The Truth About American Interventionism

The Key to Globalism Rests with the US Military

American interventionism is something that’s always gotten my attention. The US Military, perceived as the greatest peacekeeping advocate in the world, has dropped over 200,000 bombs in the world while remaining in a state of perpetual war in the Middle East.


In all honesty, I don’t see this as peacekeeping. I see it more as warmongering. You won’t hear it at home, though. And if you hear this from people such as I, we’re a bunch of anti-American, pro-Middle Easternn apologists. This couldn’t be further from the truth.


Alright, guys, my Truth Series has been popular with readers lately, per Google Analytics. My infant blog has doubled—almost tripled in readership over the past two weeks.


It seems readers love my Deep State Articles and my Truths regarding John McCain and Donald Trump. For this, I’m going to leave links to these articles under this one. In the past I tried to hyperlink, but the color is too close to that of my text and too many have asked where the link is when I insert the phrase can be read here, and ‘here’ is highlighted.

Allow me to start off with a quote from Halford Mackinder. “Who Rules Eastern Europe Commands the Heartland. Who Rules the Heartland Commands the World Island, Who Rules the World Island Controls the World.”

While reading this article, I want you to keep a few countries in mind:

1. Russia

2. Montenegro

3. Afghanistan

4. Iran

The quote I shared above will become clearer by the end of this article when what you’re about to read relates almost directly to these four nations.

I want to tell the truth about American interventionism and how the key to globalism, which George Soros among others are rabid fans of, rests with the US Military, in relation to the four nations mentioned above.

I’m bringing this article to light today due to the conservative outrage over Colin Kaepernick’s Nike deal.


Once again, conservatives are pulling the “disrespecting flag, military, and country” card, claiming the US Military is overseas fighting the “bad guys”  who hate freedom. It’s simply not true.


Okay, so what is the US Military really doing overseas?

Defending Freedom? Nada.

What about wars based on lies?

A century of them.


It’s the truth about American interventionism, a truth those in power, from bureaucrats to those who run government schools, don’t want you to know.


Grand List of Wars Based on Lies

The following is an excerpt from a post of mine a few weeks back. This covers a century of US Foreign Intervention, spearheaded by none other than President Woodrow Wilson, a relative of mine, believe it or not. So, from 1917 to 2018, here is a list of wars America has fought, all of which were based on lies.

1. The Lusitania, which conditioned Americans to support their entry into World War I was only carrying a handful of civilian passengers and a lot, I mean, a lot, of weaponry. This weaponry blew up, causing the ship to sink. The government blamed it on the Germans.

2. Pearl Harbor. Franklin D. Roosevelt placed trade embargos on the Dutch Indies, meant to cripple the Japanese. Prior to that, he ordered the naval base be moved from California to Hawaii.

3. Korea. An artificial border (38th Parallel) was artificially created by the UN, separating the two Koreas, provoking an invasion from the North.

4. Vietnam. The US blamed the North Vietnamese for firing on a US naval ship that was supposedly sailing in their waters, minding its own business. Hmm, even if this were the case, what the hell was a US warship doing in North Vietnamese waters during a war? Makes you wonder…uh, what about arming the South Vietnamese?

5. Six Day War. This one nearly got the US involved in the Six Day War, which occurred between Israel and its neighbors. Anyway, the USS Liberty was “mistaken” by the Israelis as an Egyptian warship. Israel, however, tried to blame Egypt for attacking the USS Liberty, and was caught in a lie, thereby staving off a US entry.

6. First Gulf War. Iraqi troops invaded Kuwait due to Kuwaiti oil companies slant drilling into Iraq, stealing Iraq’s oil. Well, what did everyone hear in the US?


If you’re old enough, consider the following: Remember the video where a young girl claimed to have been working as a volunteer nurse in a Kuwaiti hospital?


She describes in detail how Iraqi soldiers stormed in and pulled the babies from incubators, leaving them on to die on the floor. It outraged the American public to the point every individual watching the clip justified an Iraqi invasion.


Well, it just so happens that this young lady was actually the daughter of the Kuwaiti ambassador to the United States at the time, Saud al-Sabah. Isn’t that interesting?

7. Afghanistan. 9/11, if anything, was retaliation by those condemning American interventionism in the Middle East, which picked up drastically after the Cold War when the CIA helped Afghan forces stave off the Soviets.


Also, shortly after the Cold War ended in 1991, the Project for a New American Century (PNAC) was created in 1996, signed in 1997, which outlined US occupation of the Middle East. To do so, as if you haven’t already figured it out, they needed a pretext, which is why George W. Bush had a bill on his desk granting a green light for a US invasion of the Middle East since July 2001.


The bill was modified after 9/11. Besides, the objective was to eliminate Osama Bin Laden. Seventeen years later, we’re still there…protecting poppy seed fields, which produces opium.

8. Second Gulf War. We had the Anthrax scare, then the scare of terrorist cells funded by Iraq residing in the United States, which were going to take 9/11 and multiply it by ten, then to top it all off, we had the Weapons of Mass Destruction Scare, where the media sent the already scared public into a frenzy.


Turned out, they were all lies. Iraq never had WMD’s, never held terrorist training camps, and no, they never attacked the US with Anthrax.


At the time, Iraq was one of five countries to possess the deadly agent, given to Hussein by the United States when it supported Hussein’s invasion of Iran. Well, to make matters more interesting, an independent study concluded the Anthrax agent came straight from the United States. Again, more on this in a future article.

9. Syria. Yes, the US is in Syria, and has held interest in Syria for quite some time. Because of President Bashar al-Assad’s supposed human rights violations and chemical attacks?


Uh, no. Instead, it’s due to an oil pipeline that would begin in Qatar, through Syria, Turkey, and will end in Eastern Europe.


If you read my Truth About John McCain Article, you’ll have clear insight on the fact the whole deal here is to undermine two countries whose economies thrive off oil exports: Russia and Iran.


It all makes sense now on why the media and Trump have allied (don’t let them fool you, Trump’s a media asset) to demonize—just demonize—Russia and Iran. While the media continues to brand Putin and enemy, Trump is taking care of demonizing Iran for the same “crime.”



Who the US Military Really Serves

Before I go any further, I want to make two things clear:

Those who join the military are joining to either a) get out of a horrid family or life situation, or b) many really believe in the media’s lies regarding the Middle East and other foreign nations.

However, as Peter van Buren pointed out, back in the olden days when he thought American interventionism was for the greater good, he’d be instructed to lie to the press to hype up an enemy created by US Intelligence. A closer look can be found at the Ron Paul Liberty Report.

Who is the US Military really serving?


Ten weapons manufacturing companies: Lockheed Martin, Boeing, BAE Systems, Raytheon, General Dynamics, EADS, Finmeccanica, L-3 Communications, United Technologies, and Northrop Grumman. These ten companies have and still supply the US Military with weaponry, but to continue production, they need what? An enemy to fight, and these companies know this. I’ll be sure to expose them in a later article, but for now, we’ll stick to the topic at hand.

Big pharma, where we see troops protecting opium fields in Afghanistan.

Oil interests. One that stands out more than any other is Genie Energy. I’ve shared their advisory board in past articles, but it must be addressed that men like Jacob Rothschild, ex-CIA Director James Woolsey, ex-Vice President Dick Cheney, and Fox News Media Mogul Rupert Murdoch, among others, are names on the advisory board.

It’s also worth noting that men like Rothschild and George Soros have close connections, and my Truth About McCain article, Soros’ business partner in lobbying his companies to drill for oil in the Adriatic Sea, which was intended to cut off Vladimir Putin’s access to trading with the European Union.

Once again, it all goes back to following the money, and the money has always been a gold mine in the Middle East.

Per the Corbett Report, there has, and always will be, interest in the Middle East. This is due to not just oil, but the region’s rich supply of minerals, as Zbigniew Brzezinski points out in his book, The Grand Chessboard.

Afghanistan is the world’s heartland. And once again, to close out the article:
Whoever Rules Eastern Europe Commands the World’s Heartland. Whoever Rules the Heartland Commands the World Island, Whoever Rules the World Island Controls the World.


Next time someone claims the US Military is fighting for world peace, to preserve something  Unamerican called democracy (America was supposed to be a Constitutional Republic, not a democracy), and to defend your “freedom,” tell them the truth about American interventionism.



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