The Truth About Labor Unions

What Labor Unions Don’t Want You to Know

How often are we subject to labor union worship throughout September?

This long weekend has been brought to you by….wait for it…Unions! Thank a union member today for your long weekend.

But wait, it gets better!

The Left states the following:

1. 40 hour work week!

2. No child labor!

3. Safe working conditions!

4. Fair wages!

5. Brought to you by unions, unions, unions….liberal propaganda and once again, liberal lies.


What Labor Unions Don’t Want You to Know

So, what is it labor unions don’t want you to know?

For one, the typical work week in the 1870’s was 61 hours compared to 34 hours here in 2018, which is something labor unions take credit for.

However, child labor declined long before child labor laws were passed and backed by labor unions.

The truth?

Child labor laws prohibit kids who do wish to work from working. In other words, liberty is compromised by the passing of child labor laws.


Say there is as twelve-year-old wishing to gain work experience. His or her options are limited to a few odd jobs, and nothing more.


Thanks, labor unions, you’re taking out your competition faster than those “evil” capitalists you love to hate.

As a kid, didn’t you want to make money to buy something?

I know I did.

But what’s on the child job market?

Nothing. Not even a log moving job.


Again, brought to you by labor unions who lobbied for such laws to curtail competition.

But, what else helped eliminate child labor in the workforce, especially dangerous jobs?

Capitalistic investment.

How, Todd, I thought capitalists were evil? Or so the government school the government forced me to attend by forcing my parents to help fund the school via taxation at gunpoint?

It rests in the following…


Higher Wages and Safer Working Conditions

Capital investment.


Capital investment in the private sector is the cause for both effects.


As the free market continued to create more labor for more Americans, employers wished to hire the best workers. Seriously, it’s common sense.

To do so, they needed the following:

1. Build a better pay scale to outbid their competition.

2. Better working conditions to make their facility far more attractive than the competition.

3. Technology to make the job easier and more efficient. You see this in any factory today.

4. Better hours (fewer hours), better benefits, vacation package, and retirement package to attract the best workers.

But, who takes credit for all the above?

Labor unions.

And worse yet, it’s the propaganda taught in our government schools that are borderline political indoctrination camps.

Talk about real child abuse. Especially when these days education is so compulsory school districts are starting to publicize parents whose kids have more than three unexecused absences over the course of an entire school year.


So, if you wanted to take your kid on a five-day educational vacation that would be of benefit to them, you can forget about it.


Hatred for Competition

Labor unions hate competition and there are two competitors to unionized jobs.

1. Child Labor, which is why labor unions used child labor laws as a lever to demonize child labor itself, tricking the public into believing “evil” capitalist forcing kids into working in underground mines with little to no protection—no wonder the public’s so confused.

2. People they brand ‘scabs,’ who will work for lesser benefits and wages. However, these people, along with kids younger than sixteen or eighteen, provide direct competition to unions. For instance, if a company cannot afford a union’s demand, the following occurs:

a. The company is forced to hire those who will work for less to maintain a profit margin to keep them in business or keep them from relocating.

b. They adhere to a union’s demand anyway but cannot hire any more workers due to what they’re dishing to a union, killing their profit margin and potentially causing high rates of unemployment. Meanwhile, these so-called ‘scabs’ are either still jobless or working in their dead-end job with a bleak future ahead.


Another Word on Safe Working Conditions

We’ve been led to believe by progressive propaganda that employers and corporations despise safe working conditions because it would be too costly for the company.

Such is a lie.

In a truly free society filled with competition, employers whose facilities contain unsafe work conditions would have to offer something in return:

1. Higher wages.

2. Even shorter work weeks.

3. More benefits.


Because the competition in the free market is so fierce that those offering the better conditions, safer conditions, and better outlook will be the companies gaining the best employees.



Something has to give, such is the case for your garbagemen working at daybreak in the middle of winter riding on the back of a truck on a street full of busy traffic.

The best employees won’t stand for unsafe conditions when the competition offers better conditions.

Would you?

Okay, but what about the EPA, OSHA, FTC, DOE, and other protectionist policies brought against the “evil” capitalist via labor unions?

You mean more taxation?

Once again, we live in a society where the free market can regulate every single company, especially if there are little to no barriers to entry and a lot of options.


Murray Rothbard once pointed out how the people of any given territory can regulate corporations.

Those violating such individual’s property rights with unsafe chemicals, for instance, can prove this to the judiciary system, ultimately reigning in a corporation or even a monopoly in any industry.




Unions are the true enemy of the free market.
As companies continue to make more business decisions on high-cost regulation, unions lobby for more regulation, because in order to survive, they must continue to convince the public that capitalism is evil and companies are just as bad.
As Ludwig von Mises once said, union propaganda is always anti-capitalistic and that workers must be protected from the “enemy” by labor unions.
I’d like to thank everyone for coming across My Freedom Flame, please come back soon.








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