The Impromptu Series is Another Leaf from J.K. Rowling’s Book

As stated previously, I created a magnet book for the Lord of Columbia Series called the Eurean Kingdom, the link of which can be found on the bottom of this page. I give this book away for anyone who’s interested in and joins my budding email list for my books, the themes behind them, and when to expect the next releases.

While the book itself was only supposed to be that, a magnet, I fell head over heels for the two main characters: Neo Skyehawk and Seneca LaSalle, that I decided to make an entire novella collection of this prequel to Lord of Columbia.


Neo’s World and Cain’s World

Like J.K. Rowling’s Pottermore site, where she tells the backstories of characters who are mentioned, I decided to turn Neo’s story into an actual series within itself. Neo Skyehawk himself is mentioned twice in Northern Knights, as the shotball league trophy is named after him.

However, Neo has an interesting story himself, which takes place over five-hundred years before the events of Northern Knights. However, I’m going out of my way to link the two series’ and one can see this in both my magnet book, and my soon to be free on all platforms book called Fighting Tyranny, Book One of the Neo Skyehawk Series.

Many characters mentioned in the Lord of Columbia Series will be covered in the Neo Skyehawk Series, and the only real difference between the worlds is that Neo’s story takes place before the days of information at the fingertips, electricity, and any other type of mindless entertainment, oh do I wish it were still the Middle Ages. Hey, I believe in reincarnation, so don’t judge me. I was there, somewhere, and it was freaking awesome.


Significance of the Neo Skyehawk Series

Some may be asking why I’m going out of my way to create this second series when the Lord of Columbia Series takes up a lot, and I mean a lot of time. Not just that, why abandon my plans of Comeback Kid and create this novella collection?

It was s gut instinct. I just felt much more excited about this side-project than I did with Comeback Kid.

However, I’d never create this series if there wasn’t reason, and the fact of the matter is books like Northern Knights are so long (the paperback version is 385 pages) there was a lot I wanted to put into the book but couldn’t. A lot of backstory and explanations behind the magical systems that would’ve made the book three times as long. No, really, the first draft was 184,000 words, and the final word count was 77,000.

The Neo Skyehawk novellas will explain a lot of this magic and since it takes place five-hundred years in the past, it makes a lot more sense. Further, I don’t plan on a single book going over the 20,000 word mark. The magnet book is around 12,000 words, and Fighting Tyranny is a hair under 11,000. They’re borderline short stories.

I also don’t plan on selling the e-books for much more than 99 cents, again because they’re just going to be ultra-short compared to the Lord of Columbia books, where Swords of Destiny will be 360 pages in paperback and the third book (I have much of it already made) will be at least 300. The Skyehawk books will be between 50-90 pages each.



I can honestly see why J.K. Rowling became hooked onto so many backstories. I didn’t even know what a magnet book was until last Friday, August 10th, so it literally took me one week to get hooked onto writing about the characters who were merely mentioned in the works.

Seeing them develop their own personalities and becoming characters has made this last week a bit of a whirlwind but more than worth it. I can’t wait to introduce the world to Neo and Seneca and again, Fighting Tyranny will be set perma-free with links to my email list signup page and of course, to Northern Knights.

I’d like to thank everyone for their continued to support and as I’ve been doing on relevant posts, will link my books to the bottom in case anyone’s interested in checking them out. These books will also be seen on the sidebar, too. Thanks again, please come back soon.


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