Truth Does NOT Come from Authority

US Foreign Policy is the Primary Example

Yes, you read my headline right; truth does not come from authority is the biggest truth on Earth.

It’s like when someone like Senator Rand Paul appears on CNN and states his case on something, only for such figureheads to turn around and state this is what he really meant, which is usually something far off from what he really meant.

Yet, people buy into the ruse.

We’re conditioned to.

We’re conditioned to.

From a young age, for at least thirteen years, fourteen to fifteen if the State can grab you before Kindergarten.

Do I think they’re going to consider it child abuse for refusal to send a child to daycare in the near future?

If you give these daycares to the State, and it’s coming, I’m sure they will. They’ll say things like, “You’re hindering their development.”

It’s a lot like those who advocate for public schools: “Your child’s social skills will never match those who learn in public schools if you decide to home school your child.”
I don’t know about you, but every kid I’ve spoken with who’s gone through the homeschooling process have just as good, if not better in some instances, social skills than those who went through public school.

I went to public schools all my life, and my social skills are still abysmal, which is why I write. If I tried speaking my view, it probably wouldn’t go well; I’d stutter and bumble my way through a PowerPoint presentation while putting my audience to sleep.

So, let’s take a second and start thinking for ourselves. Is something true just because the State says it’s true?

I beg to differ.


The US Foreign Policy Example

Look at US Foreign Policy. Every time a politician says we need to go into Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, and now Iran, the public initially has their reservations. Then comes the false flags…there are terrorist training camps in our backyards! They’re already over here, so we need to go over there and get those committing the crimes!

If the above sentence makes zero sense to you, you’ve got a good eye. For those who didn’t catch it: Their terror groups are already over here, so we need to go over there and get those committing the crimes.

Guys, if there were really terrorist training camps in our backyards, like they told us after 9/11, wouldn’t it have made more sense to, I don’t know, not go over into Iraq and Afghanistan?

The story went that Saddam Hussein helped those involved in 9/11 carry out the attacks, and now he not only has terrorist training camps here in America, which would make 9/11 look tame compared to what’s about to come, but didn’t George W. Bush and his administration blame Iraq for the Anthrax scare that occurred just a few days later?

For those of you reading this blog who might be too young to remember the whole Anthrax scare, one week after 9/11 suspicious mail packages entered the U.S. Congress and other administrative buildings, effectively shutting Congress down.

At the time, only five countries worldwide had Anthrax, Iraq being one them.


Where did Hussein get the Anthrax?

Well, he got it from the United States.

Let me explain:

Saddam Hussein was once an ally of America due to their common enmity toward Iran, whom the US had been after since 1953 after they overthrew President Mohamed Mossadegh when he sought to nationalize Iranian oil.

Anyway, in the 1980’s, Iraq tried to annex parts of Iran and invaded, with the Regan administration’s backing. Keep in mind, while CIA Director, then Vice President George H. W. Bush sought for Saddam Hussein to attain power in Iraq. During H. W.’s time as CIA Director, Hussein simultaneously rose to power in Iraq. Hussein was H.W.’s guy, and was so throughout the 1980’s.

It was around this time, the US supplied Iraq with weapons to use against the Iranians. It wasn’t until Iraq lost the war did the US rethink Hussein’s position, and used the First Gulf War as a pretext to get him out of office.

If you watch the propaganda videos that were used to rev up and prepare US citizens for the First Gulf War, you’ll come across a video where a young girl claimed to have been working as a volunteer nurse in a Kuwaiti hospital. She describes in detail how Iraqi soldiers stormed in and pulled the babies from incubators, leaving them on to die on the floor. Well, it just so happens that this young lady was actually the daughter of the Kuwaiti ambassador to the United States at the time.

In fact, you can look at the above paragraph and shake your head, or you can just do the research yourself. Guys, this stuff is all over the internet; it isn’t hard to find. This girl had her testimony written out for her. The whole thing was orchestrated. Just look it up.
But, what happened?

The US revved up its people, who were now beyond furious at what Hussein was “ordering” his troops to do in Kuwait. So, what happened? The people, who never would’ve supported war, started supporting war. They stated we have to go get the bad guys.

Then, it was all a lie. Just like with the Second Gulf War. Hussein never was behind the Anthrax scare. In fact, if one looks deep enough, the Anthrax sample investigated came straight from the United States of America. They claimed Hussein was going to blow up the world with his WMD’s. Except Hussein never had WMD’s to begin with!

Doesn’t this, in 2018, sound eerily familiar?

Isn’t this very close to what the media, both the Right and Left, are accusing Iran of doing?

The Iranian government were really the ones behind 9/11! They were sponsoring the terrorists? Well, Iran is a Shia state and fifteen of the nineteen supposed hijackers were from Saudi Arabia, a Sunni state. Pardon me if I’m saying I rolled my eyes at this one.
Iran is sponsoring the terrorist group called Hezbollah! Do your research. Hezbollah is a political party in Lebanon backed by many, including Christians. Israel doesn’t like Hezbollah, and if Israel states they’re terrorists, the United States will state they’re terrorists.

Iran never complied by the 2015 Agreement and therefore want to blow up the world! Well, Iran is trading with the Euro with countries like Russia, and they’re also trading with the European Union. Oil, too. So, they’re trading oil to the Europeans with the Euro. In other words, they’ve not only lost faith in the US Dollar (who wouldn’t?), they’re bypassing the oil monopoly a nation called Saudi Arabia wants. Or perhaps a duopoly, as Israel has given Genie Energy contractual rights to dig for oil in Syria’s Golan Heights, which Israel has illegally controlled since 1967. And to put icing on the cake: Why would Iran blow up its own customers?

And now they’re stating Iran is sponsoring terrorist training camps in the United States, so therefore we need to go into Iran to get the bad guys. Fantastic. You go into Iran while the terrorist training camps over here continue to build. By the way, if you go looking for these training camps, I doubt you find anything.


Neoconservative Cognitive Conditioning

So, what does President Trump do? He not only slaps sanctions on Iran, but he’s threatening anyone who does business with Iran, even by their own free will, to sanction them, too. Trump is accomplishing one thing at the moment: Building further animosity toward the United States in the eye of the world.

About Trump: Many state the GDP’s up. Great. Now, who’s getting the money? GDP growth can be very misleading, ditto for GDP per capita. Second, unemployment’s low so jobs must be coming back, right? Wrong. Unemployment can be considered low, but it may be officially high, as unemployment only counts those unemployed if they’re looking for work. Many laud Trump for his tax cuts. So did I. Until he passed the Omnibus Bill in March…welp, if you can’t tax us to pay the bill, you’re going to either borrow or just inflate the currency, so those tax breaks you signed into law just became irrelevant.

Does truth come from authority?

So far, our authorities are:

1. Governments, whose track records are spotty.

2. Public Schools, which are run by governments.

3. Mass Media, which operates under a government license. Therefore, if they question government propaganda, they’ll likely get the Alex Jones, Anti-War Advocate treatment.

4. The Police Force, which is a government monopoly paid by taxpayers at gunpoint to enforce laws, half of which require victimless crimes.

And government has lied to us about US Foreign Policy at every single turn.

1. The Lusitania, which conditioned Americans to support their entry into World War I was only carrying a handful of civilian passengers and a lot, I mean, a lot, of weaponry. This weaponry blew up, causing the ship to sink. The government blamed it on the Germans.

2. Pearl Harbor. Franklin D. Roosevelt placed trade embargos on the Dutch Indies, meant to cripple the Japanese. Prior to that, he ordered the naval base be moved from California to Hawaii.

3. Korea. An artificial border (38th Parallel) was artificially created by the UN, separating the two Koreas, provoking an invasion from the North.

4. Vietnam. The US blamed the North Vietnamese for firing on a US naval ship that was supposedly sailing in their waters, minding its own business. Hmm, even if this were the case, what the hell was a US warship doing in North Vietnamese waters during a war? Makes you wonder…uh, what about arming the South Vietnamese?

5. Six Day War. This one nearly got the US involved in the Six Day War, which occurred between Israel and its neighbors. Anyway, the USS Liberty was “mistaken” by the Israelis as an Egyptian warship. Israel, however, tried to blame Egypt for attacking the USS Liberty, and was caught in a lie, thereby staving off a US entry.

6. We covered the First and Second Gulf Wars already.

7. Afghanistan. 9/11, if anything, was retaliation by those condemning US intervention in the Middle East, which picked up drastically after the Cold War when the CIA helped Afghan forces stave off the Soviets. Also, shortly after the Cold War ended in 1991, the Project for a New American Century (PNAC) was created in 1996, signed in 1997, which outlined US occupation of the Middle East. To do so, as if you haven’t already figured it out, they needed a pretext, which is why George W. Bush had a bill on his desk granting a green light for a US invasion of the Middle East since July 2001. The bill was modified after 9/11. Besides, the objective was to eliminate Osama Bin Laden. Seven years later, we’re still there…protecting poppy seed fields, which produces opium.

But, at any given turn, what happened?


Propaganda has long been used in the media, in public schools, and in every single turn. Even sporting events, which is why I’ve long been against those huge ceremonies before games, such as NFL games.

When fans are asked to stand and remove their hats to honor the men and women serving the country to protect us from the “bad guys,” they do so willingly, many with tears in their eyes, to thank those for sacrificing their time, and in some cases their lives, for doing so. Think about it: these stadiums hold sixty-thousand plus people, race tracks even more.

But, the propaganda is everywhere. We see yellow ribbons to this day, flags waving in front of every building, public or private. Billboards, both static and electronic, thanking veterans and troops for their sacrifices. Veterans Day parades, Memorial Day, so many federal holidays thanking veterans for their services.

Notice, I left Fourth of July out for a reason: Libertarians like myself go above and beyond to thank the Founding Fathers and the Continental Army for their legit sacrifice in a legit war with legit bad guys trying to interfere with US national security.

But, my two cents is complete. You need to really ask yourself whether or not truth comes from authority, but in my case, if anyone in the public sphere, especially receiving government funding, states a claim about anything, I’ll always be the first to research, and almost always find the ability to debunk, such claims.

I’d like to thank all of my readers for coming across My Freedom Flame, please come back soon.

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