The Underrated Beauty of Writing

Your message matters.

It doesn’t matter what your view is.

It’s the underrated beauty of writing.

We all write to spread a message. Sure, perhaps we love creating entertaining and compelling stories.

Look deeper.

Why are you writing?

What’s the primary purpose behind your writing?

Your main character, what are their distinguishing characteristics?

What do they want? What are they after?

The beauty of writing, the underrated beauty, is the fact us writers can utilize our message. We can turn it into a compelling story, and we can entertain others. We can entertain while informing.

Nothing is more beautiful than that.


Your Message

Your message makes you unique. It’s something you wish to relay to the masses. It may be a voice for whom you perceive to be the voiceless.

You feel it’s your duty to spread such a message.

Your message is what inspires you to write.

Sure, we have our awesome, entertaining stories our readers pick up and can’t put down. That’s something special.

But, we have a reason behind our writing. A theme. A topic, an idea, a premise. It’s what you’re trying to tell your readers. The theme makes the book matter. It’s what motivates the reader to pick up a book and flip through the pages again and again and again.

Think of it.

How many books have you read three times? Five times? Ten times?

Sure, the stories are great, but something else makes you pick up a book and read time and again.


Harry Potter Influenced My Libertarian Ways

I’m a Libertarian.

Harry Potter made me so.

I realize J.K. Rowling’s intention wasn’t Libertarianism, but it’s the way I perceived it.

Though I didn’t realize it.

I toyed with the idea of Socialism for a time. In fact, I didn’t “realize” my Libertarian ways until the Election of 2012, when a candidate named Ron Paul spoke at campaign rallies and everything he said made sense to me.

And I had a few Libertarian-minded teachers, whose lectures made far more sense than the pro-Socialist-Marxist crew up at Kent State University.

The plot, the messages, everything clicked.

An example?

When Dolores Umbridge was a Ministry asset to interfere at Hogwarts. J.K. told us something: Government and schools shouldn’t mesh. A government-approved course is never a good idea.

It seems Hogwarts operates more off private enterprise, or at least the teachers do. Not the way a private school does, but the teachers teach in ways they see fit, not the way the State sees fit.

If the State saw fit, there would be no need to talk. Each class would consist of a week’s worth of reading. There would be no spells.


Why should you feel threatened in a government-approved school?

Who’s out there threatening you?

Oh, I don’t know, maybe Lord Voldemort?

Or in the real world, oh, I don’t know, maybe the Deep State, Globalists, Shadow Government, all of whom control our own politicians?


Example on Deep State Influence

Why are we in Syria?

Massive human rights violations?


The ruse the Syrian people hate President Bashar Assad?


It’s over a pipeline. A pipeline that would start in Qatar, snake through Syria, into Turkey, and into the Mediterranean.

Bashar Assad said no.

No, you’re not going to do this.

So, here come the sanctions designed to cripple Syria…Iran…and Russia.

Why Iran and Russia?

Well, they have a competing pipeline and the reason Assad said he wouldn’t allow another pipeline meant the West would compete with his allies, Russia and Iran.

It would be equivalent, if say, Russia, wanted to put a pipeline through the United States that would start in Canada, and end up in Mexico.

Wouldn’t you have a problem with it?

I would. And I can’t blame Assad.

It’s one of many examples of my non-interventionist positions. Sure, I was against the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the War in Libya, and the War in Libya.

I’m for non-intervention in both domestic and foreign affairs. As a Libertarian, non-intervention means not interfering in international conflicts. Non-intervention means not interfering in peoples’ personal lives. Non-intervention means not giving one class tax breaks and forcing other classes at gunpoint to pay taxes. I say one class, this class, or that class, because I don’t mean the upper, middle, or lower.

Why not give everyone tax breaks?

Why not allow people to keep what they work for? Keep what they make?

Why not stay out of peoples’ personal lives?

Why can’t the government just leave everyone, both here and beyond, alone?

It’s why I write.

Again, your message matters. Your story matters, but your message matters. And it’s the underrated beauty of writing.