Get Motivated, Your Passion is Waiting

A few weeks ago, I wrote an article depicting one of my favorite local stores closing down and while greed, monopoly, and bureaucracy is certainly a cause, I have a passionate message for all the store’s employees and that’s to get motivated.


Let me repeat.

Get motivated.

The grocery store chain located in the spot previously saw many former store employees go on to work at the new store, the current chain, soon to close. This occurred in 2004.
I worked at the location from August 2011 to September 2012 and was fortunate enough to meet with and talk to many employees of the former location.

Their blame?

Corporate greed.

And yes, corporate greed and corporatism in general plays a major, crony capitalist part in this game, but the beauty of it is the crony part…crony capitalism isn’t capitalism.

So, what is capitalism?




It all begins with an idea. Someone has an idea. It can be any idea, to use as a service to provide for people.

The purest form of capitalism is free trade.

Say I have a pen and you have one dollar. I want to buy something that costs one more dollar and you want to write something down by hand. So, we engage in an exchange. I’ll be better off with the collar and you’ll be better off with the pen.

Now, say I have this bright idea where I create this pen company, again, it’s hypothetical. My pens contain twice the amount of ink as a normal pen and it’s the same size. Therefore, my idea would then sell.

The difference between capitalism and corporatism is say if someone comes by with a better idea, even if I’ve become established, they can take control of the market with a better product. Therefore, for me to stay in business, I would have to improve my existing product.

Corporatism involves bought politicians, government-company collusion, the works. Therefore, someone with a better idea may not even have a chance to enter the market due to barriers to entry, costs of production, and other barriers.



Single-Source Income

For many, the single-source income stream is the road taken more often. In fact, how many of us operate on a single source of income?


I’d say at least ninety-percent.

You have a job, earning good income, and before you know it, your income source is gone, especially the way the economy fluctuates these days.

So, what do you do if that single source of income is gone?

What are you good at?

What are you passionate about?


Now is the best time to pursue your passion.


Why not?


What do you have to lose?

These questions are how My Freedom Flame’s political avenues coincide with passion pursuit. Motivation is key in this field.


Let’s say you are working, but man, you don’t want to be in your current gig.


But you need the job.


But you can’t freaking stand it.


Oh, what to do?

Are you working forty to fifty hours, head home, relax, and watch TV?

What do you do on weekends?

See, as brutal as this sounds, those relying on one source of income are missing an opportunity. When their place of work closes, goes out of business or lays off workers, they’re quick to point the fingers at management, ownership, or in this case, landlords.



Society Based on Hate

Society has become based on Hate. Unfortunately, hate grasps society by the throat and never lets go, funneling its way into Marxism, eventually.


Yep, Karl Marx was a man full of hate. Check out Five Crazy Facts About Karl Marx.

We’re trained at a young age, in public schools, to learn that our labor is exploited by the upper, political class. And in many ways, they may be right, but what they don’t tell us is the collusion between corporations and government, or political entrepreneurs, which differs from market entrepreneurs.

Instead, we’re taught that programs that contributed to the New Deal or LBJ’s Great Society will provide a comfortable living to all Americans, and the rich will be the ones taxed the most so they’ll be forced to give back to all those people they exploited once upon a time.

However, it’s based on hate, envy, and want. To the point to where people believe they’ll entitled to the products of another’s labor.

And the free market is blamed.

But in America, politicians bought by corporations who are overseeing programs to benefit said corporations while making laws that prop up barriers to entry in a field. It’s the opposite of free markets.

And it’s fueled on hate and envy.




Look, perhaps you’re in a precarious situation, and you need income. I’m not saying fast income, because anything worth having will involve a struggle, it’ll involve you doubling your work week hours and working for free for a time.


Isn’t passion worth it?

Yes, it’s the price of pursuing passion. It’s the price of realizing the idea of your dreams is manageable and your little obstacle in the road may be the blessing in disguise.

I’m telling you, right now, to stop the hate, stop the envy, stop the self-entitlement you’ve been trained in public schools and by media to act as the exploited victim.


Perhaps some of it is true in the case of political entrepreneurs who use government to gain traction, but the only ones who are exploited for their labor are ones who choose to get exploited.


You don’t have to make such a choice.

Those who’ve worked for one single source of income all their lives and suddenly the source of income is gone have made the choice, and taken the risk, of assuming the one source of income would always be there.

And nothing, not even the greatest things, last forever.

Never, ever, ever, assume that the job you have now, working to make a lot of money for someone else, to help them or a company that doesn’t even know your name, to pursue their dreams, will be there for you.

Chances are, they won’t.

And it’s not an incentive for hate, playing the victim, and using it as a crutch for envy.
It’s an opportunity for you to utilize your skills, pursue your passion, think outside the box, challenge mainstream thought, and think beyond the status-quo.

You can do this.

Maybe not today, tomorrow, or even this year, but you can do this.

Your solution to the obstacle bestowed upon you is to take action, take control, take ownership of your life, and build something most dare not dream of. So, stop complaining, stop anger, stop envy, get motivated.

I’d like to thank all of my readers for coming across My Freedom Flame, please come back soon.