We’re Not Self-Centered; We See the Big Picture

The rarest personality type on Earth is always going to be the most misunderstood personality type. Currently, less than 2%, closer to 1% of the total population identify as INFJ and the misunderstandings can stem from one’s social life to their work life to even their personal life.

But, our rare personality also has a few awesome superpowers than few others possess.

1. We have the rare ability to feel energy in a room or from another within seconds, sometimes by looking at them.

2. We have the rare ability to see the big picture in anything and aren’t afraid to make it a passion to stand up and speak out about it. In fact, this can be more important to us than even our day job.


The Wexford Debacle

It was around this time I no longer saw value in corporate fitness, but your managers and owners won’t be telling you the evils behind looking at everyone as a paycheck. Sadly, this is what happens and it will continue to happen until someone exposes this.

Just as I expose the evils of government and to an extent, organized religion, the same goes for corporations. As a hardcore Libertarian I believe in free competition, where those delivering the greatest service wins out.

But, in Wexford it was all about selling personal training packages which, to be completely honest, were absolutely worthless, as they are in many corporate settings like your LA Fitness, Planet Fitness, and Anytime Fitness franchises.

With this being said, half-hour sessions, or simply ‘free’ sessions at Planet with people who say they’re trainers aren’t going to show anyone results, and both the managers and owners know this.

That being said, what are the expectations?

The expectations are to upsell them to two and three times a week, again for only half-hour sessions. If someone’s looking to make a complete lifestyle change, half-hour sessions even three days a week aren’t going to cut it unless the individual is a hardcore disciplinarian.

Most people are not. Most are not.

Pointing this out and failing to see the value is what makes the INFJ unique. Many would simply conform to the standards of the company and to the franchise. However, the INFJ sees the clear wrongs in this scenario.

Before I go any further, I do want to point out that I’m not against anyone making profits. However, I’m completely against dishonesty of those making profits off unsuspecting people, especially those who want to change their lives for the better.

It’s a complete con that’s used by your corporate fitness franchisees. Every last one of them, which is why I’d personally never recommend training at any of these places, instead opting for smaller businesses, studios, and places where one’s knowledge and service matches the product.


Response from Management and Owner

Oho, this one’s always a dandy, because they’re never the bad guy. Instead these salesy, greedy people will spin it to where you’re the bad guy and for an INFJ, this is where we need to stay true to our guns.


Because words will eat us alive. And again, as a Libertarian I don’t believe in censorship and I honestly don’t care what people say about me. However if I listen to them and actually read their comments on social media or anything, it’ll stick with me for weeks.

And it’s where the INFJ might falter.

We don’t like negativity and negativity will stick to us like glue.

And for the greedy sales manager, whose only worry is about how many people are coming through the door without giving a damn about whether they change or not. The sad truth is most fitness franchises don’t want to see any more than 15% of their members use memberships. They want you to come in, buy their product, leave, and forget.

I’ve actually heard managers laughing about this in their office to others. Yeah, so and so signed up and you’ll never see them again until they want to cancel. Of course, this happens and the unsuspecting individual is conned into signing another twelve-month agreement. In the world of Planet Fitness, they don’t have commitments, but they love your routing number.

But again, manager and owner will see you as the greedy one, simply for questioning the business model. They’ll say it’s an honest model, but to lock someone into a twelve-month contract who’s never worked out a day in their life should honestly be a major red flag. It’s why I prefer Snap to Anytime, where I’m a member.

If they piss me off, I’ll go somewhere else and there’s no wait period or buyout. But the place I go to these days is top notch. Corporate franchise? Yes. A little more honest than your Anytime and LA Fitness franchises? Much, much more.


An INFJ Libertarian

As an INFJ Libertarian, what do you do?

For one, you take what you value and run with it from the evil vice grip of a greedy corporation. That’s the first thing you do. Next, you either find honest places to work or find something else…pursuing passion?

Hell yeah!

And that’s the best thing about being INFJ.

They’re not afraid to throw caution to the wind and pursue a passion, make a living from a passion, that suits them.

Yes, I charge money for my books due to the time and effort that goes in to making them.


Yes, I do have a few freebies one of which is on my site in exchange to get on my mailing list…book mailing list.

But I’ll also state this: I only want people on my mailing list who want to be there. So, if you’re Libertarian, anti-interventionist, anti-police state, questioning of authority, and anything else that fits in the Libertarian values list, you’re going to love my books and would be a great candidate for my email list…and get a free e-book!

However, if you’re a cop apologist, pro-interventionist, someone who justifies police shootings and military drone strikes either at home or abroad, is a hardcore Always or Never Trumper, meaning hardcore Republican or Democrat and aren’t changing your views, don’t bother signing up. I’ll only piss you off.

But what’s funny is, I write my books from a Libertarian viewpoint, however they’re filled with compelling characters and stories. Basically, my motto is Entertain to Inform. I want to entertain you, because you’re looking for entertainment, but also to inform you, because I don’t believe in mindless entertainment. Where the hell has that gotten us? Closer to Orwellian society.


The Big Picture

The big, honest picture is my ultimate goal. I don’t want you to succumb to one side of the argument or debate or the other, especially when there are more than two choices out there. However, during my heyday as a trainer, in three different locations, I’ve seen one common denominator: If you don’t agree 100% with the Right or Left (I talked politics with a lot of members and clients) you’re on the opposing side.

For instance, if a Republican said Donald Trump did one thing wrong, he’s a traitor in the eyes of the Party. Ditto if a Democrat saw Obama do something they didn’t agree with.

And I couldn’t sit there and stay silent any longer. I just couldn’t, even at the risk and expense of my own fitness career. I had to do something. I couldn’t just stand by and do nothing. Good people who do nothing will allow evil to prosper.

Evil in corporations, evil in government, evil in religion, as each road leads to another common denominator: Population control. Controlling the masses, while you’re all fed with mindless entertainment. Again, mindless entertainment. And it’s why I’m writing mindful entertainment.

Not everyone is going to like me, and I’ll have more enemies than friends, from my corporate overlords who are all but vanquished due to my will to stand up for and spread what is right, or at least what I believe to be right, to those in government spying on my social media pages.

I’d like to thank everyone for coming across My Freedom Flame, please come back soon.


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