Strange, Vivid Dreams: Part III

Here’s a short Friday evening article for you. You all know I love writing about my vivid, whacked dreams. Well, the next one is entitled ‘Christmas in September.’

What a name, right?

Here’s a rundown:

1. It was at least eighty-degrees. The sun was out, it was clear, and perfect late-summer, early-fall weather. Best time of the year, right?

2. You know how dreams change? Ditto. After spending time in the pool, splashing around, carrying on, the snow comes.

3. At this point, I’m scrambling out of the pool, rushing to the house as now ‘thunder-snow’ is beginning like some late-summer, early-fall snowstorm. It’s freezing at this point.

4. Few hours go by, or however long, time doesn’t know any different in these dreams, the ground’s covered. Vehicles are covered. As in the popular U2 song, “A world in white, is underway.”

It went from September to December within minutes, and from December to February (by far the coldest, snowiest month here in the Ohio Valley) within hours.

Few minutes later, here’s where things get real interesting, it’s back to September, as if nothing happened.

Well, kind of. It was still colder than normal, but warm enough for the snow to melt. Give or take a few minutes, or hours, and the snow’s gone. Without a trace. As if it never happened.

I go back to the pool, which has remained open the entire time, and stick my hand in the water. It’s so warm you can see steam emerging from it, as if the pool had a heater.

What do I do?

Hey, I’m climbing back in the pool.

Once again, here comes the snow. About five minutes, or however long, after I hop in, it’s coming down harder now than it did the first time. Imagine being in a pool and the temperature drops below freezing. About ten degrees below freezing.

Yeah, even in a dream, you’re feeling it.

Time lapses, and now my family thinks it’s a good idea to go out to eat with a good six inches of snow on the ground. Fantastic. It’s twenty-degrees, but the day’s relatively long since it’s still technically summer.

I’ve had dreams like this before and I call them nightmares since I’ll wake up, praying it wasn’t real life. It’s not until I take a look outside and remember what day it is, do I feel a sense of relief.

Now, in the winter and there’s a blanket of snow on the ground, those spring/summer/fall dreams are heartbreakers. Man, you wake up after a vivid summertime dream beside a pool and it’s eighty-degrees only for your heart to sink when the ground’s covered in white.