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America’s Libertarian Founders Fought

America’s founders were Libertarian. And these men fought. If there’s one lever the conservative right and liberal left love to use, if there’s one tool, one tactic, one way, to try and silence Libertarians, it’s the attempted non-aggression guilt-trip.

But, it’s an excuse. It’s an excuse for them to continue their never-ending assault on Libertarian principles, and liberty itself.


Take the straight ballot with Gary Johnson and Murray Sabrin. The second they received two high-end endorsements, from Rand and Ron Paul, straight party voting was implemented once more.


I think in Johnson’s case it happened the next day, because Senator Rand Paul had enough courage to put principle over party.

That’s saying something.

But once again, the two major parties are walking all over Libertarians and when we try to stand up for ourselves, once again, it’s the non-aggression card the two parties play.

For some strange reason, the one group of people who not only believe in the Second Amendment, but every word in the Second, the Well-Regulated Militia portion, is guilt-tripped into non-aggression. Psst! It’s us Libertarians!

What is the well-regulated militia?

Some say it’s the government-funded National Guard, but it’s not, as they receive state and federal funding. State and federal funding requires taxation, which in other words is theft from hardworking individuals.

In fact, the well-regulated militia is a non-governmental entity used to go against a standing army. It’s a civilian force. It’s intended for each weapon to match the power the state possesses. Machine guns, automatics, anything and everything you can think of.


Do you really need that machine gun?






Because if normal people didn’t possess high-powered weaponry, psychopaths would. Those psychopaths do. The psychopaths, of course, are located in Washington.



The Army Doesn’t Protect Freedom. Neither do the Police

Okay, I just lost half my viewing audience with this claim, but it’s something America’s Founders knew.


Stop thanking the US Military for defending, spreading, and protecting freedom. It’s the single-greatest lie in the book.

A standing army, in times of peace, is the greatest threat to freedom. A standing army, when not defending the land in times of war, always undermines and usurps civil liberties.


No, I’m not some crazy anti-military Liberal. I read the Declaration of Independence, where Thomas Jefferson mentions this. Read the document, it’s not that long.

When a well-armed, well-trained, government-funded monopoly (funded with monies taken from people through force) exerts might over a public, whether police or military, the people are forced to submit and obey such authority.

Now, for you cop apologists, am I saying the police threaten civil liberties more than any other government-funded branch?

Of course, I am. And I’m unapologetic in my approach. The police have never, and will never, serve, protect, and defend the populace.

They’re a government-funded monopoly. A monopoly, of any kind, has power ordinary people don’t.

I hear conservatives state all the time we need cops to protect us from the bad guys.

If that’s the case, the Second Amendment is diluted. Conservatives contradicted themselves. If we need government-funded monopolies like a police force at home and an army (or military) invading over one-hundred countries for no apparent reason, why do we even need the Second Amendment?


My favorite arguments: Conservatives state we need guns to protect us from our tyrannical government, but respect police, support the troops, obey the law.


Liberals state cops and military are neo-Nazi warmongers, but civilians shouldn’t have guns. Only police and military should have guns.


See, the Founders knew a few things.

1. A police force is there to enforce the law, any law, any manmade, unjust law. Any manmade law that mortal men pass to contradict Constitutional Law.


We know this because of what the Founders experienced before the Revolutionary War broke out, which were British soldiers being brought over in droves to control the American colonists.


I’ve often joked about those supporting the Thin Blue Line would’ve ridden a wagon with a Thin Red Line on its back bumper back in the 1770’s.


Sam Adams, my favorite Son of Liberty, stated “If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude than the animated contest of freedom, go from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains sit lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen.”

2. The executive branch, the branch enforcing the law, is the branch of government most likely to abuse its power.


Why do you think declaration of war rests in Congress’ hands?


They knew the President could easily act in the same manner as King George III. Some point to the War Powers Act of 1973, which gives the President more power to declare war. However, they might want to read the facts before stating their claim.

Therefore, the Second Amendment takes centerstage. It’s intended for the common man, the civilian, to match the powers of its nation’s standing army and yes, even the police force.


Authoritarian conservatives can point to the National Guard and police force all they want in terms of ‘well-regulated militia,’ but at the end of the day, both are government-funded monopolies in the same sense as the standing army.



Individual Versus the State

Do I believe the Second Revolutionary War is brewing?

I do, and while Liberals and Conservatives can fight each other in deciding whose system of big government is the least of the two evils, us Libertarians realize something: It’s not Conservative versus Liberal; it’s the Individual versus the State.

Both Conservatism and Liberalism, in a modern sense, require big government and a lot of socialist policy.

1. Militarism and quest for empire is socialism, as it requires government oversight not only abroad, but also at home.


Think about it, the Patriot Act invades our personal privacies.


The NSA can collect millions of data records on anyone.


The NDAA states any American can be detained, tortured, or killed by government without a conviction or even an accusation.


If by the end of this article you still think men and women in uniform protect whatever freedoms you believe we have, use what I’m saying here to expand your research.

2. The Left loves social freedom, however, even it is seen as a form of prejudice.




Because anyone who disagrees with the Left’s ideology is automatically branded a bigot. You can even refuse to condone it, and you’re a bigot…without condemning their views!


Again, anyone who disagrees, meaning those like myself who disagree with affirmative action laws is labeled a racist. I didn’t even say minorities shouldn’t be given a fair shot! I just said I disagree with affirmative action, meaning I believe everyone deserves a fair shot, not lower standards for one race to reflect that of the population.


I don’t know about you, but affirmative action has a racial bias. And as usual, the Left loves social welfare and safety nets, which requires massive upon massive taxation.

I’ve heard peers, friends, family members, and even co-workers, everyone, tell me I have to choose between the lesser of the two evils. That if I continue to vote Third Party, I’m voting for the opposite major party candidate of their liking.

For instance, back in 2016 my Hillary-loving friends stated a vote for Johnson is a vote for Trump. My Trump-loving friends said a vote for Johnson is a vote for Hillary. Guys, a vote for Johnson is a vote for Johnson.

But, it gets better!

I asked what if I didn’t vote at all?


They still said it was like voting for the opposite candidate! No vote at all would’ve meant not a single candidate earned my vote, so it counts as abstaining. In other words, if I didn’t vote for anyone, it’s like not voting for anyone.

In a taste of irony, Democratic Socialist Alexandria Oscaio-Cortez said it best. “For far too long we have voted for people who we think will win, rather than people who we think are right.”

While I disagree with Oscaio-Cortez on almost every political position, her quote above put it best. We vote for people we think will win, either Republican or Democrat. And let me tell you, it forces a lot of Libertarians to vote either Republican, Democrat, or abstain altogether.



Use Aggression in Retaliation

Using aggression in retaliation is a form of non-aggression. Non-aggression means aggression is not be used except as a last resort. Even former Congressman Ron Paul stated in his many addresses war should be last resort.

And here, with our own budding Second Revolutionary War (it’s coming), fighting should be last resort. However, neither Statist Party #1 nor Statist Party #2 has the right to use the lever of guilt-tripping into Libertarians.

For far too long, we’ve been hushed into silence and the results have been disastrous. The guilt-tripping will continue, as long as we allow it, by both sides, to continue to silence Libertarians and make them feel guilty for violating the non-aggression principle.

To achieve non-aggression, fights must brew between both Libertarians and the Conservative Right, Libertarians and the Liberal Left.

And how do we know this is not only okay but justifiable?

Because the Founders wrote the Bill of Rights, placed the Second Amendment high on the list of the Bill of Rights, and fought a war against their Statist masters to achieve liberty.



Today, liberty has been usurped and both the Conservative Right and Liberal Left are to blame. Both Parties condone war (any kind of peace Trump seeks with anyone means war for the Left), heavy taxation, government intervention, and continued invasion of personal rights.

Libertarianism is the solution to this, but I urge each of you to fight back when necessary. I’m not saying to go around picking or looking for fights, but when the ruse and motivation call for it, fight back against the Red and Blue Wave.

Republicans and Democrats may brand each other enemies but at the end of the day, they have a common enemy: Liberty, spearheaded by Libertarians.




Because with Libertarians in charge, government intervention everywhere will shrink within the confines of the Constitution.

I’d like to thank everyone for coming across My Freedom Flame, please come back soon.



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