Humans are Reliant, but Self-Reliance Trumps Reliance

For all of you who’ve been following me over the past few months, thank you a bunch, as my traffic has risen now more than ever, literally by 16% over the past two weeks alone since releasing Northern Knights.

Why am I starting this post off bragging about myself?

Because it’s the theme of what I want to cover today, and why Self-Reliance trumps Reliance in this little game of Self-Reliance versus Reliance.

Story of Sixth Grade

We’re taught, at a young age, in schools to rely on others to make a living and get a paycheck. I remember a teacher telling me the whole point of going to school was to graduate and get a job.

Do you know what’s ironic about these state-run drones we call teachers?

How many of us can credit grade school, middle school, or high school with our current careers?


Exactly. A fraction of us.

Not. Too. many.


Because most of us, as I’m sure you have, learn on the job, despite the fact such jobs somehow require at least a high school education.


Story of High School

I guess they want to make the State look good when they force us all to take and pass those graduation tests. In Ohio, we take this sophomore year, and literally the whole year involved us preparing for the Ohio Graduation Test (OGT).

Heck, even as early as eighth grade, these drones (and I thank none of them for what I do today, as none of it had anything to do with public education) talked about how important it was we pass these tests.

In fact, in eighth grade, they made us take practice OGT’s. Yep, the State has us by the throat from an early age and few of us live long enough to realize it…because most of us fail to bother to question the ways of the State. They tell us early on the State is there for us, to serve, protect, and turn us into the best we can be.


So, why is public school so uniformed that each course (even those “Advanced Placement” courses) talk about the same b.s., different year?

My Fall into Statism

When I was in seventh grade, we had the same exact text as we did in the sixth grade for history. Yes, I was the one to point this out to the teacher who just said it was the school’s (ahem, the State’s) decision and for me to not stick my nose into the affairs of adults who know what’s best for me.

I did eventually fall prey to the ironclaw of the State when I was in my mid-teens (around 2006) and became a hardcore Socialist until August 2011. In fact, I’ve been almost seven years Socialist-free!

And that’s the story of how schools train us from an early age to be reliant.

Public School and Media Drones

And guess who trains us to be reliant after school?

Mainstream media.

Remember those civics classes, or citizenship classes, where at times we were to watch media news on CNN, ABC, Fox, NBC, or a related outlet?

Man, I wish I knew of Russia Today back then. Or heck, Google was gaining ground in those days (holy shit, I’m getting old), so all I had to do was Google Ron Paul.

Instead, I became an Obamamaniac…and look how that turned out….tisk….over $20 trillion in debt.

But the government loves it. They love reliance. And those who are against these programs, against police, military intervention, and against forced taxation are blackballed and branded as anti-American, anti-Patriotic, and an enemy-apologist.

That’s funny, because I thought America was founded on self-reliance.

My source?

The Declaration of Independence and U.S. Constitution.

Read them. They’re not long documents.



So, how does all of this intertwine with self-reliance reigning supreme over reliance?
Well, see if you’re self-reliant in the work place and will ultimately work for yourself, you’re going to feel not only an urge of independence, but in those early days of your own fledgling internet business, as I have at this very moment, you’re going to feel a sense of urgency.

To get the hell out of that Dreaded Day Job (DDJ) as fast as possible!

In fact, you may even save up a few months’ income to embark on your own gig full-time because you can’t wait to break the bonds of reliance on a paycheck and a living from another and take matters into your own hands.

And when you take matters into your own hands and you feel the rush of independence, despite the fact you may only be making pennies to start off, working 60-70 hours per week (practically for free), and losing sleep over this because you want it so bad, you’re never going to want to go back to working under and relying on another.

You’re never going to want to go back and make a lot of money for someone else who’s only keeping you around because you’re earning that person more money than it costs to keep you around. And they will replace you in a heartbeat, I repeat, they will replace you in a heartbeat. In. A. Heartbeat.

And you’ll never want to go back. Because the feeling of elation self-reliance can bring, being your own boss, and answering only to yourself, plus taking success and failures into your own hands is the greatest, single-best feeling you can ever imagine. The highs and lows are equal in their own rights compared to the curtailed highs of working for someone else, when you all celebrate a company achievement but at the end of the day the one signing the paychecks made most of the money.

And you were an asset. You. Were. An. Asset.

And they would’ve thrown you to the wayside had you cost more money than what they brought in, or if they decided despite your skills and ability you cut too much into their profit margin and it was either downgrade your pay or leave.


Take matters into your own hands.

Rely on yourself for a paycheck, and rely on multiple streams of income for that paycheck.


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