How J.K. Rowling Planted my Disdain for Government Intervention in 2003

Though I never fully realized it until late-2011, I had a disdain for government intervention, especially in the educational system, since 2003.

Compulsory, government-approved education. This came straight out of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows in 2007, but when Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix came out in 2003, with the addition of Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher Delores Umbridge, Rowling told us of the dangers of government interference.

I’m honestly unsure if Rowling intended this or not, since I’ve heard from numerous sources she leans rather liberal, which here in the States, your liberal-leaning progressives want everyone under the statist umbrella of government education. Which of course, is by force, much like how the Death Eaters forced all young witches and wizards to attend Hogwarts.

What’s even more frightening is the fact the kids who were Muggle-born were seized and driven off to who knew where.

But, the key factor here is government forcing individuals to abide by their will. Whether Rowling knew it or not, she exposed to one of the largest book series fanbases in history the dangers of big government, and what happens when the corrupt take power.
Doesn’t that sound familiar.


Corrupt Presidential Administration in America

Like Ron Paul, I agree that the Trump administration is nothing more than a continuation of the Obama administration, which in turn was a continuation of the George W. Bush administration, which was a continuation of the Clinton administration.

Hey, I know most of you are Republicans or Democrats and want to hammer me for this, but here’s a common denominator:

1. Civil liberties are still being lost under Trump, which expanded under Obama, which greatly expanded under Bush.

2. Clinton bombed Somalia, Bush led us into Iraq and Afghanistan, Obama led us into Libya and Syria, and Trump’s beating war drums with Iran.

3. The national debt has increased since the Clinton administration and has not stopped, though it was briefly balanced under Clinton.

4. I’m not sure how many bombs Clinton dropped, but Bush dropped 70,000, Nobel “Peace Prize” winning Obama dropped 100,000, and Trump’s dropped about 45,000.

Each Party has one excuse: The previous administration made us do it.


Those Who are Best Equipped for Power are Those Who Don’t Seek It

Albus Dumbledore said something like this in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, but it reigns supreme in real life.

Tom Riddle sought power and look what happened. Riddle, known by many as Lord Voldemort, wanted power from a young age, seized it, and what happened?

Nothing good.

I’ve always joked, yet at the same spoken the truth that most politicians on both the Right and Left would be sorted into Slytherin. Sure, there are good Slytherins, as one can be ambitious in many ways, but it still includes those who are ambitious for power.

Donald Trump? Slytherin.

John McCain? Slytherin.

Hillary Clinton? Slytherin.

Jacob Rothschild? Slytherin.

I’d love for these people to take a Pottermore Hogwarts House quiz. Nothing would expose these cats more, and the masses (many of whom have at least heard of Harry Potter) would actually be able to see through the ruse of all these crooks.

Now, imagine if someone became President or was elected into the House or Senate who never sought it?


Do you know what made Dr. Ron Paul seek office?

He saw the corruption in Congress. In fact, he saw the corruption in Ronald Reagan, which is why he was the Libertarian Nominee for President in 1988, when Reagan’s Vice President, ex-CIA Director George H. W. Bush became the Republican nominee, making it farther along the line than a New York Real Estate Tycoon named Donald Trump, who first ran for President back in 2000.

Not too many people know that Trump failed to secure even a nomination for a Third Party back in 2000. He ran as a member of the Reform Party. In fact, Trump had considered running for President in 1988, the year after he received a massive bailout from globalist Jacob Rothschild at the urging of Wilbur Ross.

You might want to research both Ross and Rothschild, just a suggestion.


Delores Umbridge and Government Schools

Anyway, as I was saying, back in 2003 the seed was planted in my mind. J.K. Rowling will likely never know it, but she planted the seed that eventually spawned my disdain for government schools.

As mentioned earlier, this didn’t happen until 2011, after my days as a Socialist ran its course, but I remember reading Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix at a young age and thinking, Wow, how bad would it be if the government ran our schools?

Welp, my naïve twelve-year-old self would eventually find out the government does run our schools and teaches us the following:

1. A slanted, state-approved curriculum that’s uniformed across all segments, with higher-level classes teaching the same material at a faster pace. Not much difference there. State (Ministry) approved text.

2. Rewarding repetition and accurate memory. Reading and memorizing defense theory in each class.

3. Truth comes from authority. Cedric Diggory’s death was a tragic accident.

4. Intelligence is the ability to remember and repeat. If one studies the theory properly.

5. Non-Compliance is Punished. I must not tell lies.

6. Conform Intellectually and Socially. You will read Chapter One. There will be no need to talk.

Let’s face it, J.K. Rowling gave us Libertarians a blueprint when it comes to criticizing public education whether she realizes it or not. She single-handedly exposed the dangers of what happens when the government, or in the case of Harry Potter, the Ministry of Magic, interferes with public education.

And, predictably, the Ministry’s interference was a complete disaster. Not only did the Ministry hide (and refuse to believe) the truth of Lord Voldemort’s return, the Wizarding World as a whole believed the Ministry’s lie.

Again, sound familiar?


Lies the American Government Told Me

What wars has America fought over the past seventy years been based on truth?

Even 9/11, if anything else, even if the official story one days holds true (which it doesn’t) was retaliation for US intervention in the region since the 1940’s when the CIA wanted to build an oil pipeline in Syria.

You read that right.

The sheer lies told to us by politicians, from Donald Trump to Barack Obama to George Bush regarding foreign intervention, the (un) Patriot Act, the boom-bust business cycle brought on by the Fed, the price of inflation, the lowering of living standards while the cost of living has gone up is astounding.

But people just keep on voting, believing the government is right and knows what’s best for us. Guys, the government’s track record is worse than the recent history of the Cleveland Browns when it comes to keeping Americans safe, upholding civil liberties, upholding the Bill of Rights, and hiding the truth on the true reason America is intervening in the Middle East (research Genie Energy and their Board of Directors).
Whether J.K. Rowling realizes it or not, she has indeed written a blueprint for all of us to follow and was the primary influence in getting me to write, and for all of my works to pass a Libertarian message.

I’d like to thank everyone for coming across My Freedom Flame, please come back soon.


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