Heavin Made Millions at Twenty-Five, Went Broke at Thirty, then Evolved

Gary Heavin’s tale is an inspiring look at how pursuing passion to make a living pays its dividends one-hundred-fold later in life. It also shows how artificial passions can be detrimental and though we may love a lifestyle that comes with some gigs, pursuing the main passion always wins out.


Who is Gary Heavin?

Gary Heavin founded Curves, a gym chain that almost exclusively attracted women.


Heavin noticed how uncomfortable many women were in the gym community and decided to create a company that became so popular that at its peak there were three Curves franchises for every McDonalds.

Heavin told part of his story during a conference on August 18th, hosted by Ron Paul Institute’s Executive Director, Daniel McAdams.

When I listened to Heavin’s speech, I was wowed and immediately related it to myself, which reinforced my belief that I’d done the right thing by kicking personal training in the rear-end to embark on a writing career I’d likely craved over the past decade.


Heavin’s Message

Gary Heavin, at age twenty-five, became a self-made millionaire. Now, while I never came close to becoming a millionaire when I was twenty-five, I once boasted a bank account many millennials dare not dream of.

Let’s just say I could’ve put a down payment on a house.

However, it was false prosperity, just like in Heavin’s case.


I’d grown so close the lifestyle that comes with being a trainer, like always getting attention for my looks and my fitness level, always having access to a workout facility, training clients into Trainer Stockholm Syndrome, the list goes on.

What did my typical day look like back then?

I went to the gym before my first client, did a workout, trained four to five hours of clients, went home for three hours, chillaxed, went back to work, trained clients for another three to four hours, and did a second workout.

And if I had a workout buddy, it was a female. In fact, I had about…seven female workout partners any given year. And yes, I wanted all the members and clients to see Todd the Trainer working out with a girl who’d be following him around the place like a lost dog.

So, two workouts a day (which I still do, but these days they’re worked into my schedule), female workout buddies (sometimes as many as three) at every turn, and neither manager nor owner could pull me in because, well, I more clients than the other trainers combined.

Again, at any given time.

And I had money. I had a lot of money and didn’t need to worry about anything, really. I had bills to pay and paid them like they were nothing.

And had an excess bank account.


Gary Heavin Went Broke

Yes, Gary Heavin went broke. When he was thirty, he lost everything.


It was a self-centered lifestyle.

Heavin didn’t care about anything other than the lifestyle he attained.

Me, Todd Matthews, back in my training heyday, didn’t care about anything except the lifestyle.

I didn’t care about anything.

I even bought a new car.

But you know what?

If I could relive those glory days again, I wouldn’t.

Why would I?

Look at Gary Heavin. He started up Curves International after learning from his mistakes because he knew his passion involved serving others.


Write to Serve Others

I’m not saying there aren’t personal trainers out there who don’t live for their clients’ results.


There are, and they need to be recognized. But there were other trainers, like myself, who didn’t give a damn about their clients’ results as long as they were giving me money to make them up a workout off the top of my head.

It’s terrible, but it’s true.

I think many make the mistake in thinking writing is just as easy as training, but these aren’t people who’ve written a full-length novel yet.



Or heck, have even thought of creating their own world and even that world’s history.


Talk about the old cliché of keeping your ducks in line. It’s by no means easy and it’s about a thousand times harder than training.

But, my works have a message. Northern Knights has a message. Fighting Tyranny, my new novella which takes place in the same world as Northern Knights, has a message.



It’s a message of opposing Tyranny. Of fighting oppression. Of being down but not out. Of building an idea that the United States of America isn’t the police force of the world and we should see all the troops come home and reside once more within our nation’s borders.

It’s keeping family members from getting killed in war.

It’s exposing the government for their interests overseas and basing every single new war off lies and propaganda.

It’s exposing public schools for enforcing the lie that truth comes from authority and that repetition of such “truths” is rewarded while questioning such “truths” is punished.

It’s providing an alternative viewpoint; challenging mainstream thought.

It’s exposing war for being nothing but a racket, which never serves the people.

It’s exposing war for being the real culprit that destroys civil liberties and enhances government spying.

It’s providing a way for everyone to become self-sufficient, without having to rely on a company forty-five minutes away from their place of living for a single stream of income.

It’s giving people hope in a world where hope’s fading fast.

It’s something personal training never did for me; in fact, it’s doing the exact opposite. And that’s exactly what I want it to do.

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