The Pain of Discipline Destroys Pain of Regret

So, you want to make Monday morning feel like Saturday morning?


Get ready take some shots, because the pain of discipline hurts, but it feels so much better than the pain of regret.


That’s what it takes to Make Monday feel like Saturday.


Ready for the commitment?


Hop on.


Let’s make every single day feel like a day off from the workforce.

No, I’m not a Democratic Socialist Liberal and never will be, so I’m not talking about a way for government to provide welfare to the masses.

I’m also not talking about government providing dream jobs to the masses either. Jobs like go dig a hole and fill it back up so I can pay you $15 an hour. Nada. I’d rather do something productive.

Either way, it’s impossible unless government wishes to steal vast amounts of income and redistribute which kills motivation and it’s what My Freedom Flame is all about; motivation. Motivation to turn Monday morning into Saturday morning.


And challenge the hell out of mainstream thought.

First, you need to embark on a journey you see worthwhile.

For me and many of my readers, it’s writing. Write, speak your mind, sell ideas, make money off your ideas, and turn Monday into Saturday.

We love to write so much we’ll stay up until two in the morning to get our thoughts down. Or, if we’re writing a book, we’re up editing. I’ll stay up until two on these nights and wake up at six the next morning.


And feel like Superman off four hours of sleep.

And I’m on the same journey you’re on: To make Monday morning feel like Saturday morning.


By writing. By selling ideas. By earning money in a field I can see myself working in for the next forty or fifty years.

Imagine waking up each Monday morning and while the masses are off fighting traffic to their stressful day jobs, you get to do what you love…and make money off it.

Sound good?

Where’s the catch?

Oh, let’s talk about it.


The Catch: Congrats on Your New Full-Time Job!

Wait, you only have time for one full-time gig?

Oh, it’s time to think again, because we’re going to treat your passion like a second full-time job.


Are you green in the face yet?


Now, step out of that comfort zone and say bye-bye (for the most part) to:

1. Friday Night Happy Hour

2. Going out Friday night to begin with

3. Weekend outings

4. Television. We’re turning the TV off and keeping it off

5. Recreational reading unless it has something to do with your passion

6. Beginning Phase One of distancing yourself from your day gig and starting the process of firing your boss

7. Beginning Phase One of creating a new gig where you’re your own boss
Yep, you read Six and Seven right. Fire your boss!

Because evil mean bosses deserve to be fired, and you’re going to enjoy this process; I have already and I’m still a rookie.

As for steps One through Five, it’s going to test how bad you want something.


If you’re going to take instant gratification rather than looking at the big picture, don’t even bother with this. You’re either in, or you’re out.


The choice is yours, because when it comes to passion pursuit, if you’re not one-hundred-percent in, you’re going to slave away at your current or future gig you either hate or will hate.


Trust the Process

Why do most people give up or fail at pursuing their dreams?

They don’t like the idea of working for free.


Want to make Monday feel like Saturday?

As mentioned above, your forty-hour week became an eighty-hour week.

Know what most do?

They’ll take their weekly earnings and divide by forty to get an idea of how much they’re making per hour, but once the passion is inserted they’ll take the same number and divide by eighty.

You have to get the numbers out of your head.

Results aren’t immediate. In fact, they aren’t immediate even in the first six months.

Why do people expect immediate results?

1. Social media has had a monster influence where people pick and choose what they post. More often than not, people will inflate their success.


Every day, I see examples of people posting something successful and will get between one and two-hundred likes. Hey, if someone’s social media famous, take it with a grain of salt. It might be as good as it gets for them.

2. We live in a culture of instant gratification.


Look, these days you can have access to anything with a click of a button. Better yet, access to anything via touchscreen.


Want more fun?


Access to anything via voice command.


Not just that, TV tells us we can now have a miracle drug to help us lose weight, low-cost, three-step secrets to internet millions, government programs we never knew about that will make us millionaires, and a myriad of other “quick” fix scams.


It plants the seed that hard work is no longer applicable and everyone has access to a yellow brick road. If that were the case, we’d all be millionaires.

Understand this is a process and it’s one where not everyone is going to survive, mainly for reasons I mentioned above.

Every waking moment of free time will be spent toward working toward your ultimate passions. You need to understand this process is going to be a five-year plan, and much of Year One is building.


Where Does Exciting Begin?

Well, on the contrary, Year One gets exciting immediately.


Because you’re going to do a lot, and I mean a lot, of research. So much research every day may feel like Christmas, because you’re going to find cool new things.

This week alone, I discovered things like how to create a writers’ portfolio on Pinterest and how to use Instafreebie to promote my perma-free book, Fighting Tyranny (almost perma-free, because Amazon makes price-matching tough these days). Nevertheless, my email subscription is now trending in the right direction from these two little tweaks.

Not just that, speaking of Fighting Tyranny, it’s labeled a Hot Buy on Scribd at the time of this posting, and it’s generating reviews on Playster, plus rising in the rankings on Kobo. If only Amazon complies, I’ll be golden.

Why am I talking so much about Fighting Tyranny?

Because it’s the ticket to two things:

1. It’s a funnel to build an email subscriber list; anyone enjoying the book can sign up for my subscription list and get a free bonus novella (also containing Neo and Seneca, my two main characters).

2. It’s a pipeline to my KDP Select and primary work (until October 30th) Northern Knights, Book One in the Lord of Columbia Series, which takes place in the same world as Fighting Tyranny, so there’s a clear connection.

Now, back to trusting the process.

Want a reality check? A good reality check?

I didn’t know any of this three weeks ago.

Three weeks ago, neither Fighting Tyranny nor its magnet book existed.

In fact, I was spending countless hours tearing the internet apart looking for ways to market Northern Knights.

But I didn’t panic. Instead, I buckled down, stayed calm, and trusted the process, knowing I’d stumble upon something.

Want a bonus?

My Freedom Flame’s viewership has skyrocketed over the past thirty days. Like, off the charts skyrocketed.

When I started My Freedom Flame in February, it generated one-hundred-seventy viewers.

In August alone, we’re in four figures.

It’s been an exciting seven months, and trust in the process has become exceptional.


Find Mentors

This never would’ve happened without sound research from various reputable blogs and mentors. Want a list of mine, writers?

1. Jerry Jenkins

2. Jerry Jenkins Writers’ Guild

3. Just Publishing Advice (Derek Haines)

4. The Creative Penn (Joanna Penn)

5. Nick Stephenson

Many fail because they want to go at it alone or think they know it all.

Newsflash, no one knows it all.

So, get rid of your ego, find mentors, find people either local or online, and get them to show you the way.

Again, how bad do you want out of your job?

Are you willing to sacrifice your current friend list to make new friends?

If the answer’s yes, you’re ready, because it’s time to rebuild your social network with like-minded people.

Together, you’ll conquer.


Now, go fire your boss, and turn Monday into Saturday.