New Milestones Conquered, Plenty for the Future

Today I want to take the time to thank all my fans, friends, and followers for my new milestones. In August, My Freedom Flame has set milestone after milestone. Plenty of new milestones conquered, plenty for the future.

In August alone, my viewership reached its four-figure goal.

In July, I added SEO to My Freedom Flame and man, does it make a difference. Heck yes, and I urge any blogger out there or author, as I am, to adopt SEO for their website or blog. We have a remarkable tool on our hands in the digital age and if you haven’t considered it, now’s a good time.

Also in August, my sessions, new users, users, and views all reached new heights.
This week alone, three days into the week, my viewership increased to the point it already passed last week’s and is in play to set a new weekly milestone. Thank you all for that.

Also, my bounce rate decreased, and time spent on each page increased three, almost four-fold, with one day last week hitting the fifteen-minute mark. Another milestone.

My Freedom Flame is still in its infancy at seven months old, as are my two works, Northern Knights, one month old, and its prequel novella spinoff, Fighting Tyranny, one week old! Yes, I plan on adding to both series and plan on releasing each within a week or so of one another.

Whereas Northern Knights and its Lord of Columbia Series consists of three-hundred-plus pages, sixty-five to eighty-thousand words per work, Fighting Tyranny and its Neo Skyehawk Series won’t pass twenty-thousand words, closer to ten to fifteen-thousand.
So far, I’ve enjoyed sharing with you all my motivational tips on pursuing your passion, be it writing, or whatever it is you love, my Libertarian perspective, and my favorite, Truth on Global Affairs. In all, My Freedom Flame is a philosophy blog where the founder happens to be an author.

I hope to continue to inspire others to reach their goals, get them out of their dreaded day job, fire their boss, adopt a philosophy of self-reliance, and getting to the point to where they’re waking up each Monday morning and will be able to treat it like a Saturday morning.

And as always, if any of you find my blogs interesting or helpful, please share them to your social media accounts; I recently added share buttons to LinkedIn, Pinterest, Reddit, Tumblr I think is down there, and an email tab.

If you have friends who’re stuck in dead-end jobs, are fed up with today’s Democratic-Republican-dominated Congress and Presidency, or want to learn some chilling truths on what’s really going on overseas, they may be interested in seeing what I have to say.

Also, I use videos like the Corbett Report, Ron Paul Liberty Report, Free Domain Radio, Tom Woods, and Blackstone Intelligence as sources for my Libertarian views and Global Affairs pieces. and are two of my favorite websites to draw information from, and the Ron Paul Institute is a close third.

I’d like to thank everyone for their continued support to My Freedom Flame and guys, if you’re looking to pursue what you love but are afraid to take the first step, look beyond the decision. Is your gut instinct telling you to throw caution to the wind, abandon all logic, and urging you to go for it?

Well, listen to it.

That’s all I have for today, just a small update article on recent happenings on My Freedom Flame, please come back soon.