Unforgettable Dreams the Last Few Nights

You know you’re a writer when you experience strange, vivid dreams. Well, during my bodybuilding/men’s physique days I took a supplement called Bullet Proof by Muscle Pharm and man, did it spark the mind. Even the product reviews stated you’d get some strange dreams. After Muscle Pharm did away with the product and came out with a newer one, which was ZMA-heavy, the strange cycle of dreams started again.

These days, I’m supplement-free because for the most part, your supplements are loaded with fillers, sugars, and some have even been protein-spiked (claiming a product had more protein than it really did). In fact, I eat one actual whole meal a day and snack on healthy food during my other waking hours.

So, my fitness lifestyle shouldn’t have anything to do with the strange occurrences in my dreams.

Three nights, three whacked-out dreams.

Tuesday Night: Running in Heat, Snow, Ice, and Storms

I’ve always had a recurring dream that I’m running either in or outside Wintersville, Ohio, either on a backroad by the oil fields and distribution center, or on a road leading to Main Street. The time this happens is either morning or evening.

Last night, I’m proud to say I made it to Main Street! At 5am! Before any businesses opened their doors. For some odd reason, a high school stood on this part of Main Street, contrary to where it really stands across town, and I had my own locker in the teachers’ lounge. Strange, I know.

Thing is, I wasn’t a teacher in this, and if you all know me, I’d never work in a public school even if they paid my six-figures. So, my morning routine in this dream, since we all have our own life histories in dreams, is that I’d sneak into the lockers, eat or whatever, and bail before any other teacher arrived.

Well, this time a teacher did come, and they thought I was just another teacher. Keep in mind, it’s not like the schools in the area I live boast thousands of students; more like hundreds. After staving the teacher off and conducting my run while summer rapidly changed to winter yet people still rode their motorcycles, I returned to find the teacher sitting there. They ask me which class I teach before I’m forced to admit I’m not really a teacher, but am allowed a locker (a lie, obviously).

The dream changes to where I’m now running (why am I always running in these dreams) in my parents’ neighborhood. Now, it’s early evening and summer again with a storm brewing. Lightning flashes and the sky is pitch black, except for an orange glow near the water tower situated on the adjacent street to my parents’ street.

I run to the top of the neighborhood and snap a photo; it’s kind of cool to see the glow, but as I drew nearer, smoke is erupting from the base of the tower. I rush forward to get a better look, dodging lightning strikes, until I come across a group of people; all of whom were friends or former classmates of mine in school. Everyone’s concerned about the tower and whether or not it’ll survive the lightning strike as sirens blare in the distance.


Monday Night: Flashback or Present Day?

I’m at my grandmother’s house getting ready for a party. For one, it’s just another recurring dream…starting out anyway. Soon after, people arrive and the boring stuff gets out of the way. Anyway, there’s a large food buffet in the kitchen. I mean, the table and counter are stacked.

I head there, only to find the place looking the same way it did in the 1990’s. Keep in mind, my grandparents had their kitchen redone in 2016 and had upgraded it many times throughout the 2000’s.

The small, hand-dial TV’s (I think that’s what they’re called) from the 1980’s, pale yellow walls, checkered brown carpet, the works.

Even stranger is everyone appears to be younger versions of themselves…. except me. I’m in here, at this party, almost the same age as my parents. Everyone remotely close to my age is anywhere between ten and twenty years younger.

I wander into the living room, and a few relatives are speaking of horrific events that happened in that very house comparable to the DeFeo murders (keep in mind that in reality, nothing horrific had ever happened to my knowledge) and now the vengeful souls were on the move again.

It’s around the time you hear footsteps behind you is when you wake up, realizing your had an over-active mind.


Sunday Evening: Going to School with Special People

This one didn’t have as much of a horror or action/suspense aspect to it. Instead, it was rather cooler than anything else and definitely something I hope becomes recurring. I was hanging out with, well, my main book characters, seeing them the exact way I pictured them while writing.

It wasn’t my Lord of Columbia cast, but instead the two mains from my prequel series, Neo and Seneca, a first book in series that will be open-published as soon as today, as late as this weekend.

It’s funny, because I created two small novellas (70-75 pages in length) of Neo and Seneca, their purposes being simply funnel and magnet books. The open-published work is a perma-free one that will introduce readers to my writing style with links to both the magnet book and Northern Knights, in case these readers’ interest perked. The kicker here is I started creating these projects the Friday before last and have worked tirelessly on the 11,000 word works.

But what was even cooler is their looks, personalities, everything, were the exact way I pictured them. If you’ve read my first work, Northern Knights, link at the bottom of the article, you’ll know I don’t like to describe my characters because I want my readers’ imagination to work.

I never found anything so annoying as to picturing characters in books one way only for an author to describe their appearance to be a completely different look to what I had in mind. It makes me have to concentrate on characters’ appearance which takes away from the actual story. So, even though I use vague outlines for their descriptions (Seneca, for instance has blue-green eyes and auburn hair), it’s as far as I’ll go. I might use adjectives like built, gigantic, burly, narrow, etc. to give a base description, but other than that, most characters’ appearances will differ in my readers’ eyes.

In addition to seeing Neo and Sen (what Neo calls her) in the book, I hung out, talked with, and became borderline friends with the pair. It was a rather exciting experience to say the least.


Whacked Out Short Stories

Who knows, I might create stories from these rather odd dreams. I want to say the weirdest one was last night, simply because of the summer snowstorm which melted by the time I reached my parents’ house.

Or perhaps everyone aging in reverse as had occurred Monday Night?

Or, maybe even create a story of me in my actual work, hanging out with a couple compelling characters?

I’d like to thank everyone for coming across My Freedom Flame, and I really hope I didn’t weird you all out. Please come back soon.