Blood, Sweat, and A Lot of Tears of the Writer

Owning a creative mind can be challenging. Heck, the writer’s life itself can be a challenge.

Next to sitting behind a keyboard for hours, surfing the internet for research, typing until our fingers cramp, and wondering what our next food scraps will be, we’re also lonely introverts whose best friends are our created characters.

At least in the short run.

We toil in obscurity, working piss poor jobs to make ends meet, working at our writing craft when the populace is distracted by the next major TV hit or if you’re like me and love your two in the morning outings, you’re awake while everyone’s playing sleep.

Notice I didn’t include caffeine into the narrative.


I cured myself of caffeinated dependency.

Took a couple weeks of headaches and chronic fatigue, but man, do I feel good now.

Nothing can or will stop me.

I can stay up eighteen to twenty hours while my dirty little mind concocts what it’s going to write about next.

A few ideas:


1. Pissed off Pepsi Guy Raider fanatic? Yeah, he’s real. He’s damn real.

2. Chappaquiddick? Hey, if the Left can demonize Brett Kavanaugh (I’m not a fan of his, by the way), I’ll demonize Ted Kennedy the same why I demonized John McCain. Yep, I’m a non-partisan Libertarian.

3. Exposing another CIA plot into a false flag chemical attack in Syria? Check out my recent articles.

4. Or, just talking about themes from Northern Knights and the soon-to-be-released, Swords of Destiny.


The Creative Mind and Writer’s Life

Oh, how I ever cherish it!

And one day, you and I will be personal contacts because we’ll both be serious bloggers. Mark my words, it will happen, my friends. The chronic enslavement to our own created worlds will do wonders.

The writer’s life is the write life.

The creative mind is the greatest mind.

God, Allah, Jehovah, the One, the Universe, whatever the hell you call the Higher Power gave you a bit of their own mind.

And that’s sweet.

You were chosen for an exciting destiny, my friends.

Work your way into making a living behind a computer screen while all the angry Pepsi Guys of the world complain that you live a sheltered lifestyle and lack a real career.

While you’re making a living writing.

Sound like a plan?

Let your local Pepsi Guy slash wannabe gym rat know.

Just so we’re clear, the Pepsi Guy loves to work his jaw more than he does his body at the gym. Don’t believe me?

Ah, just go to your local gym, though yours might be in the mold of the electric guy, cable guy, Coke guy, whomever.

Okay, shifting gears.

As mentioned earlier, our best friends become our characters.

And man, do we get attached?

Does the mass population realize how heartbreaking it is when we kill one of them off?

I almost cried my eyes out once.

Actually, I went to my piss poor day job, closed my office door, and appeared only when I had a client to train.

I could’ve drank myself into a coma.

Good thing I didn’t have a fifth of vodka on me.

It’s been a while since I had vodka.

You can dare me to drive.


Live to Tell the Tale

It’s what we live for, right?

We want to tell a tale of our own imagination which is also influenced by the number of books we’ve read in our lives.

We want to create our own version of Harry Potter in hopes of becoming the next J.K. Rowling.

Actually, I just want to become the anarcho-capitalist version of George Orwell (who was a Democratic Socialist, but Democratic Socialists these days participate in a photoshoot wearing $3,500 suits) but utilize some magic in my work.

At a university (privately funded), where the characters play a fictional sport, with a rival apartment complex hating their every move, in a war between liberty and freaking tyranny, the state versus the individual, freedom versus security, statism and slavery versus impunity and prosperity.

That’s the freaking work I want to write, the tale I was born to tell.

Thanks to the One, I can.

And you, my friends, you all have this creative mind within your souls if you are a writer or a massive fan of some of the greatest sagas ever told.

It’s in your hearts.

It’s in your genes.

It’s in your freaking DNA.

It’s in your parents (even if it didn’t show in them, they were the carriers).

Us writers, nerds, geeks, oddballs, outcasts, untouchables, we were all born to tell a freaking tale and ensure the world hears it.

And we blog about our influences, our desires, our utopias, our dreams, ambitions, wants for a better, beautiful, brave new world few of us dare dream of!


Taking the Risk

And we take the risk.

We take the risk where our words, phrases, sentences, paragraphs, short stories, novellas, novels, the works are read, are spoken are heard.

Our messages shine through us like a light Jesus Christ (I had a rather strict Christian upbringing) himself would be blinded.

We might wear our messages, preach them on a daily basis, write about them on social media (which I’m notorious of doing on my personal Facebook page, Jesus Christ have I burned a lot of bridges, see below), but we live to ensure our message bodes true and follows through.

But it’s a risk, my friends. It’s a risk.

We’re going to risk the following:

1. Bridge burning. Oh, boy, yes, it’s coming and it’s all about being a writer. Your best friends, or those you once thought were your best friends will flee from your true self faster than you can say Quidditch.

2. Negative reviews. Because our haters (like the Pepsi Guy) are going to be after us like a bloodthirsty band of coyotes….um, wolverines. It’s an Ohio State thing.

3. Thoughtcrime. Yes, my friends, I’m especially notorious for this. Just read my blog and you’ll see. Man, I hope I don’t turn up in a ditch one day after missing for eight months. Are you reading this, Central Intelligence Agency?


Those who insist on believing the comforting lie will go as far as to try and urge their representatives and senators to pass legislation to censor us.


To label us fake news outlets and fake people in general even if we have an encyclopedia of verifiable information at our disposal.


They won’t shut us up because a fact check machine said we were wrong; likely because that fact-check machine consists of an advisory board of state-funded government bureaucrats. They’ll shut us up because our fact-based evidence contradicts their statist agendas and central planners can’t stand it when they’re proven wrong.


Toil in Obscurity

Oh yes, the writer’s life is all about toiling in obscurity and talking to our main characters who’ve become our only friends.

The very products of our minds have become the only shoulders you and I can lean on when things get tough because they will.



But rest assured, our characters, our best friends, our cherished loved ones who, as imperfect as they may seem are perfect in the eyes of their creators, their mini-gods, such as you and I. We love them unconditionally.

And they’re the keys, the keys to our success. These characters we love so much, oh if readers fell in love with them, too, and stuck with them until the very end, always, for a circle has no end.

We’d become successful people. We will be successful people.


Because out there, right now, someone, somewhere, a target audience, wants to read what you have to say and they want to read it now.

They have to find your book and you, my friends, have to lead them to it.

And who knows, such readers may consider you their next favorite author.

You’re no longer aspiring.

Once the book is published, it’s published.

You’re an author. Now build your freaking fanbase, call them something catchy (I call mine the Freedom Flames because we just love liberty and hate tyranny). Check out my Truth About American Intervention and The Police State Must Go articles for more information.



The blood, sweat, tears, and what-ifs of the writer is a normal process.

The lack of initial success is normal, too, just ask the likes of Joanna Penn and Mark Dawson.

What makes a writer?

Passion. Perseverance. Stubbornness. Belief in a cause. Belief in a message. Desire to do good in the world.

All of this, my friends, is what makes a writer.

Their unrelenting will to stay in the game, to take a dozen punches, fall a dozen times, but get back up, and keep going.

Life isn’t about how hard you can hit, but how hard you get hit and keep going. Continue to fight the battle of life because if you continue your path, despite the head and body shots, you will see this through to the end. You will be successful in this field. You will go where no one ever thought you’d go.

You have at least one believer.


I don’t care if our messages are polar opposites, go out there, preach it, spread it, and make the world a better place the way you see fit.

It’s the natural gift of the writer.