Month: September 2018

Influences Behind Fighting Tyranny and Fighting Treason

Our works, whether fantasy, action, adventure, mystery, or thriller, require themes. Influences. They’re our key motivators to writing. This post examines US foreign policy as a base theme for all my work.


The Prequel Series to Northern Knights Displays Author’s Purpose

Every writer, fiction or non-fiction, has a purpose. Why do we write what we write? What is the meaning behind our words? What makes our stories come to life other than just believable characters? A message. A message that must be read and we’re the right ones to relay such a message.

Take Ownership of Your Decision Making

Oh, if there’s one huge pet-peeve of mine, it’s the fact people blame their circumstances for their situation. Why? It fits in line with their belief. It justifies the entire it’s not me, it’s them mindset. Such negativity. Today, I’m giving those living with in-denial syndrome a harsh taste of reality.

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