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Philosophy is what My Freedom Flame Identifies With

At My Freedom Flame we talk about motivation, Libertarianism, and the dangers of globalism.


What is My Freedom Flame?


I’ve been looking for other avenues to place my blog as of late to grant it more exposure rather than just propping her up on social media sites everywhere. The results have been decent as ever since adding SEO more and more visitors are being led via search engines.

Some may find My Freedom Flame confusing, as I like to talk about a few different, yet somewhat related, issues. In other words, different as they may look, they’re still, in a way, intertwined.

1. Motivation, where I preach was and strategies to get people out of the monotonous, repetitive, often dead-end cycle of life they find themselves in.

2. Libertarian, where I preach Libertarian Thought, typically from a Paleolibertarian perspective similar to Rothbard and Lew Rockwell, meaning my values are conservative, however, I also don’t believe everyone should be forced to follow such values by law, which goes against Libertarianism.

3. Global, where I talk about the Rothschild Network and how it relates to Globalism. For instance, I posted a ‘Truth About’ article regarding John McCain, where I discussed his connection to Globalists.

It’s easy to see where people might get confused when I try to take one theme and apply it to My Freedom Flame.


However, I’ve come to find my blog resembles Stefan Molyneux’s YouTube Channel, Free Domain Radio, which he’s always identified as a Philosophy show.

After conducting serious thought on the issue, I found that I’m really preaching to you my philosophy on life and society, where societal problems are, and providing solutions to get out of such problems.


My Freedom Flame’s Early Days

Early on I wrote a lot of documenting my juggling of a full-time job plus pursuing passion, and though I didn’t realize it yet, it was philosophy.

I showed readers, from a primary source (myself) how to turn your back on a job making you miserable and my fitness job ended up making me so miserable I dread the drive to work these days.

I practice what I preach and cut down the hours I spend up there. Instead of going up and scheduling clients whenever, earlier in the summer I set time slots up to where I’m training clients over a four to five-hour span over four to five hours rather than the same span over twelve to fourteen hours. This has let me focus more on my writing, research, and My Freedom Flame.

Later, I found how well my preaching related to Libertarian Thought, which is my overall view, as I mentioned earlier, Paleolibertarian describes me better with my rather social conservative viewpoints while at the same time, being wise enough not to force them onto others. Others have described my thoughts on careers and politics as anarcho-capitalist, which many Paleolibertarians are.
Both passion pursuit and Libertarian Thought do intertwine.



And finally, globalism also plays a huge role. Very few people realize U.S. Troops are stationed in over one-hundred countries. Those that do claim it’s for good reason, like humanitarianism and peacekeeping.

However, commentators like Peter van Buren, who worked for the US Government in wartime, says it’s not the case, and he was expected to lie to the press and tell them the reasons for being in the Middle East were the same as those mentioned above.

Yet, U.S. Troops are stationed all over the world for the following reasons:

1. Military-Industrial Complex (Weapons sales to Saudi Arabia)

2. Oil (Middle East…and potentially Venezuela, Somalia, Sudan)

3. Minerals (Afghanistan)

4. Undermining Competition (stationed in Eastern Europe to combat Russian interests rather than compete with them). See the Heartland Theory.

5. Staging Crises (Syrian chemical attacks, Crimea, Libya)

Very few people have any idea this affects them. Their tax dollars are going toward corporations interested in taking over certain areas of the world to enhance their own wealth.


Yet, to do so, they’ll claim it’s to spread freedom and democracy, the latter of which is about as unconstitutional of an idea as one can get; democracy never appears in the Constitution and it means 51% of Communists can win an election over 49% of Capitalists and the U.S. would become a Communist state overnight.

Yet, to be in the world, there always needs to be a crisis. I wrote a post last week about how America has lied to go to war throughout the 20th Century, starting with the Lusitania and ending with Syria.

I wrote an article here a few days ago about the importance of oil and how society has become so dependent on it they’ll justify war for oil anywhere under the guise the Earth cannot reproduce oil. In other words, much of the public believes oil is non-renewable and to continue to supply oil to match demand we need to be in these other nations.



However, some studies have shown oil is indeed a renewable energy source, which would undermine such a theory. And of course, mainstream media would never tell you this.


Alternative Media?

Some have even said I act as alternative media much like the Ron Paul Liberty Report, InfoWars, Russia Today (my personal favorite), Anti-Media, and Anti-War.


While I listen to and watch alternative media, mainly RPLR, and one I didn’t mention, Blackstone Intelligence, and My Freedom Flame has alternative media leanings, I don’t identify as alternative media.

Alternative media talks only about news and nothing else. I rarely talk about news. For instance, the John McCain post wasn’t news; instead it focused on his political activities with Rick Davis and Paul Manafort back in 2006.

My ‘Truth About’ articles never cover current events. Instead, they cover a timeline of events leading to present day. Alternative media is an alternative viewpoint to mainstream media on the subject of news.



I’m sure others will be giving me all kinds of weird names for My Freedom Flame, but at the end of the day, I’m going with philosophy. The way I talk about society on here as it relates to work, politics, and how your tax money is spent intertwines into one, giant philosophical viewpoint.

So, a philosophy blog is most appropriate. I’d like to thank all of my readers for coming across My Freedom Flame, please come back soon.

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