Creative Writing and Real Life Influences

Creative writers have to get the word out. On anything. Our writings, our themes, our messages bleed through the pages of our works.


Something, anything, motivates us to get the word out over an issue, a situation, or current event.


My novel, Northern Knights, covers my own animosity toward statism and shows a preference toward liberty.


Influenced by the destruction of civil liberties at home and perpetual war abroad, Northern Knights addresses such concern.


Every creative may construct a breathtaking masterpiece, but behind each masterpiece is a passion for an issue or situation. Creatives have an ability to see something isn’t right with the world and are passionate enough to relay the work to readers, hoping to spark awareness.


Yet, some creatives may be hesitant toward creating such work.


Fear of judgment, rejection, bridge burning, and abandonment?


The fears are real and they strike our nerves. What if I write this? What if I write that? Will my family and friends think any different of me?


Hey, if you’re passionate enough to write about an issue in your stories, remember there are many like-minded people out there, on the same mission as you. They may need the courage to begin.


Have Courage to Write

There’s no excuse. Creatives like you are born to write about issues. Build your stories around such issues. Blog about your themes, make videos about your work and let them shine in your current and future works.


Remember, your work isn’t going to be for everyone. It’s not going to be for most of the population and it never will. Not a single author, even your most successful authors, can claim this.


So, don’t worry about angering others because you may have a theme that’s controversial. Don’t worry about writing your own personal beliefs into your work, as you’ll bound to find people who believe the same.


Those people will talk about your work. You’ll slowly become an authority in the issues you’re implementing into your fiction or creative nonfiction.


Know where these readers hang out, and you’ll have found a small audience.


Don’t worry about bridge burnings and witch hunts.


It doesn’t matter what family and friends think.


You’re writing for readers, not for respect of your friends and families.


Don’t let it bother you.


Make Connections

The good news today is creatives can make endless connections. Twenty years ago, it wasn’t possible to make fast connections with like-minded people.


These days, we can utilize Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Quora, Reddit, and these are only a handful of awesome places to connect. We can blog, as we do on My Freedom Flame, and connect with more readers and writers in our tribe.


Learn SEO, which opens the door to more potential like-minded readers utilizing keywords of such issues you’re writing about.


Is your blog based on Libertarian politics? You can easily drive such traffic to your blog, and therefore, your books, simply by researching relevant keywords in the niche. Boom, you just found a tribe of readers.


What’s perfect is you’re making new connections. Connections who may even buy your book. Use your blog to write about your book themes relevant to your site’s SEO and you just found another tribe of readers.


The more connections you make, the more potential readers and traffic will find you.


Current Events

Society takes sides on all sorts of current events. Turn on the news, log onto Facebook, or check your phone’s news app and you’re bombarded with controversial issues.


And everyone has an opinion.


For the writer, it might sound like a double-edged sword, but you’re going to have an audience by inserting some of these issues into fiction.


And all writers do this.


Read Chronicles of Narnia, and you’re going to see multiple themes from C.S. Lewis. There are multiple themes running through all seven works during the era they were written.


One of my favorites comes from The Deplorable Word in The Magician’s Nephew, but it’s just one of many shining through the work.



You’re a creative writer, you’ve been born with a passion for seeking the truth in multiple issues and penning them to paper or typing them onto a screen.


Have the courage to write. Remember you’re going to find a tribe, a readership, surrounding your themes and issues you hold important.


We live in a world where over three-billion people are online. You have a global audience from which to work. You’re not going to appeal to everyone, but you will appeal to a cluster of the population.


Such people you can relate to and will relate to you become readers, blog viewers, and repeated customers.


Your work will resonate with your readership. Don’t be afraid to type the issues onto a screen and blog around such issues.


Create a work of fiction, but allow such nonfiction themes shine through the work. You have a voice, you have a message, and if creative writing comes easy to you, you have a mssion.


A mission to build a readership surrounding such current events, themes, and issues, raise awareness, and give your work a true purpose as you continue to pursue your writing passion.


Pick issues you’re passionate writing about, and you’ll never run out of awesome information to relay to your readership.