Why I’m Libertarian

Two Parties, Two Major Disappointments

I’m Libertarian. Why? I’ve seen the Democratic-controlled Congress crash and burn. I’ve seen the Republican-controlled Congress crash and burn. Each time, the controlling side will say the other side made it so bad they were forced to address the issues and were never able to get their policies off the ground.

I’m calling them out on this one. It’s like the Omnibus Bill this past year, where Republicans claimed Democrats forced the issue on them. I’m still trying to figure out how a House and Senate Minority forced a House and Senate Majority to sign such a large spending bill.

Too bad each side finds a way to make the situation worse.

I swear, the Cleveland Browns are in a better position to succeed than the next majority-party coming into Congress…I think it’s the Democrats’ turn come November.

It won’t change, I shouldn’t wonder. Why would it?

It’ll remain constant.

Debt will continue to rise.

Trump will likely have an impeachment hearing just because the wrong letter comes after his name.

And the dollar will continue to plummet.

Perpetual war will continue.

People will be fearmongered into gladly giving up their civil liberties because they’ll be told it’s the patriotic thing to do in times of war.

How has that helped since the Patriot Act?

Our government can kill and detain anyone merely suspected of committing terrorist acts or even aligning themselves with accused terrorists. They can detain, kill, torture, do whatever they want with you…without any evidence. Without a warrant.

I thought America was the Land of the Free.

Or so I was taught in a government-funded public school.

Then I did my research. During my years of research, I was a hardcore Socialist. Like, borderline Vlad Lenin-Karl Marx-loving Socialist. Therefore, I was almost a Communist.

No lie.

So, I’m Libertarian because quite frankly, I see the duopoly of the Two-Party System and nothing but tragedy in its wake. It’s failed miserably. And yet, people just vote for the opposite Party when they get tired of the incumbent Party.

Yet, nothing has changed.

The Republicans passed a massive spending bill in March.

The Democrats passed massive spending bills before the Republicans.

Congress was controlled by Republicans over most of Obama’s presidency.

Yet, Obamacare passed. How about that?

Let’s talk perpetual war.

Obama destroyed Libya and entered Syria. The Nobel Peace Prize winner dropped 100,000 bombs during his presidency. He extended the NDAA so Americans can be detained and killed for being suspected of aligning themselves with terrorists, including the sixteen-year-old son of Anwar al-Awlaki, killed only because he was al-Awlaki’s son. Obama wasn’t the President of Peace.

Bush destroyed Iraq and Afghanistan. He dropped 70,000 bombs. Much of his early administration signed the Project for a New American Century (PNAC), which outlined intervention in the Middle East. George W. Bush had a document sitting on his desk regarding Middle East intervention since July 2001. Bush destroyed Americans’ civil liberties via fearmongering the public into invading Iraq, using 9/11 as a lever (Bush had a document on his desk regarding Middle East intervention since July 2001).

Trump is beating war drums with Iran. Trump owes a man named Jacob Rothschild a favor, whose company Rothschild Incorporated, bailed him out of a financial crisis in 1987. The man who urged Rothschild to bail out Trump? Current Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross. Ever hear of Genie Energy? You might want to look at their Board of Advisors.

I look at all the above and go, “We’re screwed.”

So, here’s why I’m Libertarian, and here are some of what I would do to handle the issues. You can disagree with everything that’s written here, but I want to show people that we don’t need to be All-Red or All-Blue. Perhaps, we can be something else.

Take a look:

1. Anti-war unless the US homeland is attacked. Some might ask why I was against the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. They attacked us, right? Wrong. Check out AE911Truth.org. It’s like I’ve always said; the official story of 9/11 just isn’t true. Further, if, say, Iran or Russia, two countries the media is trying to drill into our minds are a threat to our security, are sending warships at the US, they’d be national security threats. When the US has forty-eight bases surrounding Iran, Iran isn’t the threat to anyone’s national security, but the US certainly is.

2. Pro-Capitalist, and not in a crony way. In other words, I’m not a corporatist. I don’t like corporations buying politicians who then push to pass laws to benefit them while forcing the rest of us to abide by their policy. That’s not Capitalism. Instead, I believe in pure competition with zero government intervention or regulation. Instead, the people regulate industry by having more options in the market place. More options in the market place because no ‘Corporate Oligarch’ as I like to call them, can buy a politician. It’d be a felony if they did.

3. Term-limits all across the board. Sure, the President gets only two (you’ll be surprised how many Republicans either want Trump to declare himself President for life or turn the US into a Trump-family-led Monarchy. These people aren’t true patriots). But no, the House, Senate, and every other public office, in any capacity, should have term limits. One for Senators, three for Congressmen and Congresswomen.

4. Parents have the right to educate their kids in any way, shape, or form, and the Dept. of Education would be abolished. Public school would be community-based and funded, private and for-profit schools will spring up, and homeschool would also be a solid option. Further, classes and curriculums taught in public-schools would be decided upon by the community. This will allow schools to play to their students’ strengths in favor of a uniformed, watered-down curriculum.

5. The EPA would be abolished because without corporatism, capitalism, in the freest sense of the word, would encourage so much competition to the point people will be going out of their way to keep the environment clean. Corporatism has led to poor environmental habits, as has government regulation. Market regulation would end it. In other words, there’d be so much competition, people would be demanding these companies take care of the environment if they want them around.

6. Competition would erupt in the currency market. No more government-issued paper we’re all forced to use. Instead, we’re going to have competition in the market when it comes to currency. I’d also push to put the US back on the gold standard. This would limit the amount of money we can spend on warfare-welfare. If anything, it would take away all the bases we have in over one-hundred countries.

7. The state-funded police force would be abolished, instead replaced by private companies who would sell their policing services to local communities. Also, communities could start up their own citizen-based police force. A free nation has no business monopolizing on such a force that exists only to cite victimless crimes more often than not, such as failing to yield to oncoming traffic if there’s no oncoming traffic, or marijuana possession, generating state revenue.

8. Gun free zones would also be abolished. I hate to tell this to pro-gun control advocates, but research school shootings. LewRockwell.com wrote an amazing article on this. Most, if not all school shootings, occur in government schools. This should be a major red flag, and should also show that perhaps government’s failing to protect kids.

9. Gun laws would keep guns out of homicidal maniacs. This means we’d be striking down gun laws, and putting guns into the hands of good people. There’s absolutely no evidence gun laws keep us safer from guns, per Ryan McMecken’s work at the Mises Institute. He has over a dozen cited articles on the subject, including my own article on My Freedom Flame, which I wrote based on his work.

I could go on for ages, but this post is just an overview of just a few reasons why I’m Libertarian and what I’d push for if I were in public office.

I’d like to thank all of my readers for coming across My Freedom Flame, please come back soon.

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