What Motivates You to Write?

Many creative writers have a passion for writing or else we wouldn’t be blogging. However, our passion for writing stems from something else, and that something else has to do with a theme.

If you’ve written any books you know what I’m getting to, because themes are our overarching messages in our works, as it is in this blog.

By pursuing your passion for writing, you’re opening the door to more opportunity. You might love writing about a few different topics, some of which will exceed just one blog.

For instance, Libertarianism and Alternative Thought intertwine, as we can see from blogs like the Ron Paul Liberty Report and Free Domain Radio, fitting into My Freedom Flame.

If I wanted to, and I plan on, starting a writing blog, I’d place it into another niche under another domain.

If I wanted to, and I plan on, starting an internet marketing blog (likely years from today), it would have its own domain.

Ditto for sports or any affiliate site I might start. The possibilities are endless.
And they are for you, too.


Writers Have Something to Say

We have something we need to get off our chests often. The beauty is we can write about anything and with over three billion people with internet access, we’re bound to find an audience; we have to know where to look.

And I have something to say, along with other Libertarian-minded individuals like Tom Woods, who hosts a daily podcast among other ventures.

And many writers love challenging the status quo, as you see in many of my articles.
Just go back this week alone and you’ll find the controversy.

However, is it intertwined with my writing?


All my books contain a Libertarian-based message, even if they aren’t completely Libertarian.

For instance, my protagonist in Northern Knights isn’t afraid to use aggression in favor of non-aggression early on, yet in some situations, he’s forced to fight fire with fire.

If you’re a writer and find yourself immersed in challenging status quo’s, I’ve good news for you: You’re going to find an audience.

And even better news.

Though blogs should be narrow and focused on a single topic, they can intertwine if you can intertwine the topics into one.

I do this with Libertarianism and passion pursuit, as each has to do with individual self-reliance. However, I understand many of us are in financial straits, which is why I talk about foreign policy and our staggering budget; it shows where much of the spending is going.

But there’s hope. Hope you too can break free of the constraints our government has placed on the dollar.


Books for Hope

And it’s why we love writing books.

Sure, some of us might be in it for love of writing and words, and that’s okay.

But name me a book you read that lacks theme.

Name me a book you read lacking a core message.

Name me a book you read lacking compelling characters, terrible situations for such characters, and a character arc.

The author has something they need to say and the book is the key opening the lock.
When I started writing Northern Knights, I set out to create a new adult version of Harry Potter, which served as my primary influence behind the work.

However, the anti-statist message shines through, along with my belief in the Second Amendment, and other avenues as the colonists are forced to submit and obey an overreaching tyrannical government.

Some of you might find my theme to be the opposite of yours, and that’s okay if you can turn it into a good story. Turn it into something compelling, to where readers will read it cover to cover and at the end, wanting more.

Sharing your message, creating a tribe, building a fan base, and doing something for a living that has purpose.

Better than working for a business that serves no purpose other than logistics and sales channels, am I right?

Yeah, I know it pays bills and puts food on the table, but at the end of the day you’re a drone to a non-living entity.

Hate to tell you this.



Writers, before sharing anything, make sure your themes shine through your work.


Books are great. All books are great or else readers wouldn’t read them.

But without great books containing great themes, nothing would be important to us. There’d be nothing to write about. There’d be no message to share. There’d be no truths to tell.

We would have zero inspiration from those compelling main characters we feel sorry for, who are placed in miserable situations and climb out of such situations, becoming the face of inspiration.

Write down your themes. Blog about your themes. Take real life situations and insert them into your blog. Be controversial. Don’t be afraid to get the occasional hate comment. You’re going to have far more fans than foes.

And even those who might be opposed to your themes and views might break down and give you a fair chance at expressing them.

You never know where writing and expressing your thoughts, views, and opinions can lead to.