End of the American Empire?

When Society Gets Too Comfortable, It Collapses

All the great empires of the world have collapsed. Well, I wouldn’t call a single one of them great. Each have been flawed and they’ll continue to be flawed.

Their flaws?


What do they all have in common?

1. Conquest

2. Reserve Currency Status (at least these days)

3. Perpetual War

4. Lies, Propaganda, Cognitive Conditioning

All the great empires of the world have collapsed. The Assyrians, the Babylonians, the Romans, the Ottomans, the British, the Soviets (I refer to it as an empire), and, ultimately, the American Empire will collapse.


What does America need to prevent its collapse?

It needs to scale back.

But it won’t.

It refuses to.

There is too much oil to be controlled. To make profits on. Oligarchs, as I call them (I know, most of us refer to them as Russian businessmen) will make profits at the expense of the masses, like citizens of other nations. Don’t believe me? Research Yemen.

The hardworking masses who have been conditioned over the past one-hundred years to rely on…wait for it…oil.

It all makes sense now.

It all makes sense.

Though we have alternative forms of energy, oil is still the most widely relied on source. Sure, we see hybrid cars, solar energy, wind energy, but nothing has replaced oil. Oil is the Amazon.com of energy sources, while wind, solar, electricity, and the rest are the Nooks, Kobos, and iBooks of the energy industry.


Imagine if we just ran out of oil.

Society would stop. Society wouldn’t know what to do.

The Deep State knows this, and they know how to keep us dependent on it. Therefore, supporting perpetual war and with it, Orwellian Society.

It started in 1953 when the CIA and MI6 overthrew Mossadegh. Some say it started in the 1940’s when the US wanted to build a pipeline through…Syria!

It’s all making sense now.

And the conquest, for empire, to force other nations to abide by our laws and if they refuse to, they’re enemies.

Just look at Vladimir Putin in Russia. Putin is the number one enemy of the New World Order, and there is corruption all around him. The man’s outnumbered 20 to 1 and is demonized in the media.

And it just so happens the CIA is going no holds barred on Russia for interfering in the 2016 election. Hey, maybe they did, but Google search the number of elections the CIA has intervened in. It makes Russia look tame.


Foreign Policy: Lies of the American Empire

And about Foreign Policy, which I covered in great length in my previous article. In conquest for empire the US has lied, cheated, and stolen its way into other nations.

1. Trump’s insistence European nations spend more on defense spending or he’ll pull out of NATO. While I’m all for a NATO withdrawal, Trump tried to fearmonger Europe into increasing its military spending, while stating Russia and Iran controls European nations by forcing them to buy oil. Last I checked, Iran was using the Euro for such transactions. Maybe it has something to do with the threat Europe may lose faith in the US Dollar?

2. Desert Storm, 1990. I know I’m going out of order here, but I’m just laying out examples on how the US has lied, cheated, and stolen its way into intervention. What the media never told you was this: Testimonies against Saddam Hussein were staged. Further, Hussein had a legitimate reason for going into Kuwait; they were slant-drilling into Iraqi oil fields. Imagine if Mexico did something similar to the US or Canada. Our military would be over there in a heartbeat.

3. Iran is somehow a threat. Again, last I checked neither Iran nor Russia nor Turkey (whose animosity toward the US is growing) nor Hezbollah, nor China, nor anyone the US is on questionable terms with has warships speeding toward our mainland. Nor are they surrounding us with bases in Canada or Mexico. Nor do they have warships in the Gulf of Mexico or even the Bering Strait. The claim that any of these countries or coalitions are threats is barbaric.

4. Demonization of political leaders for its own gain. Assad, Hussein, Ghaddafi, and others. Why is it that every time a political leader is overthrown and the US “liberates” a nation does it end up in a far worse state than it was in before intervention? Libya has become the slave trade capital of the world. Iraq has been in shambles. The US almost put Syria in shambles, but it appears Assad won (keep an eye out for a false flag chemical attack), and rightfully so; the man was fighting al-Qaeda, ISIS, al-Nusra, and other terrorist rebels.

5. We need bases around the world for humanitarian relief. Okay, check a map of US bases, and you’ll find them in Canada, the Netherlands, Germany, and a slew of other developed nations. You’ll find them in Japan, South Korea, and even the UK. If you think it’s about humanitarian belief, you’ve got another thing coming.


So, how does the US manage to pay for all of this?

Taxation. Borrowing. Inflation. It might explain the massive debt we’re already in. The US spends about $602-$610 billion a year in military spending. 35% of the world’s share.
Let’s shift gears from foreign policy to lifestyle.

Back to the oil portion of this article, I already stated we depend on oil for virtually everything, but especially travel.

But, let’s look at some other luxuries we have today:

1. Truncated work weeks; some of us work 40 hours a week with vacation time, pensions, the works. Many will say thank a Union member, and while I’m all for fairness, I’ll also state that as a fledgling business owner, you’re going to take the 40 hours a week, double it, get rid of pensions and benefits for a while, and forget about vacations.

2. Supermarkets. What’s funny is I foresee this as a dying breed. Look, I know many of us still go to the grocery store and are now complaining about automated checkouts than anything else. But, these days cashiers aren’t losing their jobs; they’re going to become personal shoppers. Customers can place an order, an employee shops, and takes the groceries to the customer’s car. They even load them. the customer doesn’t have to lift a finger. It’s like a drive-thru for grocery stores. Seriously. Heck, I’m now seeing supermarket chains advertising for In-Home Delivery…people don’t even need to drive anymore.

So, we’re just looking at our lives getting ultra comfortable. Per Jake Morphonios’ latest videos, he forewarns this is what predates the fall of any empire. The outrageous intervention, foreign interests, and at home, easygoing lifestyles.

Further, the more comfortable society gets, the more vulnerable. We’ve already seen in the past few years how easy it is to offend someone. You can just utter a phrase whose context has nothing to do with the way someone perceives it, and it can be offensive. Society has grown soft, and so used to its current lifestyle.

When society grows soft, they gain a sense of entitlement. It’s no longer about how one can serve others; but instead it’s all about how one can lie, cheat, and steal to get ahead of the game to either attain or maintain a certain lifestyle.

Remember when I first started My Freedom Flame, and I talked about pursuing passion more than anything else?

Well, this is how it intertwines with the current subject. Again, I don’t call My Freedom Flame a writer’s blog, a Libertarian blog, or a global affairs blog. Instead, I tend to think of it as a philosophy blog, since I’m sharing my philosophy on society. Perhaps even sociological blog sounds more appropriate?

What have I always said?

People will sacrifice such passions because they want to take the salary, benefits, the whole nine yards so they can attain such lifestyles. In other words, they’re ready and willing to sell their souls to the devil if that’s what it takes to get ahead.

I’ve always preached to my Twitter followers (my Twitter handle: todd_matthews_) that we don’t choose our passions; our passions choose us. When we’re born, we may not be a thing like our parents, or act in ways they’d expect us to because they acted a certain way. No, the passion, the ability, is already in us. We already possess the passion. It chose us.

I didn’t choose writing; writing chose me.

Fitness didn’t choose me; I chose fitness.


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