Building the Empire Means Increasing Knowledge

You already know what you want, so I’m going teach you somethings I’ve learned since starting My Freedom Flame back in February.


1. Always remain a student

a. Never feel you know it all. This was something I had a rough time with in my prehistoric writing days (before I actually learned to write). I thought I knew it all, but when I invested in the craft itself, I found I was dead wrong. Always, always, always strive to learn.


2. You are NOT the expert in everything.

a. Sure, us writers may be self-taught in other avenues, as I’ve become a fair editor over the past year thanks to learning ferocious self-editing techniques. However, when it comes to cover design, the only times I design my own cover is if I’m listing a perma-free book or a magnet book. Other than that, I’m paying for a cover design. For instance, my book Northern Knights was professionally designed, while my magnet book took me about thirty minutes to find a catchy free image, upload it to Canva, and put some text on it. As for my future books, they’ll all have professional designs, especially if people are paying for them.


3. Blog, NOT Promote via Social Media (thought you can do these sparingly).

a. I know plenty of people who are famous on social media these days. Too bad it’s their only form of exposure. Sure, social media can be used to engage with like-minded people, build relationships, and interact with others. However, it’s not going to sell you many books. Maybe a few sales will come from social media but having a blog which drives traffic each month will end up leading people straight to your site.


4. When you have a book online, paste a magnet book in with it.

a. Yes, yes, and yes. We live in a society today where people expect free stuff all the time, so don’t disappoint them. Besides, if they loved your work (and a free gift) they’ll likely to become permanent customers. But how do you get them there? I learned this one last week: Paste the link into your e-book and if they enjoyed it, they may enjoy you magnet, but they need to subscribe to your email list first. Those who enjoyed your work will have zero problem doing this, as they’re looking for future products from you.


5. Utilize Free and Paid Book Promotions

a. Yes, I get the fact that we all expect freebies and discounts, but have you ever heard the whole, “You spend Nutting, you get Nutting,” mantra? Well, it’s a nod to Pittsburgh Pirates Owner, Bob Nutting who tends to spend nothing on keeping his players…it’s why the Pirates haven’t won a playoff series in forever. There are free promos, but they only accept about 10-15% of all submitted books (Northern Knights has been lucky thus far 😊 and I was able to sell 57 books during my first free promo).


6. Be Proactive and Reactive Simultaneously

a. Drive the market, and strategize often to do so, especially in those early days. Before I published, I’ve read stories where authors upload a 99 cent book to Amazon and pray for miracles. Although I have Northern Knights priced at 99 cents at the moment, I like to change the price every week or so, just to see what the sweet spot is. It’s a marketing strategy. While I’m doing this, I’m also working on a perma-free novella, too, to lead readers from other sites to Northern Knights. Be on the lookout for it! In other words, this rookie has been published for two weeks and I’m already experimenting daily with what works and what doesn’t. As a result, I’ve sold a few. Not many, but a few is better than nothing. When you find what works, that’s where reactivity begins. If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it. But in these early days, look to find ways to get your name and your brand out there.


7. Embrace the Battle

a. Triumph your wins, learn from your losses, and always climb. The early days are always an uphill climb and it’s where most of the struggles are. The good news is once we learn what works and what doesn’t, after the battle will be won. The toughest part is right now, and the fun is just beginning.


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