whose goals have been achieved. If you can visualize this, you will definitely get there.


We perceive our own realities. Our perception of such realities is what we can realistically conquer.


Let’s talk about sports for a second. How many basketball players visualize a shot going through the basket? Or an NFL kicker visualizing their kick splitting the uprights?


Think of the number of players who’ve been drafted into each of the major sports leagues. A good number of them visualized a good performance before each practice or game, and they delivered.


These players saw themselves playing in their league’s all-star game. We’re not psychics but by seeing our futures play out before our eyes, even many years into them will work wonders for your motivation.


Dome of Fire Technique: Conquer Worry

It’s a strange technique I’ve tried and adhere to. Use the visualization I spoke of in the above section and picture a domed building in your living room. Okay, we have our building.


Now, walk into the dome and picture a fire at the center of this building. Watch the fire burn and look to the walls of the building. Picture signs of each of your worries, stresses, and fears hanging from the walls.


Now, walk around the building and tear off each worry, stress, and fear, stating out loud you’re finished allowing such worry and fear control your life. Make sure you conquer each, and throw them into the fire pit.


Do this several days on end and not only will your mindset change, but the worries, stresses, and fears that previously held you back will no longer have control over you.


Sometimes, we lack motivation because an evil force exercises itself over us. The good news is we have the power to conquer such stresses and fears. We have the power to stop them and no longer allow them to control us.


Heavy Brick Technique: Destroy Stress

Anything that’s stressing you out, visualize them as bricks. Each stressor can act as a brick and the larger the stress, the heavier the brick.


Note, this is a great technique to use in a gym if you have access to one due to using actual weights and exercises, and exercise is a great stress reliever and self-motivational technique within itself.


Anyway, using the brick visualization technique helps if stresses are hitting you and affecting sleep…yikes! Pick up each brick and remember, the more the stressor the heavier the brick, and throw it as far as you can.


As this heavy brick is in midair picture it turning into something peaceful. Many love using birds, so I’ll use ravens for my example, but it can be anything.


This heavy-hearted stressor just turned into a peaceful object, meaning, just like in the above example, you just conquered stress.


Whether it’s stress at your day job, fear of missing a deadline, or any of the above, this technique will create positive vibes in your surroundings and within you, again giving you power over your stressors.


Pay it Forward

Here, you have four awesome new self-motivation techniques to help you navigate through the tough times.


As writers, entities like stress and self-doubt can kill motivation for quite some time. Procrastination is another motivation-killer and when we comfortable with it, pain of regret seeps in, thus kickstarting stress, which is never good.


But, don’t stop here. Utilize the techniques I’ve shown, master them, and let others know about such techniques.


These aren’t confined to just writers and authors, nor should they be. Anyone and everyone, in every line of work faces stress, the unknown, the what-if, and the ‘I’ll do it tomorrow’ excuse.


By paying my advice forward you too can help someone break through what’s causing their own lack of motivation. Our lives are short and our work lives are shorter. By spending our work lives energized and looking forward to pursuing our passion, we can create a society of motivated individuals.


And we’ll all be powerful.