I Chose the Red Pill

My Journey from Drone to Whistleblower…Sort of…

Everyone must choose either the red pill or the blue pill, whether they like it or not.


What’s it going to be?

The Red Pill, consisting of knowledge, freedom, uncertainty, and the brutal truths of reality?


Or the Blue Pill, consisting of security, happiness, beauty, and blissful ignorance of illusion?


The red pill. I had to swallow the red pill.


Why Not the Blue Pill?

My theory: Many choose the blue pill.


Many, as in 99% of people.


Ah, the blue pill poppers.


They demand censorship of anything and anyone who disagrees with them on any political topic. It’s Republicans and Democrats alike. Red, blue they’re all blue. They want to live the American Dream, consisting of a nice job, house, car, retirement plan, everything one can ask for. Except the following occurs:

1. Living without living in security, where civil liberties are systemically taken. Their nice, little bubble, can’t get better than that, right? Well….

2. Despite systemic usurpation of rights, those on the blue pill are oblivious to what’s going on. They live in a world of blissful ignorance.

3. They snag their dream job, which is nothing more than useless work and goals designed to allow a powerful elite seated in a corporate office to see their financial dreams come true. In other words, they’ll make their money, but they’ll make a lot of money for someone else. For what? Status? Recognition? Change the world? Not quite.

4. They’re okay with paying taxes, even if such taxes are geared toward selling weapons to corrupt regimes in a faraway land to carry out mass genocide. I’m talking of course, about the mass weapons sales from the US to Saudi Arabia, which the Saudis use to bomb Yemenites. Oh, taxes, who’s going to fix the roads? Dominos Pizza’s on it, last I checked, anyway.

5. They don’t mind their basic functions in life: Work, breed, and engage in simple pleasures to keep them distracted from what’s really going on. Proles, they’re the Proles in George Orwell’s 1984.

6. They’re distracted by mindless activities. Fascinated, by football, sex, drugs, and other simple pleasures. Trust me, these people take football and sex too seriously.

7. They demand security, and anyone who wishes freedom over security is a firebrand; a problem, a threat, a danger, to society. Us Libertarians have become anti-Patriotic. We won’t support the Patriot Act? Todd, how can you not support the Patriot Act? I read it.

8. Patriotism means truth comes from authority. That means if enough people believe in the lie, it becomes the truth. If the false truth is questioned? God forbid, you’re a problem child, Todd. Hey, even if five people believe in the truth, the truth is the truth. Authority can’t design a new truth.

9. Patriotism means blindly following your country’s policies, no matter what. Even if it means bombing third world countries, “liberating” others, and creating the world’s largest slave trade in Libya and smuggling rebels and weapons through Turkey into Syria and Iraq, creating ISIS (some call ISIL or Dash).

10. Patriotism means belief in American Exceptionalism, where American policies are above the Rule of Law. In other words, if Iran or Russia has warships in the Gulf of Mexico, it’s an act of war. If we have ships in the Mediterranean, it’s maintaining peace, even when we’ve been at war for seventeen years.


I Chose the Red Pill

July 2011, I was a hardcore socialist, government apologist. Anything former President Barack Obama stood for, I stood for, without conducting an ounce of research.



Obamacare? Sure, everyone should have universal healthcare. And the government was there to give it to us. Get rid of Ghaddafi in Libya? Yep. The man’s corrupt. Libya would be better off.

My red pill?

My cousin told me about the New World Order and the Illuminati. Some refer to these groups as globalists, shadow government, etc. From my understanding, there are subtle differences between each.

I was bored one day and decided to have some fun and debunk my cousin’s belief in this sinister, Satanic regime.

Little did I know I just swallowed the red pill.


Here comes Libertarian Todd.

Though I swallowed the red pill, the effects didn’t fully materialize until 2017. In 2017, I became borderline obsessed with researching these evil, evil globalists. What did I find out:

1. 9/11 was a definite conspiracy. A coordinated event which involved the Israeli Mossad and the CIA, to carry out a pretext for American intervention in the Middle East.

2. The wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, and Syria, all nations listed on the Project for a New American Century (PNAC) to tear down and rebuild in America’s “image.” I quote image, due to a liberation attempt to bring about liberal democracy. Except liberal democracy appears nowhere in the US Constitution.

3. The fiat currency we see today is used to fund America’s welfare-warfare state and will collapse with catastrophic consequences.

4. Many of your movements and groups like Black Lives Matter, Me Too, March for Our Lives, as well as mass protests in other nations are directly funded by either the CIA or tycoons like George Soros.

5. The War in Syria is over a pipeline.

6. America is still involved in Afghanistan to protect poppy seed fields to fuel the heroin trade.

7. Libyan rebels were shuttled back into the Middle East, through Turkey, and into Syria and Iraq. They were trained, funded, and armed by the CIA, which created ISIS.

8. The Anthrax scare from 2001 was supposed to be a pretext to invade Iraq. However, once evidence circulated the Anthrax came from US Army bases, the story was swept under the table. Instead, the WMD myth came out, which we now know was also false.

9. John McCain was never an American Hero. There wasn’t a single war McCain didn’t like. In fact, McCain colluded with Nathan Rothschild and George Soros to fuel Montenegro’s independence from Serbia. This was led by a lobbying firm called Davis-Manafort. They used an aluminum tycoon named Oleg Deripaska to buy the entire economy and drill for oil in the Adriatic Sea to cut off the biggest enemy to the New World Order: Vladimir Putin.

10. Russia and Iran are aiding Syria in fighting terrorist groups in Syria like Jaysh al-Islam, al-Nusra (branch of al-Qaeda), and ISIS…more disturbing, the US armed, trained, and funded all these terrorist groups and are now warning Russia, Iran, and Syria from attacking their stronghold in Idlib.


My Obsession

After a while, you become obsessed with the truth. You devote your whole day to finding the truth. You work “normal” jobs simply to pay the bills so you can continue your research. You research during work. You start a blog. All of your writing goes toward your research. Though I write epic, contemporary, and urban fantasy, it’s all an allegory. It’s an allegory alluding to every single bit of research you uncover.

You become obsessed. Obsessed with spreading a message. Obsessed with creating a story, so those who find the truth as dry reading are entertained. Entertain them with an excellent story, with an underlying truth. With an ulterior motive. A message. Something that readers may, just may, decide to contact you, the author, and inquire what motivated you to write the story.

My love of fantasy?

Of course.

But also, my desire to spread the truth, all because I chose the red pill.

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