Get Motivated to Pursue Your Writing Passion

For creative writers, there’s a hard truth in the matter: Ninety percent of us hate what we’re doing to pay the bills.


We long to sit behind the laptop, type our thoughts onto a screen, gaze out into the horizons and wonder what it’s like making a living writing.


Well, I’ve good news for you because now you can.


Who said writing is an impossible task?


There are many, many ways to pursue and make a living as a writer and by the end of the year, or if you’re really passionate a couple months, you too can make a living behind the laptop.


It’s all about taking action.


The Pit of Misery

First, stop feeling sorry for yourself. Get out of the pit of misery. Stop looking around and wondering why everyone’s succeeding while you’re standing on the sidelines.


Where has it gotten you?


Stuck in a dead-end job.


Worse yet, you might be surrounded by others in the same situation, feeding off your misery while you feed off theirs.


You relate to them because you’re both stuck in a job you can’t seem to get out of.


Make me a promise and take action today.


Don’t know where to begin?


Today’s your lucky day because I’m going to give you some options.


Types of Writers

Did you know there are many upon many types of writers?


Let me name a few.


Creatives, freelancers, copywriters, bloggers, content writers, press release writers, article writers, essay writers, there are literally over seventy types of ways to make money writing.


For more information, visit The Write Life, an awesome freelance blog that will give you a boatload of ideas.


So, whether you’re looking to write fiction, non-fiction,  ghostwrite, write content, write about pages for websites and blogs, whatever you’re into, there is something in writing for everyone.


Cash Flows

Oh, and if you haven’t noticed, with every bit of content you create with your writing, you created your own product which you can now sell.


But, if you write an ebook, why not convert it into a paperback?




Or, create a series, as I’m doing with Northern Knights, a preview of which can be found in the sidebar.


Someone asked me how many books I planned on writing as sequels to Northern Knights and I couldn’t give an answer.


Nine, ten, twelve, twenty?


And you can do the same.


Say you write eighteen books in a series and create a paperback for each. That’s thirty-six different products.


What if you sell on the international level?


Oh, now we’re talking of well over one hundred products.


Work For Free

Yes, you’ll work for free while concocting your masterpiece, but at the end of the day, if you’re creating hundreds of products for sale on an international market, it’s worth the time.


I know we’re all conditioned into working forty hours per week (or more) for pay but think about the benefits of creating your first product.


For instance, Northern Knights is available for sale in thirteen countries, so that’s thirteen different products, while available for paperback in I want to say eight different countries,  so that’s twenty-one products from that one work.


It’s more than worth free work.


My second book in series, Swords of Destiny will be out soon, so if I multiplied the products, I’m getting forty-two products total and that’s on Amazon alone.


What if you open published on sites like Kobo (which made a deal with Wal-Mart)? You have Barnes & Noble, iBooks, Google Play, all sorts of options which will create you hundreds of products.


And this is creative writing or nonfiction writing alone.


Get Your Name Out There

Now, you become an authority. Tell everyone you know you’re a writer, you’re a creative, or however you wish to word it.


Start a blog and name it something catchy. It could be writing related, or in the case of My Freedom Flame, something related to the content and themes in your book, which I discuss in-depth here on My Freedom Flame.


Pitch blogs and see if you’re allowed to guest post, which also gives you another opportunity to get in front of other writers’ audiences. If you post for a blog that generates high traffic, thousands of eyes will be on your work.


If you’re posting to a blog that generates 90,000 views per month, an average of 3,000 readers, like-minded readers, will see your posts.


How’s that for publicity?


How to Take Action

Start by making a list, right now.


Ask yourself what you want to write about. What do you want to be known for?


There are millions of niches in the writing business. Literally, millions. Go to Amazon and you’ll find a slew of ideas in books alone.


What do you read? What are you interested in?


What do you look forward to watching or studying on a daily basis if you could?


Sports, news, home and gardening, the list is endless, and in today’s digital world, it gives you power.


Create a vision. Where do you want to be in a year? Three years? Five years? Write it down. It’s your first writing task.


Write down dates and times you want to start writing and stick to them. If you have to, wake up an hour earlier or go to bed an hour later if need be. You can find time to write on weekends, skip happy hour on Friday night. You will find a lot of time to write and finally start living the dream.


Write everything down, put it in a place you’ll see it each day, and remind yourself it’s day one of your career. Your new career. Your career change. And that’s a wonderful feeling.


So, stop procrastinating, stop feeling down on yourself, get up, take action, start writing, and start seeing the glow in your life once more that’s been missing since high school graduation.


Only you can take control and change it. Start today, and five years from now, you’ll be glad.