Three Worlds Meet

Since I’m giving my main characters a round of applause in Northern Knights, today I want to cover the history of some of my backstory characters and how they arrived in the New World.

Northern Knights centers on Cain, a Dom Toretto-like lead character who shares some qualities with James “Sawyer” Ford from Lost, Han Solo from Star Wars, and even Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield.

But, what happened before Cain? How was the New World shaped? We must go all the way back, dating to Gaia’s (the world in which the series is set which is not much different from our own) version of the Middle Ages to tell an epic tale on how a group of ambitious people ended up in Columbia, known in East Gaia as the Western End of the World?

Let’s give a rundown.


From the Dunes of the Arkaanaman Empire

Their name was al-Saad, in the Arkaanaman Empire. A noble trader, Bash al-Saad traveled as far as Atlantis, located near the continent of Eura in the Atlantean Sea. There, al-Saad heard Atlantean tales of a land further beyond Atlantis, which many in Eura spoke of as Beyond the Western End of the World.

Excited, al-Saad returned to Arkaanaman to speak with Sultan Mustafa Hakim. al-Saad stated he heard the true story of the Atlanteans’ journey Beyond the Western End of the World and requested funding in Arkaan crescents to take him where no man from Arkaanaman had ever stepped foot.

Still, Mustafa denied al-Saad’s request and forbade him to speak of such lands to the public under the threat of death.

Over time, al-Saad confided in his descendants of the great lands Beyond the Western End of the World. Telling them to never share such tales with the public, he concocted stories of the people living there and what they looked like. He invented different cultures and languages for each.

Long after Bash al-Saad died, his grandson, Rasheed al-Saad, met with Eurean traders, who told a tale of a King and Queen from the Southlandic Isles fading from existence. Rasheed caught the next ship to Southland, now the mother country of the world power, the Southpoint Empire.

Southpoint officials informed Rasheed the disappeared King and Queen came from nearby Ddraigoch, located to the west of Southland, where his kind would be the norm.
Upon arriving in Ddraigoch, Rasheed met with a talented teenage Knight, George Santos. Santos told the tale of the missing King and Queen and that his own ancestor, David ap Santos, was a good friend and student of the couple. George stated it’d “be a good guess” if the lost King and Queen sought the lands Beyond the Western End of the World.

Upon further inquiry, Rasheed found the King and Queen went missing over three-hundred years prior, and the teenage Santos was leading a crew to such lands to annex into the Southpoint Empire, which Ddraigoch also belonged to. Naturally, Rasheed relished the thought of embarking on a journey to the New World and perhaps discovering what happened to the lost King and Queen.


Journey to A New World

Intrigued by Rasheed, Santos invited him to join as a crew leader along with his ship’s captain, Sio Leistung, who initially held animosity toward Rasheed due to his olive skin color. However, Rasheed’s intelligence proved superior and he was a brilliant navigator. Feeling positive and negative Spirit vibes, he saved Santos and his crew much heartache and headache when a storm was nearby.

Rasheed was gifted in Spirit control, something long tabooed in Eura, however, anyone possessing element control ability, if they belonged to a higher caste, could openly control it. Those from Ddraigoch, however, acted different toward Spirit Masters, allowing them to practice their ability until they united with Southland and Northland in the early days of the Southpoint Empire. When Ddraigoch merged, it too became bound to treat Spirit Masters as such.

After three weeks at sea since departing from nearby Atlantis, they reached land. Like in his grandfather’s tales, the New World, which Santos named Columbia after the rumor that a captain named Columbo Pucci “stumbled upon” unknown lands centuries ago, primitive society existed.

Debate arose on what to do with whom Leistung termed the Savages, “as they have no real society or religion. Barely human.”

Santos retorted, “each culture is unique within its own and perhaps mass multiculturalism doesn’t work. We should leave them to their own business.”

“Nonsense,” Sio said, “I’m taking a crew over there tomorrow and we’ll show them how to tend to the land like true humans.”


Rasheed Picks A Side

After much bickering between Santos and Leistung, Rasheed found these reddish-skinned, dark-haired people resembled and took to him, despite his Middle Eastern heritage.

When Rasheed implied to Leistung these Native Columbian people should be left to exercise free will, Leistung grew furious and threatened to exile anyone taking Santos’ side in the debate.

Leistung gave Rasheed a final choice. Columbian society or exile. After considering he had a family and others he wished to bring over, Rasheed placed his loyalty with Leistung. And by doing so, he held his high-ranking status in Columbia, generation after generation, until his great-great-grandson, Shaman, married a woman of full-blooded Ddraigoch descent.

Leistung ordered Rasheed to make his surname to sound more Columbian in nature, and therefore, more like a Southpoint name, and as a result, changed all records of his family from al-Saad to Storm.

Shaman’s Columbia

Shaman exhibited similar traits to Rasheed. A thirst for adventure, ambition for a high-ranking office, and pledged loyalty to Columbia, and therefore, Southpoint. King James of Southpoint recognized Shaman’s great political achievements and nominated him as Supreme Leader of the Columbian Colonies.

Shaman’s first challenge was mobilizing a Columbian force to fight the Lourdeans and their Native Columbian allies invading from the north and the Western Wild. After decisive victories all over Columbia and annexing some of Kanata and the Western Wild from Lourdes, Storm soon found himself as a key figure in newly crowned King Rooney’s Southpoint Empire.

Per family tradition, Shaman sent his oldest daughter to the prestigious Summit University.

And if I ever come across an interesting extended story on Shaman’s rule over Columbia, or what happened after King Rooney was crowned, I’ll be sure to include it in a future book in the Lord of Columbia Series.