Shocking! The Dirty Truth About the War in Syria

The War in Syria is Over an Oil Pipeline

Part One

The situation in Syria is about to spiral out of control. We have, as I write this, a potential gas attack in Idlib, noted to be the final rebel stronghold in Syria. We’ve also seen movement by the British MI6 into the region, plus American naval fleets in the Mediterranean.


For a week, Syria and Russia have warned US troops in the region of a strike against Idlib, which sources state is an al-Qaeda stronghold. The US has responded not by leaving the area, but by deploying 2,000 more troops in the region indefinitely and Trump has stated he’ll respond with appropriate force, not appropriate in my mind, if an offense is carried out. Trump went on to imply he may order a strike regardless, to stop such an attack from occurring.


The question remains is this: Who’s carrying out the chemical attack and is the US siding with the terrorists?


Today, I’m going to reveal the dirty truth about Syria the mainstream media doesn’t want you to know about. It’s nothing more than a war over an oil pipeline.



How did we get to this point?


Earlier in the summer whistleblowers reported Major General Igor Konashenkov retrieved evidence of plans for another false flag chemical attack, this one happening in Idlib. It’s important to remember the supposed sarin gas attack in Douma was never proven and that if one did take place, no individuals died in the attack.


Trump ordered strikes into Syria not long after before an investigation could even commence.


Konasehnkov has stated if an attack takes place in Idlib, it’s not the Assad government, which has taken back almost the entire region. Instead, such an attack would be carried out by the West as means of justification to escalate the fight in Syria. This was done to the point Russia attempted to dissuade the West, including the UK and France, from carrying out an attack or responding to an alleged attack.


Recent Events


Per the Ron Paul Liberty Report and Blackstone Intelligence, citing work from Zerohedge, the Wall Street Journal reports unnamed US officials know of an incoming chemical attack and that Assad approved the use of chlorine gas against this final rebel stronghold.


It’s important to remember who owns the Wall Street Journal. Rupert Murdoch, who also owns Fox News, owns the newspaper outlet and is also a board member of Genie Energy, who have contractual rights to dig for oil in Syria’s Golan Heights. Also on the board are Jacob Rothschild, ex-CIA Director James Woolsey, former VP Dick Cheney, and former NM Governor Bill Richardson, among others.


If this already feels suspicious, you’re on the right path.


Meanwhile, neoconservative John Bolton, who also was one of the signees and directors of the Project for A New American Century (PNAC), warned if chemical weapons are used in Idlib, the West will strike harder than the first two attacks, neither of which have been proven.


This warning echoes Donald Trump’s words, which also implied they’d not only strike the Assad regime harder but will also go after Russian and Iranian forces.
Will Candidate Trump Please Stand Up?


Guys, Donald Trump is indicating he’s ready to declare World War III.


Where is Candidate Trump?

Where is the man who constantly attacked former President Obama for his warmongering in Syria?


Where is the man who promised, as a candidate, to get American Troops out of Syria?


I linked an article outlining some of Trump’s tweets in the link section of this article. Talk about hypocrisy. See it for yourself.


US Military Used as Human Shields

Yes, the US Military is being used as human shields to protect terrorist groups in Syria. You read my sub-headline correctly. Here’s how:


1. The US has embedded dozens of troops among rebel forces to stop Russia and Syria from carrying out offenses. Why? Without an artificial enemy (al-Qaeda, ISIS), the US has zero reasons to be involved in the Middle East.


Want the truth on why we’re in Syria to begin with?


It’s over an oil pipeline. An oil pipeline to begin in Qatar and run through Syria. When the US proposed the plan to Assad, he said: “no, you’re not.”


This angered many Western leaders, who’d profit from the billions upon billions of dollars made off such a pipeline, as well as the Saudis and Qataris.


Guys, what Donald Trump and the US Military are doing is Unconstitutional and immoral.


1. The President has ZERO right to declare war, especially when national security isn’t being threatened. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again; unless Russia and Iran’s warships are steaming toward the US mainland and building bases in neighboring countries to surround us, our national security isn’t being threatened.


2. It should be an outrage to every single American the military is planting its own people among the rebels, especially after repeated warnings from Russia and Syria. These two nations have zero desire to strike and kill US soldiers, but what it’s doing is providing the US a pretext and an excuse to remain in Middle Eastern affairs. The US Military is using our people, our military, as fodder to be eaten by Russian and Syrian missiles. That’s just disgusting. It’s wrong, it’s immoral, it’s disgusting, and if any of you are justifying America’s actions, you’re not true patriots. If you’re calling for Trump to declare war, you’re not true patriots and you need to check the Constitution.


I’m sorry, but very rarely do I get fired up like this on my public blog. If I’m offending anyone right now, I apologize, but this needs to be in the mainstream.


Conclusion: History Lesson Regarding Syrian Rebels

From 2011-2013, with Obama’s approval, the CIA ran covert program arming, training anti-Syrian forces, many used in Libya to overthrow Ghaddafi.


The CIA moved these people into Syria and Iraq. During this time, the CIA conducted a weapons smuggle out of Benghazi. They shipped guns through the Mediterranean Sea, to Turkey, to CIA bases near the Syrian border, and weapons were moved into the hands of various terror groups fighting under CIA direction to overthrow the Syrian government.


These weapons were funneled through intermediary factions Obama labeled as moderates.


In Obama’s claims, the CIA denied they kept openly arming extremists, including ISIS. However, the CIA did get caught, per a New York Times article in January 2014 by Mark Landler. Landler wrote the US suspended shipments in December 2013 after warehouses were seized by Islamic Front, who broke from the Free Syrian Army (FSA), a vital force in three-year uprising against Assad. Officials insisted no aid would be given to this front.


It’s important to note the Islamic Front was the previous name for ISIS.






UK behind false flag chemical attack in Syria, evidence shows


Strategic Advisory Board



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