They’re Watching and Reporting Our Every Post

They’re watching and reporting our every post, article, and blog. No, I’m not talking about the NSA today, that was in the previous article, folks! Today, I’m speaking of family and family friends who stick their noses in our writing business.

It’s an article I’m hesitant on writing but at the same time it must be addressed.

My reason?

For many of us writers who aren’t afraid to pen our thoughts to paper or in the modern-age, a screen, we’re followed by family and family friends who think rather different of us, and many can’t wait to report our statements to our immediate family.

They want to censor us, to shut us up, to bow to their belief patterns and keep our opinions to ourselves (even if our opinions are fact-based).

I’ve always asked these questions:

1. What are they afraid of?

2. How does our writing, in any way, affect their life?

In the last year alone, it’s happened at least four times where others have attempted to intervene in my writing and, well, censor me, by reporting my work to my parents.
Not to mention, I’m twenty-seven, so at this point there’s nothing they can do; we don’t even in live in the same house!

Now, the good news here is my parents are bold enough to at least shoo these people away even if they disagree with some of what I write and how I present my writings at times. Hey, at the end of the day, they gave me the gene, so technically it’s on them.

There needs to be a line drawn in the sand, and since all of us artists face identical issues being ourselves or providing viewpoints others disagree with, especially if these others happen to be conformists, I’m sure many can relate.

This is neither a conservative nor liberal nor libertarian post; it’s one where all sides can find common ground since much of us tend to have family on either one or another side of the spectrum here, likely based on your demographic.

My goal today, though I speak of Libertarian Thought often, is to bring all sides to the table because if there’s one thing those of us black sheep and oddballs can relate to, it’s this, right here.


How to Ignore Your Extended Family

First off, whether you post your thoughts to Facebook, Twitter, your personal blog, brand, books, whatever the case may be, if any of these people try to sway, use intimidation tactics, or threaten you, ignore the comments. Ignore the whole dialogue.
First off, they’re not worth your time to argue.

Second, when you reach a certain age, no one can control what you pen or type. It’s your agenda, your thoughts, your desires, plans, etc., and no one has a right to censor you.
Even if you’re offended by someone else’s thoughts, you have zero right to censor others. I want to make this crystal clear. The beauty of social media is there’s a mute, take a break from, unfriend, unfollow, block, all kinds of ways to censor anyone you’d like from your page or newsfeed, but you can’t censor them.

It’s usually my answer when I get a text informing me so and so saw a post and they want you to take it off…most of my family leans further Right; the same people who made fun of the Left for being snowflakes…who are the real snowflakes here?

Heck, even texts from my own friends stating so and so commented this or that. Guys, it shouldn’t bother us. Once again, if they don’t like it, they can block. It’s not worrisome.
And you can do the same. Mute them, do what you need. If these people continue to give you a hard time, block them. It’s that easy.

Always remember you have a right to convey your message as you see fit and if it’s on your personal, private page, and they’re trying to censor you through telling mom and dad who can’t do anything about it at this point, they’re the ones with issues, not you.
Heck, you may even be speaking several truths, and it’s important to never, ever, ever let anyone stand in your way.


Keep Your Head High

See, I’m one of those people if you tell me not to do something, I’m going to end up doing it. It’s my nature.

If you tell me in an urgent voice not to do something as if your life depends on it, not only will I do it, but I’ll end up making it public material on social media.

And I hope you’re in the same boat. Again, conservative, liberal, libertarian, makes no difference here, it’s a common ground meeting of the minds.

In fact, know what I do when someone posts something I disagree with?

I keep scrolling.

I’ll read the post and analyze it in my mind, but I’ll keep scrolling. Unless they’re believing the myth of Scandinavian socialism, which I’ll comment on, I’ll keep scrolling.


But even if I comment, it’s usually me sharing a link and nothing more.

I’ll never debate someone else over Facebook, Twitter, etc. Ever. Not even on my blog.


For, that I rarely, if ever, respond to comments.

And if you do read comments, again, I can’t stress it enough; don’t respond. It’s not worth debating over online. 1. Because you’re likely not going to agree on the topic anyway after the two-hundredth comment, and 2. There are more effective ways for you to utilize your time. Again, you can be doing research for your next great post and sharing it!

It’s much better than seething behind a computer or phone screen typing your argument for the fiftieth time after they don’t understand the causes behind what you’re preaching, and nine times out of ten, they won’t.

I tell everyone the Syrian Civil War’s really over an oil pipeline and all I get is a blank stare and informed that we’re a superpower and we need to get Assad out of there because he gasses his own people. To this day, there’s zero reputable evidence stating this is true.


Truth About John McCain

This article I wrote on this blog gained tons of shares throughout social media and internet platforms. I had countless Twitter shares, and someone placed it on Flipboard.

Wow, did this one cause a stir.

My extended family was livid, stating I disrespected someone who just died and was an American Hero. Hey, I started doing my research on McCain the second he accused Senator Rand Paul a traitor to the US by working for Russia.

And Barack Obama said something about John McCain never being one to insult…except when he called Senator Paul a traitor on the Senate floor, or when he called Kim Jong-un a Little Fat Man.

Yeah, John McCain was quite a winner.

Also, per Jake Morphonios on Blackstone Intelligence, he had the opportunity to meet McCain face to face. He describes McCain as having a short personality and is very temperamental.

I agree.

If you haven’t seen it yet, here’s a link to the article: The Truth About John McCain
But man, talk about a familial uproar. I’m a writer, author, and blogger, and writers, authors, and bloggers challenge the media. In my case, challenge mainstream thought, which we don’t see enough of in the media today.

Again, if they don’t like what I’m writing about, they can ignore me; I’m not going to stop, and neither should you.

You can agree or disagree with my thoughts on McCain, but again, it’s what I’m talking about. You can write a post on your blog letting the world know how great you thought McCain was. If you’re a Democrat, you can write about how much better Barack Obama was regarding the economy while if you’re a Trump fan you can write about how great Trump is.

Again, you’re entitled to your beliefs and you’re more than free in America to state what you want.



If you come across an instance where your extended family is reporting you to your parents, even after you’ve left their house, they’re going to be bold enough to stand beside you, even if they don’t agree with you.

In all honesty, your parents gave you the genetics in the first place and even if it doesn’t show in them and it shows in you, it was still in them, it just wasn’t turned on. But maybe it is in you, and that’s okay.

I’ve always stated writers tend to be the true visionaries, idealists, and activists. Whether we ever partake in a protest or a rally is our own choice, but the idea begins with someone writing it down and sharing with others.

If your extended family has a problem with what you’re doing, remember they’re the ones easily offended and they’re the ones with the problems, not you. You’re just being you. If they have a problem with it they don’t need to be in your life.

At the same time, as always, it’s important to remember to allow others to speak their opinions. Even if you disagree with everything that’s said or written, they’re still entitled to state what they wish. Therefore, I don’t believe anyone should be banned from Twitter for speaking their mind, and I don’t think anyone in a position of authority has the right to censor any type of media regardless of its bias.

At the end of the day, true tolerance is allowing others to speak in ways they see fit.