The Truth About John McCain

American Patriot or Deep State Rothschild Asset?

Note: This is an updated version of an older post. Now that John McCain has passed and is lauded by the media, I wanted to share this old blog and give insights on alternative thought. Since we all know, My Freedom Flame is all about Challenging Mainstream Thought.


An updated version of the original post:


As a history buff, I have a passion for digging beyond the surface layer for the truth.
Today, I want to touch up on my ongoing series regarding the Deep State. Today’s episode is going to uncover a lot of information in a former US Presidential Candidate with ties to Russian oligarchs.

No, I’m not talking about Donald Trump, and while his campaign indeed had ties to Oligarchs in Russia (see Paul Manafort), there’s no evidence that Trump had ties with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

In this episode we’re going to uncover a harsh fact: This Presidential Candidate had ties to Russian Oligarchs, who are opposed to Putin.


Election of 2008

So, many of us might remember the Election of 2008, where Barack Obama accepted the Democratic nomination and defeated John McCain, the Republican nominee, who seemingly came out of nowhere to win the nomination, which really ticked off Mitt Romney.

In fact, I was in high school at the time (and also a hardcore liberal Democrat, I’ve since abandoned such ideology), and I lived in a Republican-dominated area. Everyone from the teachers, the students eligible to vote, and their parents thought Romney was the guy, and they supported him in a die-hard fashion.

It wasn’t until McCain received the nomination did anyone really flip-flop and support McCain. But I’ll be honest; none of us wanted John McCain.

Anyway, like I stated, McCain was given the nomination to face Barack Obama, but McCain was involved in a little maneuver back in the early 2000’s regarding a little country called Montenegro.


Montenegro’s Globalist Ties

Okay, so for those of you who aren’t familiar with Montenegro, it was part of Serbia until 2006, before declaring independence at the lobbying of Davis-Manafort Inc., among others.

If those names sound familiar to you, it’s because Rick Davis managed McCain’s 2008 campaign, and we all know Paul Manafort managed Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign. As stated above, there’s little evidence Trump had anything to do with this, but McCain’s a little more guilty, hence his blowup back in 2017 on Senator Rand Paul, who blocked a vote to induct Montenegro into NATO.

This caused McCain to accuse Rand Paul of working for Vladimir Putin and of committing treasonous acts. And if you’d like to see the evidence regarding my claim, just type it into YouTube, it’s not hard to find.

How did this all play out?

Rothschild Incorporated

As I’ve stated in previous articles, it all goes back to the pseudo-capitalist Rothschild Syndicate, and how they use politicians all over the world to carry out their globalist agenda. The players linked here are John McCain, George Soros, Nathan Rothschild, as stated earlier, Rick Davis, Oleg Deripaska, and Paul Manafort, among others.

Another player in this game is Russian President, Vladimir Putin, the primary enemy of the Rothschild-led globalist New World Order, which includes George Soros, the front man for Sir Evelyn de Rothschild, cousin of Jacob Rothschild, whom you may remember me stating happens to be on the board of advisors for Genie Oil, the company that has contractual rights to explore shale oil in Israel’s illegally occupied Golan Heights, from Israeli Prime Minister, Ben Netanyahu.


Vladimir Putin, A Good Guy?

In truth, no one opposes the Rothschilds and Soros more than Vladimir Putin. Soros has already established his influence in many Central and Eastern European nations like Macedonia, Romania, and Kosovo.

During the Ukrainian crisis in 2014, when the people of Crimea voted for a referendum to return to Mother Russia, the United States coordinated economic sanctions against Russia.

Soros used John McCain in an effort to further coordinate harsher sanctions against Russia, hitting its oil industry harder than anything else. Russia’s economy thrives off oil production and sales to Europe, which makes up 50% GPD and 70% total exports.

These sanctions came into effect during the Obama administration, however Putin succeeded in maintaining Russian oil sales, by creating a pipeline with Turkey.


Soros, Rothschild, and Montenegro’s Economy

At this point, George Soros and business partner, Nathaniel Rothschild, succeeded in purchasing much of Montenegro’s economy. This allowed them to gain influence of politicians in Montenegro. Soros made deals with these politicians to start drilling off the coast of Montenegro in the Adriatic Sea.

This allowed Soros to undercut Putin and sell oil and gas to the same nations Putin has sold to, which will be a major blow to Russia and a $110 million-dollar profit for Soros.

How does McCain fit into this?

Let’s go back to 2008, when McCain won the Republican nomination.

McCain worked for Russian oligarchs, yet at the same time, Putin looked to set up a Russian outpost along the Adriatic Sea, citing Montenegro as its best option. John McCain went out of his way to make this happen. And many articles can be cited here, such as McCain’s Kremlin Ties and Kremlin Whores: How McCain’s Staff Served Putin’s Empire.

Now, it sounds strange, since earlier in this lengthy article, I stated McCain worked against Putin.

He is.

Though the researchers and authors of these articles had their facts straight, there was one confusing detail. While McCain seemingly worked for Putin to push for Montenegro’s independence, there’s much more to the story.


What Researchers Didn’t Uncover

This is where the critical thinking comes in. Think outside the box here. There’s much more to the story.

Putin didn’t realize that McCain was loyal to Oleg Deripaska, a Russian Oligarch and aluminum tycoon. Deripaska was a majority shareholder in Rusal, the largest aluminum company in the world.

Alright, let’s follow the money. We need to realize aluminum makes up 40% of Montenegro’s economy and 80% of its total exports. Deripaska acquired all the aluminum plants in Montenegro. He literally took over Montenegro’s economy.


Visual Evidence

Again, we can Google a couple photos of John McCain from 2006, which features some interesting findings. One picture depicts Rick Davis shaking hands with convicted Italian con-artist, Raffaello Folliari, along with his girlfriend at the time, Anne Hathaway. John McCain is pictured behind Davis, seemingly boarding Folliari’s yacht.

In addition to being McCain’s campaign boss, Davis was also President of the lobbying firm, Davis-Manafort, which ran the entire campaign for Montenegro back in 2006, which gained funding from Deripaska for Montenegro to break away from Serbia.

So, how does this innocent photo play a large role?

Anchored not far away was Deripaska’s mega yacht, the Queen K. McCain and Company boarded one yacht, before walking over to board the Queen K. McCain and Davis never worked for Putin, and ditto for Manafort. Instead, they worked with Russian businessmen spearheaded by Deripaska to turn Montenegro over to Rothschild and Soros.

It’s also a known fact, as evidenced by an article posted by The Telegraph entitled, Vladimir Putin Blasts John McCain as a War Criminal, that Putin loathes John McCain.
It’s only natural the relationship between Putin and Deripaska had a meltdown.


Putin and Deripaska

This occurred in the town of Pikalyovo, where Deripaksa owned a brick factory, but also owned the electric company, making millions off charging high rates of electricity. In the winter, Deripaska shut off the electricity when the residents could no longer afford the bill.

The town held a massive protest, supported by Deripaska’s brick factory employees, who walked out on the job. The factory managers fired the workers and added fuel to the fire. The protest ultimately spread to the highway, so big it extended all the way to St. Petersburg.

Putin summoned the factory workers and ordered Deripaska to appear. Putin called out the factory owners, local politicians, and Deripaska in front of the whole nation of Russia. Putin forced the factory managers to sign a pledge to rehire the workers and pay them missing wages.

He noticed Deripaska hadn’t signed the document and ordered Deripaska to sign in front of the whole nation. Again, there is video evidence of this event.

So, from 2000-2008, McCain worked with lobbyist Rick Davis and Oleg Deripaska to help Montenegro gain independence and help Deripaska buy up the country’s national economy. His business partners in the entire process was Rothschild, who partnered with Soros, and exploited Montenegro to try and destroy Russia’s economy.

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