WRITERS! Not Everyone Will Love Your Work (But Most Will)

Keep Criticism from Affecting You and How to Always, Always, Always Speak Your Mind!

If there’s one major lesson I’ve learned over the past year, it’s that not everyone is going to love your work. I’m not talking about stories and books you write; you’ll likely have more lovers than haters any day unless you decide to market your written works in the wrong genre, which might lead to some pushback.


And just to forewarn you all, this article is laden with criticism of both the Right and Left.

But if you’re anything like me and preach from a Libertarian standpoint, both the Right and Left (snowflakes exist mostly the Right, to be completely honest) will get so flat out offended by what you say they’ll likely report you to the social media police. My personal accounts, not actual accounts I use here!

The misunderstanding regarding Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube the other week was the belief they attacked conservatives, a false rumor started by the Right, and they were able to use Alex Jones for “proof.” About the first time mainstream Republicans ever sided with Alex Jones, especially after his profanity-laced Trump tirade after the latter ordered missile strikes in Syria.

However, these social media sites weren’t attacking conservatives, but those who are anti-war and who champion free speech.


Criticizing the Left

Some may say that these companies can do this because they’re private companies. Ironically these are the same people who say NFL players have the right to kneel during the National Anthem. See, it’s only when the situation fits one’s agenda to they either push for or against such actions.

Liberals realize that if they don’t pull out all the stops to censor outlets contradicting and challenging their outlook, it’s going to be game over. We need to remember liberal viewpoints, such as pro-gun control, affirmative actions in both school and the workplace, and of course, their budding welfare state.

But, what do you need for all of the above?


They claim to want equality but lowering test and job standards for some population groups over others isn’t equality. Making the school and workplace reflect that of the population from a demographic standpoint also doesn’t qualify as equality. Just look at South Africa’s economy; it’s not good. Not good.

They want everyone to have a basic standard of living, which is now getting to the point such basic government-funded standards of living will motivate one to remain on it rather than find actual work. Just ask Finland how their Universal Basic Income (UBI) experiment is working. Predictably, not so well. There’s a great article on Mises.org describing it. Head over and type it into the search bar; the truth will shock you.

Their parades, marches, and protests aren’t preaching acceptance and tolerance. Just research what these people would do if Donald Trump visited the protests. It’s not love, acceptance, and tolerance. If anything, they’re shoving their ideology down others’ throats. Because if a conservative group decided to march, parade, and protest, they’d likely be branded as hateful. Not saying that hate groups don’t exist in the United States, but definitely not to the extent of what the liberal media will tell you.

For instance, Donald Trump’s been considered racist by the liberal media but until he starts to revoke minority rights, land, and holds rallies calling for their genocide (like the ANC…yes, that ANC…in South Africa), I can’t honestly say Trump’s racist. Do I think he has racist leanings? Of course. But I thought the same with Obama when he failed to condemn violent protesting from Black Lives Matter, many of which involved private businesses being destroyed. In other words, both Presidents have, or have had, their biases regarding race.


Criticizing the Right

However, conservatives also want authoritarians to have power, too, and they’re quite hypocritical in their approach. How many conservatives display these two bumper stickers: Don’t Tread on Me…Thin Blue Line (Respect Our Cops, Obey the Law)…see, that just totally defeats the purpose.

As for censorship, 43% of Republicans stated in a recent poll they’d like to see Trump shut down news media outlets he considers ‘Fake News,’ like CNN and MSNBC. While there is a clear bias in these outlets, conservatives fail to acknowledge the blatant fact Fox News is just as biased, if not more. All one needs to do is watch five minutes of each of the above outlets daily to get their daily dose of Fake News. All these outlets will spin an issue to fit their beliefs and agenda.


Criticizing the Right and Left

What about militarism? Conservatives love this…as long as their agendas follow it, and both sides are hypocritical on the issue. It’s only okay if their politician is in charge. For instance, conservatives lauded Donald Trump (as I did) of for his diplomatic talks with North Korea and Russia. But weren’t these the same conservatives branding Obama as weak (I thought Obama’s initial idea was brilliant) for (briefly) pulling out of Iraq and stating he wanted fewer troops in Afghanistan?

What about the “anti”-war Left? The same people who protested the Iraq War were the same people panning Trump for meeting “with the enemy” as far as North Korea and Russia are concerned, going so far as to brand him a traitor.

And what about Iran?

Just about every single conservative out there is hardcore for US intervention in Iran and the media, on both sides of the equation, is now reporting Iranian-backed militant groups residing all over America about to carry out an attack on the American people. And no, I don’t believe this to be true, because it’s very similar to what helped kickstart things in Iraq, designed to scare the American public into war.


Praising Libertarians

The one group that holds steady to their beliefs, through thick and thin, are Libertarians, and it’s another reason why people just can’t stand us. As a society, we’re trained to believe that we must either be conservative or liberal and there’s no other option.

But, there is an option.

Libertarianism is an option.

You can be anti-warfare-welfare.

You can believe that many of these “protests” are backed by billionaires like George Soros and people protesting are just pawns in the game.

You can be capitalist without being crony capitalist. Yes, there’s a difference.

You can believe that pro athletes have the right to kneel during a song and at the same time, realize social media platforms which are open free content to the public have zero right to censor anyone. These aren’t newspaper or publishing companies that display selective content.

You can believe in free trade, which means if someone is cheating in a “trade war,” you can just cease trading with them and trade with those who help you.

You can believe in all this and the two-party system will collapse around you.

And you might just earn yourself a good bit of haters in the process. But that’s okay, because you’re going to have an army of praise.


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