Five Magical Elements in Northern Knights Identify as Stoicheion. What’s Yours?

Hi, guys, I hope we’re having a wonderful Labor Day! Here’s what I have in store for you today. As you know, my book, Northern Knights is currently out on Amazon and on KDP Unlimited.

So far, things have been good, with a little over one-hundred copies sold, plus a review. Today, I want to dive deeper into the magic behind Northern Knights and the entire Lord of Columbia Series. Since I’m a fan of minimalism, I tend to stick more with the story in my series, but once again, I’m going to take a page from the book of one of my favorite authors: J.K. Rowling.

I want to create a fourth avenue for My Freedom Flame and make a Pottermore-resembling section in addition to my self-reliance, liberty, and global affairs sectors.
First order of business?

I want to explain what a Stoicheion element is in the book. Listed below I have a brief outline on how I came up with the word ‘Stoicheion’ and how it relates to the elements.

Second order of business is a quiz I have for you all to take which will unlock your natural Stoicheion element! Since this quiz is in its primitive stages, it’s rather manual, but I do plan on making it digital and even advertising via Facebook and other promotional sites to generate more interest for Northern Knights.

First off, what does Stoicheion mean? It’s taken from the Greek word Stoicheia, meaning element. It’s where I derived the name Stoicheion.

For that, there are five elements, which, if one has ability to control any element, they’re capable of controlling all five. However, one’s personality dictates how well they can control each element.

So, when it comes to the crazy world of element control, which Stoicheion element are you?

Answer the following questions by selecting the number. Keep a record of the numbers you selected and at the end of the quiz, you’ll read the results based on your numbers. I’ll leave my own example at the end.

1. Do you prefer: 1. Fall. 2. Summer. 3. Winter. 4. Spring. 5. All Seasons

2. Pick a natural landmass: 1. Grand Canyon. 2. Mt. St. Helens. 3. Great Salt Lake. 4. Tornado Alley. 5. International Space Station

3. Pick a color: 1. Jade. 2. Scarlet. 3. Caerulean. 4. Golden. 5. Amethyst

4. Which trait best describes you? 1. Influencing. 2. Aggressive. 3. Calm. 4. Confident. 5. Aware

5. Pick your favorite month. 1. September. 2. June. 3. December. 4. March. 5. October

6. Pick a sport. 1. Football. 2. MMA. 3. Surfing. 4. Skydiving. 5. Ironman

7. Pick a subject. 1. Geology. 2. Chemistry. 3. Psychology. 4. Zoology. 5. Sociology

8. Pick a time. 1. Dawn. 2. Noon. 3. Dusk. 4. Rush Hour. 5. Midnight

9. Pick a weekday. 1. Friday. 2. Monday. 3. Sunday. 4. Saturday. 5. Wednesday

10. Pick a genre. 1. Sports. 2. Suspense. 3. Romance. 4. Action. 5. Paranormal

11. Pick a Hogwarts House. 1. Hufflepuff. 2. Gryffindor. 3. Ravenclaw. 4. Slytherin. 5. Hatstall

12. Pick a sports position. 1. Goalkeeper. 2. Linebacker. 3. Pitcher. 4. Point Guard. 5. Utility

13. Pick a country. 1. Netherlands. 2. England. 3. Italy. 4. Switzerland. 5. Romania

14. Pick a Series. 1. Lord of the Rings. 2. Fast and Furious. 3. Twilight. 4. Star Wars. 5. Lost

15. Pick a Name. 1. Micah. 2. Taj. 3. Falco. 4. Cain. 5. Savannah


Tally Your Score. If you have the most:


1. Earth. You want to get down and dirty. Those gifted in Earth control realize they’re in for a challenge at any given turn. They’re not just willing to take on a challenge; they want to lead it. They want to be a part of it, and will do anything to turn the tide in their peoples’ favor.


2. Fire. Love that fire! You’re the shoot first, ask questions later type, right? Yep, and you’re proud of it, too. As you should be. Those gifted in fire control will defend their people and their land from invasion. They’ll go to the front line without anyone telling them to go there. They’re your soldiers, your fighters, and those pursuing their passions with a boulder on their shoulder.


3. Water. You’re a calming influence. You love the good things in life and always want to see a happy ending. Those gifted in water control are the most laid back people you can meet. They love to seek and maintain peace, but are willing fighters when their equilibrium is threatened. Don’t take their calmness and kindness for weakness, because you’ll be proven wrong.


4. Wind. So, you love the thrill? It’s what wind benders are all about. They love A good thrill and know success and happiness resides on the other side of fear. Those gifted in wind know what they want and are willing to cross near-impossible barriers to win the prize.


5. Spirit. You may’ve noticed the fifth choice was always the most unique. That’s because those with ability to control spirit are unique. They realize there’s an adjacent world right next to ours and can sense, or sometimes see, activity in such a world. Those gifted in Spirit possess a sixth sense.

For example, here are my scores:
1. 4
2. 0
3. 1
4. 4
5. 6

I scored six in the fifth column, therefore my element is Spirit. My number two elements are Wind and Earth, followed by Water, and finally, Fire. So, if I lived in Gaia, the world which Northern Knights is set, Spirit would come naturally to me before any other element.

Thanks for reading and taking the quiz. I know it sounds a little confusing, but like I said, it’s a rough draft trial and I’m more than new to creating worlds online!! Thanks again.