Colin Kaepernick Plus Nike Equals?

Conservative America Flounders

This is a message for the ages.

First off, before I say anything, I want to warn all those reading this blog who are conservatives or Trump supporters, go find a safe space now. What I’m about to say will likely cause a massive boycott for both of my books from Trump Train Conservatives, who’d boycott my book anyway if they saw the contents, so I’m not worried.

Then, you have your Conservatives already on Facebook and Twitter (I’ve two separate accounts for each) posting pictures of themselves burning Nike merchandise. There’s going to be a lot of this going on in the near-future:

1. Fake posts about Nike’s sales plummeting.

2. Massive posting about conservatives needing to show people how they’re destroying inanimate objects.

Conservatives have done the same when it came to National Anthem protests.
How often did we see conservatives feel the need to post that they’re “lifelong NFL fans but won’t tune in until they all stand?”

Like a bunch of two-year-old kids. I thought that’s what they called liberals?

And then again, how often did we see fake pictures of half-empty NFL stadiums, fake posts about Kaepernick converting to Islam (the man is a hardcore Christian), and NFL ratings plummeting?

The only real thing posted above were NFL ratings. But let’s be honest, the product of the game has tanked. If you grew up before the 2000’s, or better yet, before the Rodger Goodell era, the game was different. Honestly, if it weren’t for the Browns, I wouldn’t bother watching it. The product isn’t good. Both the NCAA and NHL are much more entertaining. At my league’s annual fantasy football draft this season, seven of the ten guys stated if it wasn’t for fantasy football, they wouldn’t watch. Again, because the product sucks, it sucks, it sucks.


Why am I fan of Colin Kaepernick?

One, the statement, to believe in something, even if it means sacrificing everything.

Wow. It’s my life quote. It’s why I’m challenging mainstream thought with My Freedom Flame. It’s why I write. It’s why I wrote Northern Knights and Fighting Tyranny.

It’s why I’d rather write than be a personal trainer.

But, Todd, didn’t you say the players shouldn’t kneel earlier in the year? Colin Kaepernick started it.


The Truth About the NFL’s National Anthem Policy

I did say that, because the American flag symbolizes freedom, even though such freedom has been compromised and the flag has become a symbol of terrorism for a lot of other countries. We’re no different than the Soviet or British Empire of yesteryear. We’re the same thing, but the way the US was founded, on principles of freedom, allows us to justify such interventions, which have yet to garner positive results.

The US has destroyed Afghanistan, Libya, Iraq, Syria, Sudan, Somalia, and a host of other nations. And the same lie is preached over and over again.

But this isn’t why Kaepernick knelt, contrary to Conservative folklore.

See, Conservatives state Kaepernick is disrespecting the US military, and all they do to “protect our freedoms” from the bad guys overseas.

I don’t know about you, but defending freedom by going on the offensive makes zero sense, whatsoever. Going into a country six-thousand miles away that’s supposedly a threat to whatever freedom it is they’re telling us we have, third-world countries, makes absolutely no sense.

Now, if these nations and coalitions were speeding their warships toward US mainland, hey, they have a point.

But to sit here and justify every single war over the past one-hundred years based on false claims that the US and its allies were the victims is the real lie.

I wrote an article last month outlining how each war America was involved in over the past one-hundred-five years was based off lies. Even World War II and the Second Gulf War.

Sorry, Conservatives, your propaganda pitch is invalid.


Enter Nate Boyer

This is where the above claim can be proven beyond the shadow of a doubt.

Enter US Army Green Beret, Nate Boyer, who took offense to Kaepernick sitting during the National Anthem. Angered by this, Boyer reached out to Kaepernick to ask why he refused to stand for the National Anthem.

Kaepernick stated police brutality toward the black community.

Now, while the homicide and crime rate are higher among blacks from a worldwide standpoint, laws in the United States tend to disproportionately affect the black community.

I can go on and on about this, but it would be too much to talk about for the scope of this post.

Kaepernick talked about racial profiling among police and how much more likely it is for blacks to be subject to negative stereotype than whites and he wanted to use the NFL platform to spread awareness.

Boyer understood this truth, which Conservatives who are smart enough to know the reason why Kaepernick is doing this will always point to the statistics regarding crime rates among blacks.

While they’re right, there are hundreds of thousands if not millions of blacks who would never commit a crime. And while the media hypes some of these shooting victims as innocents, it must be taken with a grain of salt.

Perhaps the blacks shot by police were guilty of a crime, but that cop who killed them, especially if they were unarmed, just broke Natural Law, denying the individual their day in court and trial by jury. Instead, they were subject to cruel, unusual, and inhumane punishment.

So, Boyer told Kaepernick the story of when a US soldier dies overseas, their next of kin is handed an American flag. The one presenting the flag is always kneeling. Boyer suggested Kaepernick kneel, symbolizing a half-staff pose, as when tragedy strikes America, the flag is flown at half-staff.

Kaepernick agreed, and started kneeling, sparking a movement of awareness across the sports world, and offending Conservatives (who claim only Liberals get offended) to the point I’ve seen more fake memes than I can count.


The Second Truth About the NFL National Anthem Policy

I want to close this article by stating the truth about the NFL National Anthem Policy. Okay, so before 2009, except before particular games, NFL players stayed in the locker room while the National Anthem played.

Come 2009, to invoke a sense of patriotism targeting young NFL fans, the NFL required players to take the field for the National Anthem, where they “should stand at attention, helmet in left hand, right hand over the heart.”

However, it wasn’t known until it hit news outlets everywhere in 2015 the US Department of Defense used taxpayer dollars (which already built the stadiums and paid these players’ paychecks) to subsidize the NFL into presenting these outrageous pre-game ceremonies to “boost military recruitment among kids.”

In other words, the US military wanted to use taxpayer dollars so kids can see a false sense of patriotism, which I call forced patriotism, among their favorite NFL players in hopes of coercing them into the US military to continue their unconstitutional overseas onslaught of unsuspecting nations.

The US Department of Defense was caught red-handed, and while it’s claimed that they stopped subsidizing the NFL, it’s noteworthy these pregame celebrations continue.
In my opinion, it’s another form of war propaganda headed by the Department of Defense, enforced by the NFL, to further the lie that the US military is protecting our freedoms abroad against “the bad guys” who hate us for our “freedoms.”

Yet, when one researches “the bad guys,” just as when one researches John McCain, they come to find that what they’re told in school and mass media is almost always based on lies and deception.

That US interventionism has nothing to do with protecting freedoms, and that far more people in the Middle East, of all areas, have died with US interventionism than have survived. It’s a disgusting scene at each NFL game that everyone in the audience is standing at attention, many with tears in their eyes, as the broadcaster states propagandist claims that “we couldn’t be sitting here enjoying these freedoms we have today if it weren’t for these fine men and women in uniform” while at the same time, if anyone knows anything about interventionism, whether military or domestic, is nothing more than a form of socialism, which goes against America’s free market principles.

And I’d like to thank everyone for reading My Freedom Flame, please come back soon.

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