Caldrone, Wilson, Robertson, and Matthews

Hi, I’m Todd Matthews, author of Northern Knights and Fighting Tyranny. Although my last name’s Matthews, I, and all of us, are one-quarter of the following: Our paternal grandfather’s surname, our paternal grandmother’s surname, our maternal grandfather’s surname, and our maternal grandmother’s surname, or a combination thereof.

Four names, and for us Harry Potter fans, we can probably see some noble distinctions between all the names and for the sake of a fun article here and there, why not compare them to Harry Potter Houses?

My Four Family Names are Caldrone (maternal grandfather), Wilson (paternal grandmother), Robertson (maternal grandmother), and Matthews (paternal grandfather).

My Four Families, and your four families, each have a noble history, and if you haven’t researched yours yet, what are you waiting for?

In a quickie nutshell, before I go in-depth, what do each of the above families represent:



It can relate to Gryffindor, as the Caldrones (formerly spelled Calderone) were the most recent immigrants and due to their Italian status, likely faced some harsh discrimination at the time of their arrival. Remember, Italians, like many belonging to traditionally Catholic nationalities, had a rough time fitting in. If there’s one name that had a tougher time than others, the Caldrones are it.


Corresponds to Hufflepuff. They’re the hardworking, kind people of the four. They’d been in America for a while and to be honest, tend to stay out of the limelight, except for that Woodrow guy, whose father was born in Steubenville, Ohio, where the Wilsons originated. A name that receives little glory for its hard work, the Wilsons nevertheless are happy people.



Bright, beautiful, and genetically gifted. Fits the Ravenclaw mantra rather well. Yes, the Robertsons tend to be the brightest of the bunch, and the family I received the majority of my traits from, being sorted into Ravenclaw on Pottermore years ago. Talk about good-looking people with high incomes and prestigious jobs for the most part, the Robertsons break and set new records with each passing generation.



The ambitious crowd who possesses the ‘never-say-die’ mantra. Passionate people, willing to fight and make sacrifices to defend their views and their earnings. Matthews is the prototypical Slytherin, and the House I was convinced I’d be in until Pottermore proved me wrong. Though I must say, if the Hybrid Houses existed, I’d be a Slyther-Claw, or something similar.



So, what would the colors and animal look like for Caldrone?

Let’s go to House of Names and get the inside scoop.

Per the English Coat of Arms, Calderone’s crest is scarlet and gray, which they’ll take kindly to, residing in Ohio. Pictured on the crest appears to be a robin, so we’ll go with it for their shield.

Quidditch uniform color? Scarlet, of course!

Element: Fire.

Known for: Bravery



Like its Hufflepuff cousin, Wilson’s primary colors are black, but instead of canary, old gold. On the crest is a wolf with its teeth bared.

Quidditch Uniform: We’re going with Black.

Element: Earth.

Known for: Work Ethic.



Quite unlike Ravenclaw and more like Gryffindor, red and yellow are primary. Like Wilson we have a wolf for the symbol, but three wolves.

Quidditch uniform: Yellow (Caldrone’s color is red)

Element: Wind

Known for: Intelligence



Black and yellow…we need to fix that…orange and brown…okay, that sounds better. We’re going with the alternative orange and brown here since the scheme would resemble Wilson’s colors. The crest contains a yellow primary with a black lion.

Quidditch uniform: Orange

Element: Water

Known for: Ambition



There you have it. My four Family Names as Hogwarts Houses, or at least in my weird, strange, wild imagination. It’s always a blast to make outlandish posts as this just to break the monotony of the rather dark blogs I tend to write.

Anyway, more of these to come, maybe once or twice a month, again to break up the darker topics I tend to cover here as they relate to my books.